A Journey of Love(Episode 9)


hey guys First of all”Happy Pongal” and sorry for late update.

Arnav and Mantu decided to complete their pending works and decided to take decission on third anniversary date.
Mantus Cabin :He calls to his PA:
Mantu:Ask the new HR come to my Cabin.
PA:ok sir.
After a few mins
Amaya with peacock green color chuddi with blue color chunni enter into Mantus cabin.
Amaya:May i come in sir?
Amaya:Thank you sir.
Mantu didnt notice her bocz he look into file.
Mantu:Take your seat.
After few mins he closed the file and try to give it to her.Then he recognise her and ask her what is your name?
Nice name.
Read this file carefully and try to give reply to this organisation basing on our needs. If they satisfy our needs then announce them on which date we conduct campus interviews and inform this information to technical department also.
Amaya:I can follow it. Can i leave…..?
Before leaving his cabin…..
Amaya:I am sorry for yesterday issue.plz excuse me.If you want to punish me u can…..
Mantu hide his smile and get from his chair and walks towards her…..
She steps back and he walks forward to her…He said i can bear five mistakes from your side.If u cross that then i punish you. still you have four more chances…..
She nods her head and leaves his room.
Mant(Himself): Amaya…… good name.
Arnavs cabin:
Arnav calls to designing section and called Sr.designer.
He called for his PA.Manager said to Arnav that his PA is on leave for one month bcoz of his marriage.
Arnav:Then who can handle my schedule and my works.
Then sr.designer enter into the room.
Arnav:What is the progress of our work.You and your team complete it or not.
Sr.Designer:It will be in progress.
Arnav:Then send the rough copy designs to my cabin.Once i check it and finalise the designs.
Sr.Designer:ok sir.
Then Mantu enter into Arnavs cabin and discuss about tomarrows association meeting and presentation.
After a few mins…
Kushi with redcolor chuddi with black chunni with good look enter into Arnavs cabin….
Kushi:Excuse me sir……..
Mantu:Yes come in…..
Kushi:Good morning sir…(Kushi herself feels that her boss is so cool,but i saw this person. where can i saw him…..).
Then Arnav took file from the cupboard and saw kushi in his cabin and shouts why you are in my cabin?
Kushi:Your cabin……that means you are the boss to me……Oh devimiyya you took my rasgulla and punish me like this……
Arnav:Who ask me to come into my cabin.
Kushi points his finger towards mantu.
Mantu:I think she is designing section employee.
Kushi: Yah,your correct.Today is my first day in office.My senior ask me to show these designs to the boss…
Arnav:You are newly appointed designer…Oh no…..How can this happen?
Kushi:How can i know.I attended the interview and your association selected me.
Arnav:Is my fate wrote like that…who can change. I try to digest this one…every day this mandatory for me to saw your face..
Kushi: same feeling from my side.
Arnav: What the?…
Kushi leaves the cabin in angry and teary eyes.
Mantu asks Arnav can we go to our new construction site.
Arnav:Yah go……that is better for me to avoid some persons….
Arjuns cabin:
When Arjun enters into his cabin he saw someone sitting in his room.
She didnt turn the head and wish him good morning sir.
She said ravi assigned a job for me bocz he is in important meeting held with khannas builders.So he asked me to handle this job.
Arjun looks at her and asks her to explain.She lift her head and shocked to see in this cabin.
That girl said i already said sorry to you yesterday.Again you came here to do noise about that.If your mobile really damaged then i buy new one for u.But now just leave the room.Plz this is my first day in office.plz dont do any drama here.
Arjun:I didnt do any drama.You start it and carry on from 5mins onwards.
For your kind information i am the boss for this… what is your name?
Radhika .. my close ones call me Radhu and remaining are Radhika… I know u called me Radhika right.

Rhadhika:Sir dont estimate anybody by our first neeting. so dont estimate me basing on yesterday incident.
Arjun:Who told this?Your dadhaji… told this…
Radhika:No meri maa.
Arjun:What is that in your hand?
Radhika:New designs related Four similar houses…..
Arjun:You handle that project?
Radhika:I dont know,Ravi assign this job ….
Arjun:Then show it and explain it to me.
Radhika:start the explanation and suddenly stop it…. and ask why four houses similarly.Why cant they live in same house……
Arjun:Is that necessary for you…….And the ideas are not good. I want much better than these and ask her to leave.
Ha Radhika i assign this project to you.Now leave the cabin and come with better ideas for tomarrow.
Now the scene shift to medical college campus.In prinicipal room ishitha give her appointment order to principal.He asks her,hw r u ishitha?Ishitha:I am fine sir.By seeing u here i feel happy also.
Principal:After my retairement i join in this organisation.Foou friends run this college.They have some ethics and morals.They go with less amount of fees and sponser poor students.Raman one of the director is my friends son. He only propose me to join here and give all reponsibilites to me.
He receive a call and ask ishitha to sit in his room.
Ishitha sit in his room and revise latest journal related to medical sciences.
Raman enters into principal room.
Ishitha:You…. Why r u here?This is not road.It is medical college.
Raman:What are you doing here?
Ishitha:It is none of your business.
Raman:Hold your…….
Ishitha:Ha hold my…..What?
Principal enter into his room and hears their quarrel.
prinicipal:Why you people are quarelling like kids?
Ishitha:Nothing like that sir.He is hear ti collect the amount from me. bcoz i hit his car wrongly.I already said sorry to him.But…..
Raman:Oh ….Jhansi ki rani……be calm……
Principal:Ishitha meet Mr.Raman.
Ishitha:You said they have ethics and morals….but he is not that type….
Principal:He is Mr.Raman and one of our director……
and raman she is Ishitha who newly joined in our college and hospital for pediatric department….
They both look at each other……

Credit to: subhadha

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