Episode 2

I was alone sitting in my room. Wait not alone…..lonely …. After all there is a difference between staying alone and being lonely.. . People think that being alone makes u lonely but I don’t think that’s true…If I said this lonely stuff to dad he would again worry about me and if I tell it to someone else they would consider me insane…. Who would believe that the daughter of business tycoon Sudhir Chaturvedi who has all the luxiries one could imagine of could be lonely.. so weak at heart that she could not overcome her mothers death…. Sigh. But that was the truth. The bitter truth. I miss her so very much. I wish she was here…
I heard my cepllhone ringing .Anshuman was calling.
“hello anshu….’’ before I could complete my sentence soke.
“kia listen I thought about what u said and I talked to mum also. So I think that u can join the academy..
“oh really! I am so happy baby… u knw what? Dad was…..”P
“kia listen u can join the acadepmy but but keep in ur mind that u arep not goig to givep attention…. even u are nt going to talk to any boy there… “
“Anshuman u are talking as if I am going to elope.. I know how to deal with boys”
“Oh really, kia … then u do what u want…. Its better that u go ur way and go my way… if u wana end this 5 year long relationship on such a stupid note then fine”
“Anshu listen I didn’t mean that….. okay baba I will do what u say… I wont give attention to any boy, happy ?”, I replied.
“I love u anshu”

I love u too kia..”, saying this hung up…
I was so excited the next morning. Dad has beforehand made all the arrangements.. I guess that’s why he is such a successful businessman… he already knew that he would convince me…
“Here’s my wonderful daughter”, he beamed at me as I walked downstairs towards the breakfast table. “so u are joining the academy , right?’’
“Yes dad.’’ I replied. ‘’ And dad I am very excited about it… I am gonna dance after so many years…”
“Not years Kia… months. Last u performed was at ur college function and it was 9 months ago.”
Yes he was right~! It has not been even a year but I felt like years have passed.
“Still 9 months is a long time…” I said glancing towards my watch. “ Dad I am getting late. I gotta go. See u in evening”. I picked my car keys and drove off towards RAIPUR ACADEMY OF DANCE.
My heart started beating faster as I headed towards the gate.
“Come on Kia…. Dancing is in ur DNA… u are going to nail it …”. Saying this I stepped in.

Precap: Kia goes inside the institute and searches for her class. She assumes a out of use room as her classroom and heads in. Seeing the condition of the room she undersands that it cant be the room she is searching for. She turns to go out but is fascinated seeing beautiful costumes kept at the corner. The peon thinking that theres no one there locks her.

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