A Journey of Love(Episode 6)


In mantu’s cabin he sart his selection processes. He called one by one and pose some questions related to the profession.
Mantu:Your good name plz..
Ishu:Ishitha Iyer.
Mantu:From where u are?
Ishitha:I am from ooty(tamilnadu).
Mantu:Why are you here for job?
Ishitha:I have a dream to complete my PG in pediatrics. So,I want to earn more than what i am earning now?
By media , i am aware that your association is good. So ,i try to check my fate.
Mantu: I offer this job in front of you with one condition.
Ishitha: What is that?
Mantu: In morning time you can work as a doctor and Jr.Tutor for First and second year medical students. In evening you handle three children.You take care of those children according to their studies also. We are very bussy in our work and we didnt concentration on their studies and their future. We paid extra amount for this Ishitha.
Ishu: Def.Spending time with kids is good to me also.
Mantu:Think twice. Actually, the three are very naughty becoz of our pampering. But they are good and brilliant.you prepared well to handle our kids.If you are ready for that Immediately i give joining order to you.
Ishitha:nods her head for yes….

Scene shifts to Ramans cabin.
Raman: whats your name?
A girls with sweet voice ….
Ammu sir…..I mean Amaya……
(we saw Amaya with cute and beautiful smile).
Raman: You have no experience. Are you sure you selected for this job?
Ammu: yah sir. I have no experience. but my goal is working with your association.
What ever questions posed by Raman she answered very confidently. Raman asked her PA to type joining Letter for her.
Ammu try to give shakehand to Ranan.But Raman stare an angry look at her.
She put her hand back and mention thanks to him.

Scene shifts to Arnavs cabin:
Arnav: come in.
Girl:Thank you sir.
Arnav:Take your seat.
Girl:No problem sir.
By the way your office interior work is not that much of good. Once you give chance to me then i show what i am?
Arnav:First you show your trail design copies, Then i decide you handle it or not.
Girl laughs very cute with loud voice(i.e none other than radhika).
she handle her designs to Arnav and mention her name is Radhika.
My dadhaji and my mummgi called me Radhu.
Arnav: Will you stop it.
Radhu: Sir, Are you serious. My dadhsji told me when you are in anger take long breath in and leave a long breath out…(she show it to Arnav how to do it).
Arnav throw a paper weight and ask her to leave the room.
At the same time Mantu enter his room and console Raman and ask her to wait outside.
Radhika try to tell something…but Mantu show the way to go out…
Mantu:What happened Arnav?
Arnav:These girls are disgusting?
Mantu:ok leave it. you completed your slection processes are not.
Arnav:She is the last candidate.
Her designs are good. But she is unfit to work under Arjun.
Mantu: Watching Radhikas designs and comparing with remaining ones… And said Arjun can handle her.You dont worry about it?
I like her designs, if you feel her designs are really good appoint her as our interior designer.
Arnav:Nods his head.
Mantu:then i ask your PA to type the joining letter yaar.
when Mantu come out from Arnav’s cabin , Radhika asked him what about my job sir?
Mantu:You are frm which place?
Radhika: I am from Benaras.
Mantu:oh.. So your are frm Benaras. Ok, You collect your joining order from there(he points towards Arnavs PA room).

Scene shift to Arjun’s cabin:
Arjun looked at kushi and ask her to sit.
Kushi: Thank you.
Arjun:Your designs are good,But you have no experience.
kushi: How can we got experience? When nobody didnt give job to freshers…. Is this is also a point naaaa.
Arjun stare angry look at her.
Kushi:Dont look like that. If you give one sce time for me immediatly i leave this room(kushi said these words with innocent face and actions).
Arjun:Wait outside of my Cabin.
Kushi:Thanks ji.
Arjun(Himself):This girl designs are good. But she looks like a chatter box.Is Arnav able to handle this girl?
When he think about this…. his intercome rings….

Arjun lift the phone.
Orher side Raman….
Raman:Yah Arjun, Its me. you completed your work.
Arjun:Decission is in pending…
Raman:Why?Any problem?
Arjun: yah. I like one candidate designs.But she is a lady that to chater box.
Raman:Reallt you like her designs and you think she is really talented, appoint her.
If you complete that work then we move to lunch with Anjali.
Arjun:ok.I will be there in 5mins….

Credit to: subhadha

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    1. thanks for all to ur positive comments

  7. Reshma Pradeep

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