Hllw frnds… its garvika here… thanku so much for ur luv and appreciation… and sirry for the late updates… i was too busy.. once again sirry…
so here is the 4th episode of the series…

Episode 4

I took a good look at the room. “Well I must say its really well maintained”, I murmured. But it was not long before I got tired. I peeped through the crevices of the door and windows. But there was no one in sight. I squatted at the corner, my back touching the wall behind and my head tilted towards my left resting on the wall. I didn’t knew when I felt asleep. But my dream was broken by soothing, pleasant sound. I slowly and forcefully opened my eye lashes___my mind still occupied by the pleasant sound that made its way right into my ears. As soon as I opened my eyes I saw a boy maybe in his mid twenties practicing there.
“After all this is what u expect to be going on in a dance academy” I thought.
I was sitting in the right most corner of the room and my appearance was blocked by the large cartons that were placed beside me. Though I was getting his clear vision. He was tall and I must handsome as well. I was about to call him but his concentration towards his work stopped me.
“This guy is really a wonderful dancer..” I thought. The perfection through which he was dancing was marvelous. And the music there was a additional feather to the cap. I was so mesmerized that I didn’t realized when he stopped. Breaking my gaze over him I stood.
“Ah_hiii-iii”, I said.
I could see that finding me there left him in complete shock. I shook his head in amazement and stared at me.
Then finally he spoke.
“What the hell are u doing here?”
“What a wonderful reply to a hii!!!!” I thought.
“This guy is a complete nuts.” I murmured under my breath.
“Well I heard that..” he said.
“what?? I didn’t say anything..” I replied.
“Anyway leave that… u had’nt answered my question. What are u doing here. Don’t u knw stalking aint good”, he said with chuckle.
“Stalking!!! That too over u… Oh! plz.. I am new here so I didn’t knew the rooms.. I came here and was locked. That’s it.. quite plain and simple.” I replied trying to be as clam as possible.
‘This guy is definetly an insane’ I thought.
“Okay.. well if u are through now thn u may leave…”
“yeah fine.. I too am nt interested in staying here and hearing ur sarscams.”.sayin this I moved out.
‘Wow Kia ur first day was so wonderful… first u get locked inside a creepy room and then added to that who is the first person u meet!! A arrogant, rude, idiot. Such a wonderful day.. kudos to me.” Today’s adventure left me weary. As soon as came home I took out my cellphone and called Anshuman. Talking to him gave me relif.
“Hey Kia.. how’s u? ??”
“ u don’t knw anshu how much crap I faced today..” I said.
“hey wht happened r u alright??” There was a concern in his voice which I loved. I narrated the whole incident about wht happened to him.
“Kia I told u nt to join these academy’s etc. What are u going to do after learning dance. ..Sheer waste of time. And I had told u nt to give any extra attention yo boys still..”
“Anshuman see I am sorry.. bt I hadn’t had any clue that anything like this would happen. I’ll be careful next time.”
“Kia its easy for u to apologize but I don’t understand that why u always forget that u r my fiancée and my girlfrnd..” he said stressing the word my. “I a warning u nt to repeat any of this crap”
“I will take care, anshu..”

PRECAP: Kia next day goes to university and again bumps into same boy.

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