Journey of love(IKRS)- Introduction


Hello everyone. I m back again with my third ff. Yes u guessed it correct I m Louella. U would not believe but I have again started another ff about our cutest and most best jodi, the one and only vidhani. So let’s leave all our talks and come to the intro.

Main leads.

Viplav Tripathi- our adorable hero, as usual very naughty, always troubles our Dhaani.

Dhaani Verma- our cute princess, sweet, innocent, irritated with Viplav and his naughty tricks.

Louella- Dhaani’s best friend.

Avijit- Viplav’s best friend.

Nimisha Verma- Mother of Dhaani

Akshay Verma- Father of Dhaani.

Renu Tripathi- Mother of Viplav

Akshay Tripathi- Father of Viplav.

This was the intro. As u all know except Vidhani all the characters r different but from our ikrs family. This is my third ff of ikrs and I want all of u to comment. The starting episodes will be about vidhani is school. So there will be lots of fun and masti. U will remember your school life from this ff. So be ready to for fun and lots of masti with our vidhani. Also read and comment on my other ffs of IKRS-
Revenge or love
You r my KI and I m your KA.
For now bye bye!! We will meet tomorrow with our first episode.

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  1. OMG louella
    3rd fan fiction????

    1. Wow nice intro
      I like verma surname?

    2. All the best dear
      Keep going?

    3. Thanks arshi di. Even I like verma surname.

  2. Omg elle u r too . I am speechless . How much talent??well in reality my surname is VERMA ??

    1. Thanks Renu. But I changed ur surname. I made it to tripathi. Congrats because now u belong to tripathi family.

  3. go on chhuttki…..loving this…

    1. Thanks Sujie.

  4. go on chhuttki…..loving this…

  5. hey louella OMG 😀 😀 liked ur names of characters

    1. Thanks Lakshmi.

  6. OMG Louella, tum 1 sath 3 3 ff likh rahi ho u r so talented hats off to you go on dear ??

    1. Thanks Nima.

  7. Louella! BRILLIANT!!!!

    Thanks so much for using my name. ???? feel very happy seeing that. I think I secretly want to be an actor.


    1. Thanks Nimisha di.

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