A Journey of Love(Episode 7)

After 5mins all will be there in Ramans Cabin.
Raman:ok guys,lets start. It is already 11:30. By the way there is no car for me.I came with you people.
Arjun : What happened to your car?
Raman: Today mrng onwards my time was not good yaar.And describes the complete scene happened with Ishitha.
So,Driver dropped me and took the car for servicing center.
Arnav:What the?My car was also in servicing center only. Our company driver took it to servicing center.
Raman: What happened to your car yaar?
Arnav: Narates complete issue and she ask me to take care of myself.
Mantu: Smiled with cute and handsome face and said that we three move with Arjun in his car.
Raman:Why you didnt bring your car?

Arnav:Morning he called and ask me to pick up from the temple.
Arjun:Without car how can you reach to temple yaar.
Arnav&Raman:How can yaar?
FlashBack shows:
Mantu park his car infront of temple and try to leave his footwear beside entery of temple footsteps.
A girl with white chuddi and red color chunni pray with loud voice and break coconuts infront of foot steps. While she break coconuts one coconut hit to my front mirror.Mantu asks his driver took the car to service center and call to Arnav to pick him from temple.
FB ends.
All move from Ranans cabin and went out.
Driver brings Arjun car and place it near entery place of their office.
Arjun collect keys from driver and ask him leave home early.
Mantu collect keys and sit in driving place.Raman and Arjun sit in back seat.
Arnav sit in front seat.
On the way they buy some cd’s, Books, Sweets and fruits to Anjali.
After enter into the car Arjun asks Ramans phone and talk to ramesh and inform him about their lunch.

Raman:Arjun where is your phone?
Arjun:looks at Raman and FB starts…..
When Arjun get down from the car his phone rings.He saw mantu name on screen and try to answer the phone.Suddenly one girl ran very fast and dash Arjun.The phone fell down and it broke into two peices.
She just look at him and say soory sir. I have very important work.so i didnt identify you.Plz for give me sir.(i.e radhika only.at the time of conversation we just saw her lips and eyes.)
Arjun stares angry look at her. After a few minutes she stand infront of lift.When lift came down she entered into the lift.In the same lift Arjun also entered and ask her to get down.
Radhika:Why sir ?Is there any pmroblem?
Arjun:yah,it is for us only.
Radhika:Us…Who are there with you sir?
Is there any body…..
Arjun:Stop it.For us means…… it is for our comoanpy associates only.
Radhika:Oh….But it is very important for me. plz let us go sir.

My Dadhaji told me helping to others is good for us.Def god can help us in any other way.So u help me now then next time i will help u.Its my promise.
Arjun press the close button and lift reached to third floor.When he try to came out of lift again she run very fast and dashed Arjun again.His phone fell down in the gap of the two lift doors.This time she didnt stop and she didnt know about Arjun phone fell down.She rushed very hurry.
Arjun:I want to buy a new phone yaar.(A small little bit smile on Arjuns face nobody didnt Identify it).
Arnav: What a disgusting girls? They dont know how to talk, how to drive but they are ready to do jobs and maintain whole family?
After this conversation all are sit very clam and all are think about incidents faced today morning.Is anything happen to us……
While they are in thinking suddenly they heared a car horn sound and come to their normal moods.
Watchmen open the gate and they park the car and reached to Anjalis room.
They had lunch with Anjali and had some fun time and spend time by watching cartoon movies etc…
At last a small little bit smile appeared on Anjalis face.They feel happy for that with teary eyes.

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  1. Ha ha ha arjun rads u r awesome yaar

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Wow…Its nice yaar……..Go ahead…..

  3. Oh poor guys,they can’t even stay with them for some time but what happens when they comes to know about that they r going to work with them.will be waiting for next update.

  4. Reallyy cooolllll…. I enjoyed it.. I can imagine everyone s reaction… Waiting desparatelyyy

  5. oh super fun it was. so all hav met their ladies already n had a unforgettable meeting. lol. arjun was smiling remembering radz. oh that was sweet.
    All cars went to service once at a time. God it was tooo much. But Arjun ko toh phne naya lena padega.
    it was tooo gud. i’m waiting for next to see the girls bonding n their first days with their respective bosses. lol. so much fun it would be.

  6. he he rads s funny…….hmmm our arjun already hs feelings 4 rads????????????a cute smile reveals it…te girl who broke mantu’s mirror s khushi na??????????????

    1. no its amaya.

      1. Gud mrng……tanku 4 clearing my doubt………s mantu te only person who no problem with chatter boxes?????
        Subhada u din tel me abt Arjun’s feelings for rads………
        Please please update soon

  7. Nice creativity subdhya really intresting track looking forward for nxt epi

  8. hey dear loved every bit of your story but you didn’t reveal the name of the girl who broke mantu’s cars mirror , i guess she must be amaya

  9. Wowwww, awesome episode, these arrogant guys are too muchhh…ardhika encounter in fb was very cute…arjun needs new phone, lol…what’s anjali di’s problem, why was she sad n ate nothing?…looks like all 4 guys are very attached to anjali di…all 4 girls will definitely bring storm in in these guys life…I’m very excited for it…keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Gud mrng dear…..hw r u?????

  10. Soooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooodd but give some big updates

  11. Waiting for next update nd happy lohri….

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