A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 11

Guys this is the link of my 10th episode for those who couldn’t find/read it. I request u plzz read that epi first if u hav not for a better understanding of this Epi.


SURPRISE !!! So guys here i am with the 11th episode as many readers of my ff were eagerly waiting for it. But the next Epi will be only after 1st or 2nd march.
Episode 11.
Scene 1(Sarna house)
Yuvi and kunj enter the house when everyone was having dinner.
Bebe: Arey aagye tum dono..come hav dinner.
Yuvi: Bebe we already had our dinner.

Kunj: Ya actually twinkle was very hungry..i mean we were very hungry soo..
All laugh on him and he blushes.
Usha: No problem go…go and sleep ull might be tired.
Kunj and Yuvi head towards their rooms.
Scene 2(Taneja house)
Leela is in twinkle and mahis room with them.
Leela: So tell me what all did ull do there..had fun na..how was the hotel..how was kashmir.
Mahi: It was beautiful maa..the hotel was also very lavish..and….(she continues)
While Twinkle is busy remembering all the moments spent with kunj…their romantic dance..snow fight…kunj helping her breathe…the dress he gifted her everything…she has a broad smile on her face. Leela notices this and calls her out.
Leela: Where are u lost..still in Kashmir… come bact to amritsar. (She laughs)
Twinkle blushes.

Mahi: Ahemm…ahemmm.
Twinkle goes to her bed and sleeps with the blanket on her face to hide her blush.
Leela greets them good night and leaves.
Twinkle: (in her mind) what is happening to me why am i blushing so much…why am i recollecting those moments spent with kunj…ohh babaji whats all this.
Scene 3(sarna house)
Kunj is also lost in his thoughts…and thinks about the moments spent with twinkle. Just then his phone rings. He looks at the phone and smiles..its twinkle…he is happy as in his heart even he wanted to talk her.
Kunj: Booollll siyappa queen ab kaunsa siyappa plan kiya hai tuney…iss baar mai itni raat ko kahin nahi aa raha.
Twinkle: I’m not calling u anywhere right now…by the way what did u just call me Mr kunj sarna.
Kunj: Siyappa queen what else…where u go u take ur siyappas along.. (he laughs)
Twinkle: How dare call me that…I had called to say good night and youuuu..She cuts the phone angrily.

Kunj: Hhh..hhhh..hello…what are u doing kunj…ker diya na usey hurt…what was the need to all her by that name…see she got irked…ufff this girl.
He calls her back again and again and she keeps disconnecting it. He messages good night and goes to sleep.
Scene 4.(taneja house)
Its morning twinkle is sleeping her phone rings…she picks it up without seeing the name.
Twinkle: Chinki yaar you know i don’t get up b4 10 am but u always call and disturb me..now tell what happened.

Kunj: Sorry.
Twinkle: (Gets up..and opens her eyes wide.)Tummm
Kunj: Sorry twinkle… my intention was not to hurt you…we are best friends so i just casually called u with that name but if u don’t like it I’ll never call u by that name again..but plzzz dont get miffed with me and plzz talk to me…my day is incomplete without hearing your voice and talking to yoy.
Twinkle is touched.
Twinkle: Its Ohk and btw u can call me Siyappa queen its not that bad name.
Kunj: (happily)kya baat gai meri Siyappa queen maan hi gayi.
Twinkle: Ohk now leave it and tell me college jana hai ya nahi..engagement k baad se to college ka muh bhi nahi dekha humney.

Kunj: Yea we shud go to college…so I’ll come and puck u up at 12 noon be ready..don’t be late.
Twinkle: I’m never late u always come early.
B4 kunj cud say anything she cuts the phone.
Scene 5.
Kunj is waiting outside taneja house for last half n hour. Twinkle comes running and says come on lets go she sits on the bike and hurriedly place his hand around his waist…twinj look at each other and sajna ve plays. Twinkle moves her hand and places it on his shoulder.
Twinkle: Chalooo…I don’t want to get late bcoz of u.
Kunj smiles and they leave.
In the college a guy comments on twinkle saying “kya baat hai chand badey dino baad nikla hai”.
Kunj hears this and holds his collar.

Kunj: What did u say…how dare u say that…i wont leave you today.
Kunj starts hitting him badly..twinkle tries stopping him but in vain…the boys friends come and start beating kunj…kunj gets hurt and twinkle runs to him…kunj asks her to stay far and hits all of them and thet finally run away.
Twinkle runs towards kunj and sees his wounds.
Twinkle: Are you mad why did u fight with them…they are creeps…what if something wud hav happened to u..what wud i do.(she looks at his wounds and cries)
Kunj: Nothing would hav happened to me…and how can i be quite if someone misbehaves with you.(He holds her face and wipes her tears) meri Siyappa queen rotey huwe bilkul acchi nahi lagti..come on lets go the class is about to start.
He holds het hand..she looks at him with love (sajnave plays).
Scene 6.
Twinkle gets Leela’s call and leela calls her to sarna house.

Twinj reach sarna house. All are shocked seeing kunjs wounds.
Usha: What happened kunj..how did u get hurt.
Twinkle is about to say wen kunj holds her hand and signs her not to say.
Kunj: Maa actually meri bike ka accident ho gaya..chhoti si chot hai thik ho jayegi.
Leela: Kunj puttar dhyan naal (se) bike chalaya ker zada chot lag jati toh.
Kunj: Ok…sry ull don’t take tension i’m totally fune.
Twinkle (Signs kunj to leave her hand)? and asks leela why did she call her here.
Leela: Guruji has come to finalise the dates of ur wedding….now in 3 days ur MBA final exams will be held and ur mba will be over so then we hav decided 15th march that is in 15 days from today u and yuhi will get married.

Twinj look at each other with confused expressions. They are happy as well as they dont know if the are ready for marriage.

Precap: Twinj and Yuhi marrige preparations begin.

I hope ull liked it I know this episode was a little boring but my exams are going on so I wrote what ever came upto my mind…plzzz share ur views via ur comments…tell me what more do u expect and I’ll try to put it in my next Epi.
Thanx alot..lots of love

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  1. No Aakanksha itss awesomee i loved twinjj scenes thanks a lot for posting the epi..

  2. Akansha r u on Instagram???
    Pls batao….nice storyline….?????

    1. yes im there on instagram my user name is CALLLL_MEEE_OREOOOO

  3. It was awesome
    Will wait for your other episode

  4. thanx sunaina…thanx saibo….thanx rashi.

  5. Wow aakanksha sooooo happy to see u again.i was really missing you and ur ff.plz update ur ff daily plzzzzz

    1. Thanx aiman…currently its a lil difficult to updates daily but after 4th march u will get a minimum of 2 epis daily for sure

  6. aakanksha u knw whts the best part of ur ff..? it brings a smile on my face which lasts throughout the epi..i just loved the way twinj remembered their moments…it was awesome! thnx for updating it..looking frwd to the nxt one..love u!

    1. Thanx tara…if u hav said so I’m glad as u being such a good writer are liking my ff.

  7. Aakanksha ur ff is amazing… I just love It nd Twinj scenes… ??

    1. Tysm ruchii?

  8. Hello di . dis episode was soooo cute. I liked d part where kunj is thinking BT twinkle I mean i literally was imagining how tat scene would be . overall loved it .n obio now jus waiting for the next episode shaadi n all it ll be fun reading tat ………???????

    1. Thanx simmi im glad u liked it…but i know the Epi was a lil dry though

      1. No do pls don think like tat. As I said it was a cute episode. Those cute little twinj scenes added lyf to d whole episode. I liked it ………..?????

    1. Thanx akankhya.

  9. Guys i had a thought in my mind…i know we all are eagerly waiting for twinj love confesssion but i guess its good as they are taking time to confess their love bcoz as far sa i hav noticed after love confesssion the writers go mad and spoil the intire story write up…jUST like in yeh hai mohabbatein and kumkum bhagya…i just hope nothing of that sort happens in tei…its a very nice serial and i love twinj alot so i can’t afford to see any shit with them….plzzz writers take as much time as u want for love confesssion but plzzz dont spoil this beautiful story line up after that…unlike other serials.

    1. yeah u r right….actually this track is more interesting…love twinj scenes nowadays..

  10. Aakanksha….ur ff has taken my heart…..its so awesome….cool…marvelous. ….bful…..anything else left Aakanksha….just superb job……I m sure to die the day ur ff ends….love u muaah..!!!????

    1. Thanks a lot rakshita…means a ton to me:-)

  11. Sry guys the above mentioned link is wrong.

  12. It is in the 10th page not 8th page

  13. Preety sid bieber

    Hey akanksha its not boring..its mind blowing..n m vry hapy to see u again wid ur amazing ff…
    M waitin 4r nxt one..

    1. Thanx preety means alot

  14. Wow wow wow! Aakanksha it’s so superb am so happy dear,now a days am lot of missing u nd ur’s ff also……. And twinkle and kunj story was amazing 15th march marriage o oh i like that make a marriage episode 5 or 6 episode first sangeeth, haldi, and so many rituals etc.

    1. Thanx aarush…i also had the same thought… now that u suggested that track will be there for sure

  15. Aakanksha love it can’t wait for the,upcoming episode….keep it up…lots of love

    1. Thanx esha

  16. not boring akanksha..its awsome yarr truly like it

    1. Tysm tina?

  17. Just mind-blowing,fantastic,superb,awesome,marvellous…ur FF is going beyond heights which is absolutely amazing…just keep the good and awesome work up….I don’t know from where u get such brilliant ideas from it is just splendid..

    1. Omg this comment just made my day SMC…such a good writer is commenting this on my post its truly an honour thanx alot…may i know ur real name and where are you from…sry if I’m getting personal its ok if u don’t want to disclose ur identity

  18. Lovely avantika

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