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Episode 5

“My first day at the academy was totally screwed…. What a nonsense I had faced all day long… sheer waste of time…. What I was thinking dad that shall I leave the university.. afterall what will I do after learning dance” I said to dad intently looking at his face hoping for a affirmative reply tht was bound not to come.
“And who fed these stupid thoughts in ur brain. I bet it was….”
“yeah dad” I interrupted him in between , “it was Anshuman but what wrong has he said… there is no use learning dance. It wont make me a perfect housewife.”
“But Kia do u really want to be one?” he asked straight forward looking into my eyes. I didn’t reply because whatever dad was saying was correct. Absoulutely correct. I never ever dreamt of being a housewife. I always wanted to be a dancer and yes a writer as well. For years I have maintained my diary. But those things belonged to dead past. To the time when mom was alive. I let out a deep sigh. I turned my back towards dad. I could not lie seeing directly into his eyes.
“yeah dad I want to be one. Atleat I don’t want to lose Anshuman.” And that was truth. The person I loved the most after mom and dad was anshuman.. I didn’t wanted to lose him. Even if it meant sacrificing my own dreams.

I hurriedly got ready and headed to college. I walked through the corridores. There is still a hour or two left for classes to begin. In order to skip dad’s interrogation I had landed here quite early. As I headed towards my class I saw a boy running like mads towards me but before I could shift a little he bumped into me. Apprantely he didn’t noticed me there. I fell down with him above me, my hair covering my face. He hurriedly got up, helped me doing the same, blurted out few words of apology and before I could even see him he vanished.
“What the hell? Am I not allowed to have a normal day like all the others?”
I murmured . I picked up my belongings and saw around 50 students staring me like anything. I went over the canteen to pass my left time. I was surely not interested in bumping into some new adventure. It was already more than enough for me.
“Hey are u allright?”
I didn’t pay any notice to the voice. I didn’t knew even a soul here so who would be so interested in knowing whether I am fine or not?
“Hello!! I am talking to u… “ I felt a little tap near my shoulder blades.
I turned around and it was the same guy whom I found in the locked room.
Before I could even utter a word he sat down opposite to me.
“ well I was asking if u r fine?”he began. “ u really had a nasty fall.”
I took a good look over his face. Though I didn’t see the face of the man who bumped into me I definitely had a good look over his clothes.
“ You pushed me down today,right, blo*dy rascal….”
“ummm see I am really sorry for what happened there. I really am”,he said.

“O wow! First u call me a stalker, then you fall over me infront of whole academy and what u have to apologize is a sorry…REALLY????”
“okay I knw I had brought a great trouble for u bt see tht was quite unintentionally.. n since due to me u have to face so much embarrassment so why don’t u tell me wht to do for ur apology??”
“Go to hell”, I said picking up my bag and moving.
“hey but I don’t knw the way to hell” he almost shouted as I made my way back to class ,as his words forced me to chuckle.”

Credit to: GARVIKA


  1. Sweetie


    |Registered Member

    Hey Garvika..How are you??Only yesterday I was thinking about your story like “Where is this girl who introduced such a nice concept and vanished?”
    About the episode,Anshuman did have a good influence on Kia’s mind..I just loved the last dialogue” I don’t know the way to hell”..Nice one..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂


    thanku so much….. i will try my best to upload it daily….. bt due to monsoon season here r network issues…. anyway thanku so much…..

  3. Anya

    Long gap but after reading felt like it was worth waiting, good going. 👍 keep it up. Concluded nicely “i don’t know the way to hell”😉😉😊👍

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