Journey revenge to love Sahil.Sehaan n twiraj (Qubool hai n tashan e ishq) part-1

Hey guys whats up thanks for commenting who comment n slient reader plz comment ok so lets start frist episode

1 year leap after Aahil shaad accident


a big house shown the house name is Sarna mainson n in that house a woman is crying near about 50 year old front of a photo garland on that photo

“plz come back ur ma is missing u plz come back KUNJ(ya guys photo of kunj n that woman is punam(guys i don’t know kunj mom name so put fake name sorry) kunj mother),punam said

a boy enter near about 25 year old goer near punam n put hand on her shoulder

“plz ma don’t cry,that boy says

“y i m not crying he was my son beta bcoz of that twinkle i lost my kunj,punam says crying n haterd tune

“don’t worry ma i will punish her very badly so plz don’t cry na if u think me as ur son n u know na what kunj always said to u,yuvraj said

fb shown

“ma whenever i m not here or go away from u so plz don’t cry so u just see yuvraj than u find me inside him,kunj said n punam yuvraj smile

“n yuraaj whenever i m not with my u have to tc of her like me,kunj said in ordering tone

“ok kunj when my mom is dead only u n punam aunty is there for me no one come to see wipes my tear n she just like me so u don’t no need to tell ok,yuraaj said

“no i will not live with yuvi (kunraaj shocked) if u want that i live with yuvi than i have a condition (kunraaj confused) that yuvi have to call me maa not aunty,punam said n yuvraaj get teary

“maa,yuvi said n hugs her

“wah maa u got new son than forget about ur old son,kunj said fake anger

“oye nautanki chupakar n come,yuvi said n trio share a group hug n kunj goes for bussiness trip

fb end

“ya yuvi i remember that but what can i do beta i can’t forget about murder,punam said

“don’t worry my agents are searching twinkle they will find out her,yuvi said n goes with punam


A big house shown in that a dark room shown a girl sleeping n see a bad dream where a boy try to rape n she got up n shouts

“aaahhhh….,that girl shouts to listen her shouts her family member come n girl run n hugs her

“ssshhhh…………nothing is happaned sanam (ya guys that girl is sanam),another girl is said

“he will coming he will touch me plz save me sehar(another girl is sehar)plz save me,sanam said n hugs her more tightly

“no will come (she breaks the hug) have this medicine,sehar said n make sanam eat medicine n everyone leave the roon n seher starts cry

“i will never forgive him he destroy my sis life i will kill him,seher said in anger while a man near about 30 year put hand on her sholder

“don’t seher afreen is doing level best find out about shaad,that man said

“i know azad bhaijaan (frist villain entry) but tell her that find him very soon,seher said n goes

“dhonda unhe jata hai jo zinda hote par jo mar jaye unhe kaise dhond sakte sorry lovley sis but u can’t punish ur sis culprit opps sorry fake culpirt,azad thinks n smirks

“what u thinking devar ji how to give ur sis justice,a girl says n smirks

“nothing just think that what happend when seher got to know that shaad already dead,azad says

“what she will do when sis sanam will dead also bcoz which medicine seher give last 5 month it is shlow poison which kills sanam slowly slowly,new sanam said n both laugh

“no one will come to save her,new sanam said

“its ur misundestanding u w**ch,a man said n azad sanam truned n shock to see the fakir baba n wind flowing very fast all curtains doors n windows flying

“u all did not do any mistake u all did a sin which can’t forgiven easily u will get ur punishment very soon,fakir baba said

“omg we scard plz don’t punish us plz,new sanam acts n both start laughing

“laugh more laugh bcoz u all chalange true love true friendship n u made joke of them u all destroy 3 innocence soul n their love n friendship but now its payback time bcoz they r coming(a flight landed n train stoped) to take their revenge(3 mens come out from plan n 1 girl come out from train wearing burakha) they will sure come here n destroy u all (they cheak out from airport n girl come out from station) now u all will see the power of true love n friendship (3 mens face revelad Aahil,Rehaan n Yuvraaj n that girl raise her burakh revaled as twinkle),fakil said n goes n azad n new sanam fumes in anger

all r take a photo from their pocket

twinkle see kunj photo,Aahil see shaad sanam photo n yuvraaj see kunj photo

“i m back to fullfill my promise n punish those who destroy me n u,all r said toghter n goes to their dastination

recap-Aahil enter in sanam house n frist step of Aahil n twinkel’s n yuvraaj comes to know kunj death reason

so guys here i m done plz comment n tell me how is this

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  1. Very nice start…. Continue…. Nd Kunj’s mom’s name is USHA…

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