Guys.. this OS is an experiment done by me..!! Please don’t kill me.. after reading this..!!



Staying in hostel away from home… having fun and other activities with friends and batch mates…full of freedom and free internet for surfing… is my current life..!!

Scolding my institute… for providing a worst internet facility in which I can’t even watch a serial continuously… at one point of time… I started reading written updates of my favourite serial…!! It’s then, I encountered fan fictions… and my journey started..!!

At first … I used to feel confused and irritated to find original serial written update among those…!! I used to open wrong ones… and never understood what they are writing…!! As time passes…I understood that these are different stories written by fans using serial characters… and started reading them..!!

I felt that these stories are much more interesting that the original serial cast..!! As soon as I find free time…my hands automatically switches on laptop… and opens telly updates..!!

Few writers are mind blowing… and they were like… they are born to be writers…using complicated words for which I refer word web to find out meanings…!! But there are many more writers… who stories are really wonderful and in common language which everyone can understand..!! Each story is unique… and I became fond of them…!!

Apart from reading … I also gained knowledge on many things… which I never knew…!! I really felt great about all the writers for having such a passion in writing stories…!!

At first… whenever I open a episode… I just read only story and close the tab..!! Later on… I started reading the feelings written by writers at the start and end of episodes..!! I always see them asking to comment and I never understood why initially… and my laziness is an additional factor to that!!

There came a time… where one of my favourite fan fiction is going to end…!! This time… I really wanted to comment and show her… how much I liked her ff… and I did it too..!! I would never ever forget my first comment on telly updates..!! I didn’t get any reply and I doubt whether she has seen the comments or not…as it is the last episode(epilogue) of that ff..!!I decided not to comment to any further..!!

But once… I was unable to stop myself commenting on a ff by another writer… where hero and heroine were both heartbroken and separated.. because of misunderstandings created by a stupid character!! I felt soo disheartened and excited at the same time for further story… and I appreciated her work..!!

To my surprise… this time… I got a reply from her..!! It was really unexpected… and happiness are on it’s peaks..!! That’s it..!! This triggering is enough for me to comment further on all other ff’s..!!

With time…I understood that these comments are the glucose for writers..!! It’s the comments which drive the writers to continue their stories… even though they won’t gain anything for writing them utilizing their valuable time..!!! I felt that typing a comment is really small… compared to their works…but it has great effect on them!!! Hatsoff… to all the writers..!!!

I came to know that, there were fan fiction pages on face book too… and started following them..!! It’s then… I saw a page conducting a story writing competition with romantic theme..!! It was during summer vacation… where I have been still staying in hostel for my internship…and nothing much to do..!!

I thought to give it a try… and dedicated a complete day and night for writing it..!! I understood the greatness of writers… at that time..!! Guess what… I got many likes and comments for that one shot and have won some position in that competition…which I never expected..!!

To my bad luck… my parents came to know about this…!!They actually think that I am sincere, innocent and studious..!! but they never knew that I have this angle of reading stories…!!

Even though they love me… they are little bit strict and insecure about my life in hostel..!!But every time I assure them…!! As they came to know about my written story…and that too a romantic one… their doubts increased much more and started questioning directly on my face if I had any boyfriend and many more..!!

I would never ever forget that situation in my life..!! I convinced them finally… that it’s just a competition and nothing more…!!! But I felt soo good seeing my os winning a position…!! That’s when I felt that maybe I can write a fan fiction…!! But I am scared of getting caught again..!!

As my friends started complaining that… their timeline is being filled mostly with my liked posts of face book fan fictions….I created a fake account… which is dedicated completely to those pages… where I can comment on all stories freely… !! Only my best friends knew about this account..!!

Unable to control my feelings of starting a ff… I wrote a teaser… for which I got an amazing response..!! Most importantly … I started dancing… when I saw few of my favourite writers even commented on that…!!! But I am scared… of what if I am found out in future..!!

To make myself safe in future… I thought it would be better not to become a registered member… !! And started writing my ff..!! Whenever I see comments…I would start naagin dance… !! I would become mad…and starts hitting my room mate… bursting out my happiness… if I get my favourite writers comments!!

I got a big shock when I came to know that… the writer for whom I have written my first comment on her epilogue was a copy cat…!! I felt like slapping myself… for dedicating my first comment to her..!!

As my time won’t be free always… and I posted my episode once after a gap of one week..!! I got low response at that time…!! I felt little disheartened… that they might have forgotten my ff..!! But I made myself understand…that there will be many people reading silently… !! I didn’t stop it… but decided to be regular… !!

There came a point where I got criticism for my story too…!! At first I was worried… but later I felt happy… that people are slowly involving in my ff…!! and decided that no matter what ever happens I would complete it..!!

This is my story of journey from reader to writer via commenter…!! Right now … I am writing a fan fiction… but still I am reader and commenter too…!! As a reader…I would like all the other readers… to end up their silence and start commenting..!! A single word ‘Nice’ does a great unseen magic in writers … which harry potter even can’t do..!!

As a reader…I would also like to request all the writers to never loose interest in writing seeing comments…!! Yaah… you might be disheartened… seeing the response… but it’s not the real…!! There might be several silent readers… who follows your ff’s and never comments…!!


This story is especially dedicated to two of my favourite writers SHAN and AMEERA..!! I am a fan of many writers in telly updates…!! I mentioned these two because… they were now disheartened… and I want to encourage them…!! Shan and Ameera…you really don’t know how much good you people are..!! I am expressing my fondness for your ff’s in this way..!!

I don’t know how many of you are reading their works… but I want to say you all to go through their amazing ff’s ..!!

Shan … writer of ‘My heart is filled by you’ and currently writing “Swasan ff- angel Vs Cunning businessman”

Ameera… I know about only one ff… that is “My incomplete love story”

Readers… if you really don’t find them good… I am ready to die in your hands…!!

Coming to story…It’s my real story…!! I hope at least few silent readers would open up after reading this..!!

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  1. Jwala

    so cute dear.. this is the story of most writers and readers here.. and I’m glad that you said about my bestie shan’s work.. she is s wonderful writer and she feels bad on less comments. . I hope this gave her very big encouragement. . and it was surely an inspiration for all writers and reads.. well done.. awesome job

    1. Thank you sooo much Jwala..!! 😀 😀 !! Even I hope she would get encouraged..!! I am a reader of your ff’s too..!!

  2. Hey I am a silent reader but never dare to comment but now I can and even I agree with you that some people read but never comment any ff , I was also like that . My favourite writers were not completing their ff due to bad comments . I respect all writers And once more thing this ff that you have started is super 🙂 :-* . Sorry if I hurt anyone . Continue your ff .

    1. Thank you sooo much anjali..!!! 😀 😀 I am really feeling soo happy that you got encouraged reading this one shot..!! My ff is different…!! Keep commenting and supporting the ff’s whichever you read..!!

  3. My position was same first I didn’t knew anything about tu Bt after sometime I started reading… N after sometime I started commenting…. N don’t knw after 1-2 years I start writing ff….. Bt this story is same my feelings…. Thanks for sharing ur pov it’s just same to mine….. Bt which ff do u write… May I knw… Plz…. N I do read ff angel vs cunning business man…..

    1. Woww…!! I felt soo scared for posting this… as it’s not any swaragini’s story..!! That’s why I posted anonymously…!! Now I am feeling good.. seeing your comments…Escpecially after knowing that even your feelings are same..!! 😀 😀 ..!! I started writing my ff just a month back..!! And you do read and comment on my ff!! Thank you for supporting my ff and other writers too..!! With lots of love..!!

  4. RUPA


    1. Thank you soo much rupaa..!! 😀

  5. Shruthis

    awww such a sweet os …and a message 🙂
    very beautiful thought as os 🙂

    1. Thank you soo much Shruthi..!!! 😀 😀

    1. Thank you niya..!! 😀

  6. Ameera

    ………….right now I have no words. I am completely speechless! Honestly to say my jaw dropped when I saw my name on this os and I very well know who this is! Thank u so much dear! I am overwhelmed I knew my ff was in ok level but I never knew u like it so .much! Thank u so much dear! I could cry any moment now. If u are seeing this comment can we be friends? I seriously dont have any more words , I am gonna continue my ff and remember u r the sole reason of that. I dont know how to express my feelings I am so happy and I know a single thank u to u wont cover it up.And I know ur pattern anytime I sorta like saved it in my memory chandu thank u so much. Love u so so so so so much. And always always keep smiling 🙂

    1. Even I love you too soo much Ameera..!! 😀 😀 Rather than writing I love reading..!!!You people are the inspiration for the initiation of my ff…!! I actually started reading you ff from your 15th or 16th episode..!! As soon as I read it… I found it soo interesting… and I read all parts that day only..!! and started commenting from next time..!! All the writers of ff’s whom ever I read have really a specially place in my heart..!! And I really don’t want any of them to loose their interest..!! And off course.. It was my pleasure to be friend with one of my favourite writers..!! 😀 😀

  7. Anniya

    In starting whenever I used to see ff I pissed off because I can’t able to read written updates of fav shows. Then I started to like ff. My first comment was on best frnd and she replied me. I feel like dancing…..
    For many days I become a reader, always use to thought write something but never have courage for it.
    While sleeping I always Cook up my own stories. One day I decided just write it whatever will happen I will face it. When I updated it, many one comment continue it. Now I have written 10 part of that ff. But for me my os is more close to me that has become ts with their support. Still whenever I used to see any comment I feel like dancing.
    I also become dis hearted by seeing less comment on one part that time shan motivated me and jwala Di give me suggestion. I decided I will continue for my readers.
    Sry 4 such long comment, wat to do I can’t able to stop my self….

    1. You told about yourself very shortly in this comment… and I took a complete story to write about myself..!! It’s really a short comment according to me..!! I am a readerand supporter of your ff Anniya.. 😀 😀 and read your ts too..!!! I am feeling soo happy seeing your comment ..!!

  8. silent_writer

    Great ur stories are fab n I m also a new here n started a ff on swaragini n ur story jxt resembles minemine 😀

    1. Woww..!! Thank you soo much..!! I am feeling soo good to see people like me..!! 😀 😀

  9. Mavo

    I dont know who u r but it was a good os ?

    1. Thank you soooo much Mavo…!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  10. Abirsha

    Ha ha dr i guesd who it is…. But really very very thank you dr…. Thanks it is a simple word…. Ya i felt bad bcoz i got less comments…. Then after reading all ur comments i got encouraged…. No words to describe dr…. Thank u soo much dr….. Even after this if i get very less comments too i wont stop writing dr…. This is such a motivational one for me…. ??

    1. Yep..Shan.. Even I wanted the same thing..!! You don’t know how much I like your ff..!! I might be a posting a simple comment ‘awesome’… but it has really a great enthusiasm hidden behind it..!! You are one of my favourite writers..!! And there might be many people who like you ff but they never show up…just like the initial phase of me !! Never stop your writings…!!

  11. Sanjanaagrawal

    U had written same story like me …
    I don’t know when I accidentally opened telly updates then I got to know that it gives written updates of serial . Whenever I was not able to watch my fav serial I read its writtrn update . But whenever I used to open tghis site I found that many articles are written btw wrutten updates of serial …. I used to hate it …. but slowly slowly I get to know that they are ff …. I used to love them ….. first I was silent reader than I became a commenter …. then some day a story popped into my mind …. I started writing that …. and in this way now I am a registered member of tu….

    1. I would then like to say same pinch to you then..!! 😀 😀 Only difference is that I am not yet registered..!!

  12. Vyshu10

    Nice….even i hesitated to start commenting at first bt some ffs gave me courage to comment.

    1. Yep… I know you even Vyshu..!! 😀 😀

  13. Mica

    omg.. your words soo awesome.i’m soo happy to read your story.
    i’m just a reader but i know the writer’s feeling for sure due the reader’s comment.
    usually, i tried my best to comment to appreciate their hard works or even criticizm just to irritating them hehehe,, noo actually because i luv all of you and want the best for you all.
    please don’t hate me for this.
    for my beloved writers, please don’t stop your work cause of less comment, since writing is your passion, it’s bout your own happiness not other’s.
    for my beloved silent reader (including me) giving a comment won’t hurt us, even a single word is valuable for them, comparing the huge words, sentences they should to type or write to entertain us.
    love you all, keep writing, keep commenting. all the best.

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