A Journey to past Birth (Synopsis)


Hi Guys, Ashrita here with another ff….. I would love to give you guys a brief introduction of the story before starting it. This is not a triangular love story. RagLak are siblings. SanLak are best friends from childhood but RagSan hate each other and they were forced into marriage against their wishes. A day comes when Laksh meets with an accident and all of their lives get scattered. In this process Ragini comes to know few things about Laksh and starts to travel to get more clues. Sanskar will force her that he would accompany her as he has equal rights on his best friend as she had. In their journey they would get to know some shocking incidences and they would realise that it was Lucky’s intention to get them married. Finally how they would fell in love?? Are they going to accept each other or not.. What kind of experience they would come across during this journey…. Who is Laksh actually…..??? What kind of connection they have between the 3.. Are LakRagSan Predefined!!!!

Guys let me know if you liked the plot, with all ears I would be waiting for your views, if so I would start it after few weeks… The story is not based on any movie but I knew u might feel that it is Gamyam or Manam(Telugu) movie plot but it’s not…. But definitely I would say that the story is inspired from Gamyam and Swadesh movie as per the travel plot, and also few from real life incidences…… Thanks for your support…. Tc ☺

Credit to: Ashrita

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  1. Yashasvi

    nice. bt dear ashrita it’s ragsan haina..

    1. Yes dear it’s RagSan only.. Thanks for commenting dear ☺

  2. superb update soon hated to love story jolly

    1. Yeas dear it’s a hatred to love story ☺

  3. Divyanshri

    it’s nice ashrita….but no swara??? anyways… post soon if u can …. will be waiting…….

    1. Thanks dear…. Swara’s character has less importance… I will start from July 2nd week dear ☺

  4. Superb dear

    1. Thanks dear ☺

  5. Rafeee


    1. Thanks dear ☺

  6. Megha123

    Hey ashrita. ……plzzzzzz Continue it quickly it’s a really very interesting plot ???

    1. Thanks for liking it dear☺

  7. Priya15

    Wow my di with another ff… Hey I m happy…. And what type of qn s this whether you liked it or not… How can somebody hate this good plot that too from an awesome writer like my di… I loved it…. Continue di… Love u…. Tc….

    1. My dear sissy, I will start it from July 2nd week … I knew whatever the plot, u would always like it as you are my beloved one… Overwhelmed with your applause

  8. Awesome

    1. Thank dear ☺

  9. Mahima

    Looking forward fr the new one.

    1. Glad u liked it dear ☺

  10. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic plot
    It’s really nice and lovely
    Please continue
    Will be waiting for the first one………..

    1. Tq, tq, tq so much dear ☺

  11. ragsan wow!! continue dear

    1. Thanks dear ☺

  12. Nice plot cntnu

    1. Thanks dear ☺

  13. Beautiful story. interesting plot.

    1. Thanks for liking it dear ☺

  14. Simplesweety1

    Continue! Its Awesome 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot dear ☺

  15. Nami

    The intro was intresting.

    1. Thanks for finding it interesting dear☺

  16. Sonya

    plot seems interesting
    why did laksh made them married ?
    how did he died was that an accident or wt ?
    there r so many questions
    ragsan ff
    love to read furthe r

    1. Thanks a lot dear… all your doubts would clear out once I start the story… ☺☺

  17. Nice plot

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