A Journey of Love(Episode 8)


In last episode we go with all female roles.I forget to mention that who hits mantus car was none other than Amaya.
The episode starts with sunrise. It is early morning with sweet birds voice in the park.
Raman and Mantu sit on the bench and waiting for remaining two.
Arjun reached there and asked where is Arnav?
With in a fraction of seconds Arnav reached there.
Arnav:Gudmrg yaar.
Remaing three nods their heads.
They start their walking in the park.
Mantu:Yesterday i select a candidate to our children.she completed her diploma in pediatrics. her acadamic records was good. She completed her total eduction with good results. I hope she go good with our kids.

This time we didnt send our kids to tutor house.I ask her come to our place to teach our kids.
Arjun:Actually it is a good idea. Last time that idiot scold them and tell complaints againt our kids.
Aranv silently heared the conversation.
Raman:Is she able to teach my sister.(i.e ramans younger sister who pursing her plus one and want to join in MBBS.This character is Nayara daughther of Akshara and Nithik).
Mantu:Yah Raman.I hope u satisfied with my selection. I think we arrange our kids study classes in your house.Becoz Aunty and Uncle is there to take care of them.
what did you said about it Raman?

Raman uncomfortbly nods his head.
They complete their morning walk and reached their flats.
Scene from Arnav’s room:
Ruhi:Bhai,Can i come into your room.
Ruhi:Bhai,Today is my birthday.plz bless me and wish me.That is enough for me bhai.
Arnav:Try to move from there.
Ruhi holds him and tightly huged with his legs.
Arnav controls his tears and put his hands on her head.He want to hug her but controled his feelings.

Ruhi saw this one from mirror,Dadhi and ramu hide behind curtain and feels happy for them.
Suddenly they heared a loud voice “Happy Birthday Ruhi”.Ruhi leaves Arnav and run very fastly into hall.
There Nayara and Chotu with Gifts. They three huged and feels happy with one another.
Raman brings big Barbie doll,Mantu brings flowers and icecreams.Arjun brings cake.
Ruhi go and hug them and ask Bhai where are my gifts.
They present their gifts to Ruhi.
Aranv:Mantu you know icecreams are not good for her.
Mantu:For whom.
Arnav:For Ruhi……. not only for her. They are not good for kids……
and go to his room.
Ruhi and dadhi feels happy for the concern that Arnav shows on Ruhi.
Raman:Mantu def you take one or two slaps from Arnav…..
All have a happy time.

In that time Aranv opens his cupboard and searchs…. He didnt find that and worried about that….. He come out of the room and saw that Ruhi opened a gift.Ramu said that this is the gift presented by your bhai…..
Ruhi:By you…….
Ramu:no no….This is my gift……..
All should understood that the first gift is from Arnav’s side.
Ruhi:It is a talking teadybear…..
she press it. Then it sounds happy birthday Ruhi with Arnas voice….
All feel happy with that but they didnt express that.
Arnav:Ramu once you come into my
room and leaves from there.
Mantu:Ramu go. You need more than me yaar.
Ramu:No,I have lot of work I go to bring vegtables from market.
Ruhi hugs Ramu and kiss him in his cheeks.He feels happy for that and leaves from there with teary eyes.
Toshiji:Happy birtthday ruhi beta.

I bring your favourite kheer and halwa to you.
Chotu: Go and hug thoshiji and ask her to give some kheer to me also. plz plz aunty.
Thoshiji:Ok puttar..
Arjun:Nayara its time for your school.go and get into the car with in 5 mins.I drop you people in the school.
Kids:ok Arjun bhai.With in 5 mins we will be ready and run into ruhis room.
Mantu,Arnav and Raman left in company car.Becoz their cars goto service center and its delivery time is one more day…
Arjun go to drop children to school.

Mantu and Aranv get down from car.Raman said i goto medical college.Principal called me and said today there is one urgent meeting.
I think you have urgent meetings here.So i want to go there.Today i have no urjent commitments here.
Mantu and Arnav nods their heads and Raman leaves from there.

Credit to: subhadha

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  1. lovely update. so familieeeesss bonding was toooo gud. N the birthday girl would be more than happy with lots of giftssss. waiting for the next one.

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    The story gng on a Nice Track yaar…..Its gng good… I like it… plz update it regularly…….

  3. Its awesome

  4. But there is no ishra and others scenes and looking forward for.nzt epi

  5. This is so cute!! So much like family…I enjoyed it!!

    Love you??

  6. Very nice episode, one question dear, why arnav didn’t hug his sister? So ishita will teach all the kids in raman’s house..great…happy bday to ruhi…arnav’s gift was good…lots of mysteries about these guys…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. it reavels in flash back.

  7. Nice one update soon…luv u ???

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