Hi…guys..Its garvika here… well I’m new to this site… though I write but its first time I’m writing on this site due to a frnds recomendation…I’ve seen many fans of diffrent pair on this site so I decided to use none of them…. guys u are free to imagine ur fav pair as main lead….
Frnds this story is a journey of finding the meaning of true love and understanding that to love someone else we need to ourselves first…
The story will be featuring Kia as main patrogonist ….. so here i go…hope u enjoy it..

It was a drowsy evening… I was all lost in my thoughts sitting in the bench of my garden. I always come here whenever I’m upset…. Its only thing after dancing that gives me pleasue like anything….
“Dancing”. I murmered with a great sigh.
Suddenly a drop of water fell over my hand… But it wasn’t raining. I moved my hand over my face near my eyes….
“Come on Kia u are again crying… Don’t act like a mutton head. Are u nt sure about urself… And more than urself are u nt sure of Anshuman… You will definetly make him understand how much dancing matters for u… He will understand. He surely will.
This self talking gave me a new hopes.. Guess what a new determination..
“Yes Kia u can do it. Atleast u can give it a try.”
I took out my cellphone and called Anshuman. But he didn’t answered. In a second all my hopes,my courage everything was vanishing.” Is he still pissed of with me?” I dialed again. This time he picked up… Yes he answered.
I thought to myself ,”Level one cleared”.
“Anshuman, my sorry dear. I really am. Can we meet once. Just once.We can figure it out.Plz”
“See kia”,he began abruptely but suddenly stopped. But what he said then filled my heart with pleasure.”Alright. Bluehill cafe, then?”
Saying this he hanged.”Yes, yeah, u did it, Kia, u really did.” I was jumping like anything. I ran to my room, opened my cupboard and took out my best dress. After wearing it I adored myself in the mirror. I applied a slight makeup.Exactly the way Anshu loved.
I ran downstairs picked the car keys ,kissed dad and leaving him puzzled ,I went.

I and Anshuman have been in a 5 years long committed relationship. I adored him so much. He was so handsome. So charming.. Just perfect.. Especially made for me. It looked like that God made him for me..
In 15 min I was there inside Bluehill cafe. I waited for him. My eyes fixed upon the road ahead. I was waiting desperately for him.
“Ur order mam?”
I was startled. Next to me was waiter there. Waiting for my order.
“One coffee plz.” I replied.
Soon that one coffee turned into three. Anshuman was nowhere in sight. ” will he come or not? ” “No no no …Kia dont even let such thoughts come in ur mind.”
Then finally I saw a black maruti making its way in the parking area. It was Ashuman. I wanted to dance, to jump, to sing. But i didnt.. ofcourse there were atleast 20 30 people present there.

“Hiii Anshuman.. I had been waiting so desperately for u.. U are about 2 hours late.” I said glancing towards the slim watch over my wrist.
“Why have you called me, kia ? Let me tell u if its about ur stupid dance then I’m not at all interested.”
“Anshuman its about it. But listen me once. just let me explain. Plz.” He nodded.
“Anshu, dance is my passion. I really want to join that academy….. Plz try and understand. It is very important for me. Its my love”.
“Really Kia?” Then what am I?” he said curtly.
“Anshu u knw how much i love u…. but try and understand once….. I wanna join that acadmey.. Its just so good.”
“Kia one thing u get in ur head that u are my fiancee. And girls in our home dont do cheap things like this. Understood?”
“Anshuman dancing isnt cheap…” i said. Tears rolling down my cheeks.
“Okay, okay. Dont cry..Kia”, he said softning his voice.” Fine I’ll think about it, happy?”
I nodded happily.

As soon I reached home I directly went to Pim.
U would be wondering who Pim is, right? My dad. Its his nickname.
“Pim, u knw what Anshuman said? He will think about it.. I told u he will agree and see he did agree. Pim I cannot tell u how happy I am… Today Im on seventh heaven….
Then i noticed something. The same worried look on his face.
“Pim y are u worried? He opened his mouth to speak but I interupted him.” Dad Im telling u nt to start that speech again that Anshu is nt a nice guy and all that bl**dy stuff.”

“But beta…”
“Dad I have already lost my mum…. I dont want to lose someone else….”

Precap: anshuman calls Kia and tells her that she can join the academy….. But he has a some terms…

Frnds do comment and let me know if i should continue writing or nott….

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