Hello frnds… so this is the 3rd epi of the series… i wont chatter much… so heres the epi…


The campus was bigger than I thought it to be… I was really astonished though I was loving the place… the beautiful smell of the soil there… buildings…everything…. I was really loving the place….Well, I don’t know exactly what was the thing I loved the most ___the campus or the thought that I was going to dance again….It looked like coming back home after a long exhausting journey…
I was so lost in my sorrows that I completely forgot the kia I once used to be… The kia who was cheerful, fun loving, happy, notorious and yeah, the centre of attraction… I was the one who was always surrounded by a dozen of girls and there were always five to six boys trying to grab my attention… I never anticipated that a day would come when I will lose my this wonderful personality and instead there will be left a girl who is quite opposite of the former one. Everything inside me was changed. Jesus , not only took my dear mother he also took the charming girl inside me. The only thing that he was unsuccessful in snatching was my passion for dance and it is the same passion which is keeping me alive against all the odds.
I entered the campus taking a look of everything present there…. Taking a good look of everything present there… The campus reminded me of my college days, how immature I was back then and how mature I have turned now…. Sometimes its not age but circumstances that help u grow…I searched for my class..
“Excuse me,” I said beaming towards a boy. “well can u tell me wheres room B6 of C wing?”
“Ya. Jut go straight and at the at first step turn left. 2nd room from there.”,he replied
I headed on through the way he guided me “and that’s the 2nd one”, I said to myself. There was no one inside. It was a large room with massive mirrors covering 3 of its 4 walls. “I guess its not in use anymore, I murmerd.” But I quickly dismissed the idea seeing the brand new speakers kept aside. What fascinated me more were the beautiful costumes kept near he speakers….
“wonderful”, I exclaimed. They were perfectly new…
Just then I heard the noise of the keys turning.. “Now what the hell is this?”
I went near the door to open it. But it didn’t opened. “Hold on Kia.. u crazy girl u have locked inside..” I couldn’t believe it.
“oh Jesus! I wanted adventure in my life but surely not this way.”
I banged the door hoping if some angel happen to pass and open me.
“Grow up Kia no angel is going to come here. Instead call dad. He is the one who is going to send someone to open u”.
I called him.

“Hello, Dad listen I am stuck .Wherever…”
“Wait wait wait… Kia sir is busy inside a meeting there… let me pass his phone to him.”
Damm! it was Sam.. A intern.
“Hold on Sam.. Isn’t it the meeting with T.S construction?’
“Yeah… it is..”
“How long it is supposed to go?’’ I asked.
“Well not long 3-4 hours at max.”
WOW!!! To this he’s saying not long.
“Hey Sam do onething… as soon as the meeting finishes tell dad that I locked in B6 room of C wing. Fine?’’
“You are locked!!! How? Wait I will send someone from here.”
“No need man… College is still running and I am sure someone or the other gonna open me…So chill… just in case no one does or even do… Ah! u are confusing me… just do what I say…just send dad to pick me up.. okay?”
“Ya fine..” he replied.
As soon as he dropped the call I realized how stupid I have acted. Spending 3 hours here is nt a joke!!!!
“Wait Kia.. what have u done… u should have let him send someone… and now u even cannot call back.. he will think u a fool.. so now u have to spend next few hours locked in this wrecked room..

PRECAP: Kia alone in the room falls asleep in the corner. The sound of the music playing breaks her nap.. she sees a boy dancing infront of her and gets mesmerised..

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  1. Hi Garvika, the title of ur story interested me to have a look at it. Had a quick random look at it, can u pl give the links to first two parts, want to read it from the beginning. ?

  2. Also kindly tell how do u upload the next part of the story –daily or on alternate days or on a fixed day only? Sorry, i’m new to this, that’s y asking u.

  3. Hey Garvika ..

    Awesome epi buddy..
    Loved it

    Update soon will b waiting

  4. Sweetie

    Nice one dear.. 🙂

  5. Thanku all for ur luv…. Well i update daily…. .incase i am nt busy…..

    1. Well i am also new here.,… Can anyone tell how to give the links……

  6. Garvika I’m not a author of any story so I exactly don’t know how to give links to previous epi but as I read some stories where d links had been given I can help u..
    Hope it will work ..

  7. Thank u Sarah, it actually did work.
    Garvika, keep going, it’s good☺☺

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