A journey from nothing to everything – Hina Khan

“Dear haters, u could not be judged…
U r just u.. but remember
AwesoMe ends with me and Ugly starts with u…”

A name of Indian television .. who became part of everyone’s heart was everyone’s favourite their Akshara or Hina Khan.
For 8 years she ruled the world of television…
Awards, titles, tags, was all just so common for her…that often it did not needed to notice it..
Then came a phase of life.. she didn’t imagine she has to go through..
She exited her show which bought her fame.. 1 year no limelight .. yet she ruled hearts..
Then entered khatron ke khiladi..

Where she proved to be a fighter.. she defeated many to become the runner up of the show…
Things were good.. when her fans became excited to know about her entry in the biggest reality show on Indian television ‘bigg boss’
Considered as one of the strongest contenders of the title. She continued her journey as herself.. no fake relations, no fake judgement just hina khan.
Then came her haters.. who started attacking her on front foot..
Unaware about all this in the house.. she still continued to be as she is.. and as she was happy..
Hater haters haters..

Everywhere were Haters…
But they actually forgot she is hina khan
Giving tough competitions in task.. to being a victim of criticism every time .. nothing could harm hina..
So what if she gets emotional .. she is still what she wants to..
Haters a note for u- u hate someone for 3 reasons.
1. You want that person to be with u.
2. U want to become like her and u cannot.
3. Even after so many trials u r still behind her.

Hina .. ur genuine fans did not get influenced by anyone .. they still support their Sher khan..
Girl more power to u .. girl more respect to u..
U have surpassed many to be the best…
Take a bow hina khan….
Lots of love..
Ur fan

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  1. Wow Hina”s paid PR at work . Good How much she pays by the way???

    1. Manu1307

      Actually I would love to tell u how much she pays to me.. and actually would ask u to get job somewhere .. oh wait who would give job to a person like u.. don’t worry I will get it arranged..
      So that u can buy some brain for u.. ur need of the hour

      1. You should you would tell how much she pays to you, but you didn’t! You are just like that amazing great popular Hina.

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahaha,comedy….

    1. Manu1307

      True it’s so funny .. that some people can never get brain..
      I know u will agree. After all practically experienced

      1. Oh again,hahahahahahahhHahHa….

      2. Y author Manu,you are so much experienced?Failed inspite of trying multiple times no,frustration understood Manu,get well soon.

      3. So you agree that the brain can be bought.. thanks you acknowledged Hina bought your brain… but good luck to hina for hiring such brainy person like you.. And as for as brain is concerned sorry it’s not avaliable for Sale..

    2. Best one liner reply Shwetha,well done.

  3. Appreciate people’s confidence to write nonsense things,in unilateral po view.Was laughing.

    1. Manu1307

      True that was actually what I felt after reading ur comment.. u know people so well..
      #get well soon

    2. Leave it Mithu,don’t respond please,somebody who says others have no work is replying,and everything is clear in reply,especially calling others brainless,without work etc,so ,it is clear,no need to waste time on her, this is my last comment, and NON Hina fans,this article is not for us,don’t waste our time here.

  4. After Bigg Boss,a journey from Akshara to real Hina,on scree aura (whatever that was there) to fake,Everything is a big word can’t use for her,so,from that eight yrs efforts (cant take it away from her) to mostly settling down with Rocky(not a bad thing,I believe in marriages),because real face is out and industry knows that,so nothing to everything (according to author ),should be the reverse on work front.

    1. Fitting reply.But no need to respond to such blind fans.(this article gave a laugh though).

    2. Manu1307

      Actually .. I do not want to explain u anything.. as u just understand what u want to..
      #no offence.. just
      Nothing to everything

      1. Manu,u read your reply comments once again if you want to, you may understand, who don’t have brain,who is being unilateral in POV,who is saying about others’ brains,and who understands want he /she want to,if you have put an article like this,you should be expecting reply like this only,because if you have just praised Hina,then it wouldn’t have been like this,this ,your article has things to provoke others ,it is prejudiced and readers are replying ,and you are clearly getting agitated,so it is clear who started what, so now you are making a fool of yourself and calling others brainless..

      2. Who asked for explanation here Manu,don’t ruin Hina’s name by articles like these,post something good as I am a Hina fan and not at happy to read these kind of articles.Your tone is provoking others.

    3. Rightly said Jiya, that is what is happening.

  5. Swethaa

    very good words
    and the reasons you gave to hate her is absolutely correct
    hina khan being herself from the day one in BB11
    we always support you hina di

  6. Actually Ugly starts with you,correctly written in this article by author,you end with u,apart from 1307,so ugly starts with u and ends with u,ManU………………….

    1. The bestest reply to this article’s author manU.Epic .Wow..

      1. Perfectly epic reply to brainless author ManUuuuuuuugly..

  7. A short story,once upon a time,there lived a person called Manu aka Manu1307,she came to telly updates page and wrote an article, story OVER.

    1. Epic reply. What a troll yaar,superb.

  8. Your heading should have been titled “from everything to nothing” considering how cheena khan has ruined her “celebrity” status

  9. its nice
    see haters have the time to read this beautiful story and commented on this
    your 3 reasons are mind blowing see all are jealous of her here
    these people are seeing the small black spot on a white paper
    and these people can’t see the whole white one …go and get a life all why are you wasting your time here.
    its soooo nice manu and plz dont give a damn to them

    1. Oh no dear. There are no haters…. Its just that this article is wayyyyyy tooooooooo funny! So definately the author deserves some comments right?

      1. And I can’t believe that the author spent so much time to create an account for THE GREAT HINA KHAN and to write a very funny story about her! And hey! She even spent time to talk about the haters! The haters must be feeling very honored and thanking her for her important time.

    2. @KAVYA …How can she give a damm when she doesn’t have even a damn to give as Author

  10. The funniest thing i ever read! ???
    Ur three reasons to hate someone is even more funnier.
    1. U want to be with her! (Damn. I am wondering even if my chappal would like to be with her? ?)
    2. U want to be like her! (Even a criminal wouldnt want to be as fake and hypocrite as she is!)
    3. U r behind her after mant trails! (Lol, its not our problem she gives us so many reasons to do so!)

  11. Samaira_khan


    1. @Samaira…..agree with that….I too like Hina eventhough I’m not her fan….but must say…this article was not needed…….every contestants have haters……and it was a stupid idea

    2. and I’m Shilpa hater

  12. CiestaSie

    Vikas is too pretentious and very insecure. His manipulation shows that how insecure and desperate he is to stay in this game. @Samaira take a chill. Don’t worry

    1. Samaira_khan

      @ciestasie dude then u can say tht EVERYONE r insecure coz they want to stay in the gamee.
      #et well soon

  13. it’s disgusting to see how blind people can be to certain things or certain aspects of the game when their beloved contestant goes wrong. mudslinging to prove a contestant wrong when the contestant you favor has done some pretty shameful acts is not shocking. first of all i would like to mention i m not a hina khan/ akshara fan. i hate daily soaps but ever since i saw bigg boss i appreciate her over shilpa for the following reasons. please try and refute these if you can:
    1. why did suddenly shilpa feel that priyank was more deserving over hiten when she clearly stated that priyank was playing a dirty game and fat shamed her. where is your self-respect. saving your own body-shamer over a gentleman like hiten who has never said anything but good words for you. i can’t think of a b*t*hing session that hiten tejani had with vikas and arshi where he bashed shilpa. also, he only tried to calm arshi down whatever it took and never supported her anti-shilpa stance. also, hiten got into the bad books of others for not revealing that he had saved shilpa not arshi. arshi was still supporting hiten whereas shocking as it was shilpa b*t*hed about this revelation to puneesh. this was the worst blow. how could she. hiten had clarified that he had saved shilpa to vikas and shilpa atleast. what was the reason she needed to b*t*h that hiten was trying to be a great man by being dishonest when you knew this since the beginning. hiten got lesser number of votes than luv and shilpa. did shilpa need hiten to be out of the game. how was a contender stronger than shilpa for the bigg boss winner title such a big danger to her when he constantly received lesser number of votes than her? she isn’t too confident of her game or her fans.
    2. shilpa also tried to oust vikas and hina on several occasions. agreed vikas and hina are not shilpa’s friend. never heard a convo where hina tried to convince others to divert the game in a specific direction. never heard her trying bad to nominate a specific contestant. just seen her trying her level best to save her friend luv from nominations. apart from that no planning or plotting. unlike shilpa who yesterday tried to nominate vikas. her convo with luv where she insinuated that she will throw the mastermind out of the house was making her insecurities about winning the show evident enough. she has been nominated this week for planning and plotting the nominations this week not hina. she wanted to throw her ex-children akash and arshi under the bus so bad. aisi ma se bhagwan zaroor bachaye. whatever hina might have said and done, loved her when she said, it’s my right to nominate and i don’t knwo whether the contestants i nominate will eventually infcat be nominated to leave the house but i won’t plot againsta a specific contestant nor give my right away. and hina is insecure. wow.
    3. if hina was wrong in body shaming shilpa, how is it that shilpa should or deserves to be spared for calling hina kaali spelled racism.
    4. now when vikas is all alone and except for arshi and puneesh he had no other friends if he started talking to priyank she has a problem with it. is she not trying hard to get luv under her wing. hyprocrite shilpa ma.
    to all shilpa fans (don’t care about hina haters) look carefully at shilpa’s expressions during the conversations. her expressions are evil and she tries to control this but when they appear on her face for a micro-second they give her away. she’s demonic. she has faked her goodness throughout you fools.

  14. Whether you are a Hina fan or vikas’s or anyone else’s it doesn’t give you the right to hurt insults … it’s disgusting behaviour & I am truly appalled that people could behave in this manner towards people they know very little about … at least try & show a little respect for yourselves by putting your views across in a positive manner instead of coming across as trolls.

    1. Cocolove

      I wish everyone thought like u do dear, the saddest part is that they don’t:(:(

  15. Harneet

    i love hina but i am not biased ………. all had done mistake bt that never makes yo hate ur ideal . i truly love he , yeah she had gone wrong at certain places but now she is going right ……

    i don’t really hate shilpa . she is a great entertainer and really helpful … but i dont like vikas mastermind .. cheee ……..

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