JOURNEY – Six Couples (Introduction)


hey guys… i’m already writing a FF named Swaragini – A New Destination. but, now i eould like to write a FF of six couples. i hope you all will like this FF. it is a mystery , thriller, romance story. i want a antagonist to this story. but i don’t get any any hero heroins to play as antagonist. so, would you help me to find a antagonist? plz help me.


Ragini Gadodia: A journalist. she wants to bacome famous. she is from a marwari family. when she is about 8 years-old she loses her family. she then lived in an orpanage. she didn’t get justice for her family. so, she is turned into a cold hearted. she wants to get justice for her parents death from the driver who hit her family to death.

Lakshya Maheshwari: He is also a journalist. she and ragini works for the same channel , BBC. first, they start their relationship with full of hatred. he is very kind hearted person.

Jeeva : He is a tamilian. he came from a upper class family. he came to kolkata to for education. he is a loving person and handsome. he know english ,tamil language only.

Avni Khandelwal : she is modern but tradisional girl. she have full faith in god. she and jeeva studying at the same college in kolkata. first, they are start their relationship as friends and then lovers. he is a loving person..

Kunj Sarna: He is a bengali man, came from a middle class family. he is a very happy – go – lucky man. he loves photographic and takes videos. but, his father wants him to become a engineer. he loves a girl named, twinkle.

Twinkle Taneja : she is a loving and bubbly girl. she lives with her widowed aunt, who tortures her. she has a jealous sister named, mahi. she loves kunj. she is a modern girl. she finds peace at kunj.

Other Characters :

Durga Prasad Maheshwari : lakshya’s father.

Annapurna Durga Prasad Maheshwari : lakshya’s mother.

Mahima Gosh : Twinkle’s sister.

Durga Gosh : twinkle’s widowed aunt.

Sudha : Jeeva’s mother.

Usha Sarna : Kunj’s mother.

Sukhet khandelwal : Avni’s father.

Akshat : Avni’s brother.

Janaki : ragini’s mother.

Shekar : ragini’s father.


so guys how is the characters. nice ah. did u lije the casts?…

Credit to: Loshini Arumugam

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