Journey of love(IKRS)- Episode 1


Hi friends. As I have told u I will start my ff with vidhani in school. So be ready to remember your school days. Let’s go, come.

Its morning. A boy is getting ready. He is wearing a white shirt and brown shorts with a tie and an id-card. He looks in the mirror and says wow!! I look handsome with this boring uniform also.

Someone knocks on the door and says Viplav r u ready? Viplav says yes maa, coming. He comes down. Renu(Viplav’s mother) says so ready to go? Viplav says if I say no then I will stay home? Renu says Viplav don’t joke. U have to go. It’s ur first day and now u r in 6th Std. At least now don’t start ur drama. Viplav says ok maa. Sorry!!! Renu says ok now come. Raj(Viplav’s father) will drop u.

Raj comes. He says good morning. Viplav says good morning papa. Raj says now let’s go. Viplav and Raj leave.

In school, a girl is sitting in a class named 6th A. She is wearing white shirt and a brown skirt with a brown tie and an id-card. A girl comes there and says Dhaani. Dhaani turns and says Louella. They both hug. Dhaani smiles and says I can’t believe u r in my class. Louella with an angry look says why I m so bad? Dhaani says arey u r my best friend. But u know na teachers sometimes separate besties also. Louella says why u r taking so seriously? I was joking. How was my acting? Dhaani and Louella laugh. But Dhaani’s smile vanishes seeing someone. The episode ends.

Precap- Viplav’s masti in school.

So how was the first episode?? If u liked it then plz comment. And do read the next episode. Because I will give u some dose of laughter. Don’t forget. The precap says everything about tomorrow’s episode. Also read and comment on my other ffs. Till then bye bye!!!

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  1. superb louella from today i will read u r ff regulalrly happy to see renu and u r name in show

    1. Thanks ranaji.

  2. Too good!! ?? Precap is so exciting! ??

    Btw, Louella waiting for your ki & ka’s next episode.. Try posting it soon!

    1. Thanks Mahira. I have posted my ff dear. Just check.

  3. Hi elle as sweet as u baby.☺?only it was short. Also dhani would have been shocked on seeing viplav isn’t it. ?it seems yr dress in school is same.

    1. Thanks Renu. Let’s wait and watch what happens. But my uniform is not the way I described. It’s grey and dark blue color. I thought it will be too dull. So changed the color. Sorry for the short update. I will try to post the next ones longer.

  4. superb Louella …you are super talented …writing three ffs …keep it up sis …all the best 🙂

    1. Thanks Avijit bhai.

  5. Good one Louella, eagerly waiting for the next part…

    1. Thanks Maria.

  6. hey louella me too remember my old school days after reading ur ff as u told in intro
    nice one keep it up dear….. (y)

    1. Thanks Lakshmi. Next episode will be very funny than this. So be ready.

  7. U’re such a fantastic writer with awesome fanfictions. No word to complement you. Keep it up dear

    1. Thank u so much Aish.

  8. Superb louella
    waiting for viplav masti in school 🙂

    1. Thanks Arshi di.

  9. Fatarajo (KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Louella u r too good love both ur ff a lot both r rocking in it’s own way sorry for super late comment was busy that’s why

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