Episodse 6

Hii frnds… thanxxx for luv the story and its concept….n sorry for the late updates… but I could nt figure out time this week.. as I was bit too busy…
So here is the 6 epi of the series…. n I one more request frnds plz do tell my shortcomings so I can improve them…as too much sugar gives diabities… well I am kidding bt do comment about my drawbacks..

“I don’t know why I always bump into tht stupid boy….”
“well maybe because u had lost ur sight n u need to put on specs”.
I turned my head in disbelief.
“Oh jesus!!! Not again… not him..” Unfortunately I was wrong. Sigh.
“I jst don’t understand why don’t u live me peace….” I said with bloodshot eyes.
“oh I would have left u alone long back bt u knw what I believe in helping others n I don’t want u to bump into other students.. Afterall ,‘BLACK CATS ARE CONSIDERED INAUSICIOUS’
“what the hell do u think of urself…”I began bt he interrupted me.
“ hey, cool down. First take a long breath. Okay. I knew u wont but atleast don’t stare me so hard. I an blushing. Wait let me finish . I was jst kidding.. well u left ur sepcs there so I came to return it u… take care of ur things ,Kia..”

“hold on, how on the earth u knw my name??”
He stared me for a minute and started waving his hands infront of me..
“Are u nuts??” I asked. However there was nothing to be askep about tht. He surely was.
“Well I was thinking are u really blind or u pretend to be one… u have got a tattoo over ur hand…KIA.”
I stared at my wrist at my name which was imprinted there.
“By the way I am Jay” his words broke in my thoughts.

I looked up but he had already left. I headed back to my class still staring over my name. I had memories attached to it. Special ones. Sigh.
Hey guys don’t think me mad. Well maybe u might be thinking. A girl who has memories attached to every second thing she possess n tht too sad one will be considered one but I am not one. Tears once again rolled down my cheek. I rushed out. This thing was surely going beyond my control. I opened my car and sat down. My eyelids wet.
“why mom, why have u gone so far. Why?? I feel so lonely here. Dejected. Isolated.” I wish u were here. Everything would have happened so good only if u were here. Only if u were there to pamper me. Everything was so good when u were here. Why do u hve to leave so early.??? Why was it only my journey tht god choose to make so tiresome?? Full of pebbles and stones. “ a fresh pair of tears rolled down my face. I again looked at my name printed there.
“come on kia…. U r nt a cry baby.. get out and get some oxygen to ur lungs . After all crying isn’t the solution. Nor is it the way to continue a journey. Your journey.

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  1. Sweetie

    Garvika dear..It’s awesome as always..So his name is Jay..I’ve a friend named Jay too.. 😀

  2. Hi Garvika! Sorry 4 the late comment, i didn’t come to know that u had posted the nxt part. The nok-jhonk btwn Kia & Jay was interesting. As usual the epi was a goooooooood one, waiting for the nxt, update soon. ??????

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