A Journey of Love(Episode 52)


Arnav hold her and ask her open her eyes.
Arnav:Kushi.. open your eyes.look at me.
Kushi in semi unconsious state…
Kushi:I look at you only sir..Every second i feel your presence and every second i saw you..Bcoz you always stay on my eye balls only Arnavji…Kushi is yours and my life is yours…
Arnav look at her with teary eyes…
Kushi:Why you look like that..you dont belive me na…Ok i show proof to you that you are always with me.She slightly remove dress from her left shoulder and ask him to see on above left br*ast by pointing her finger. Arnav saw his name there in a heart symbol.
Arnav look at there and put his fingers on that symbol.Ishitha ask him to put his ear on that place.He just place his ear there…Kushi:Can you hear my heart beat…It beats your name…your name is along with my heart beat.You are the only person i want to share my love and my life. But..before that i want to tell every thing with you.
Arnav is not able to control his tears. The tears fell on the heart symbol. He slowly adjust her dress and ask her to drink lemon buttermilk.Arnav slowly feed that to kushi.
Kushi is in semi unconsious only.
Kushi:Arnav sir can we play holy..

Arnav nod his head and bring colors to apply for kushi.He put different colors in plate and bring the plate into bed room.There he saw kushi turns round and round by waving her chunni with cute little puppy face.Arnav close the door and walks towards her and hold her hand .She stop rotating and look into his eyes.
The back ground song is “Mohabath hai yeh ji huzoori nahi…meri har kushi meni ho teri kushi…”played.
Arnav apply red color to kushi and ask her are you ok now..How do you feel now?
Kushi:I am ok Arnavji..But my head … lot of pain and I feel drowsy….. I dont know why it happenes…
Arnav:Bcoz you drink bhang in medical campus grounds..
Kushi:No Arnav ji….I drink only butter milk…
Arnav:Next you go with one peg in my room…Bcoz of that effect you feel like that…
Kushi:Arnavji can i apply color to your face…

Arnav nod his head….Arnav:I apply red color to you…bcoz its significance is love and ronantic nature….Which color you want to apply for me.. Kushi took yellow color from plate and apply yellow color for him… Kushi:yellow color is for hope and happinessThe color of sunshine is yellow… You are my shine,my happiness and you are hope for my life Arnavji….By listening this Arnav completely fall for kushi the feelings she developed on him..They both applied colors to each other..Kushi hug Arnav by hear the thunder sound..By this unexpected jerk the plate fell down from Arnavs hand..Arnav also hug her and aked her why are you scared now… Kushi:I am scared for that sound.The colors fell down and some colors on their white dresses.kushi still hug him and Arnav try to free her from his hug…but kushi ask him dont leave me Arnavji.. I want to stay like this only…Arnav lift her in his arms and put her on his bed. He adjust his position beside her and placing his right hand under his head and turn towards her.by using his left hand he cares her hair and rotate his fingers on her lips and slowly bend his head to touch her lips by his lips.She turn her head and he kiss her on his cheecks.kushi cover her face by left hand.He pin her hand by his hand and put his head near her neck.He sense his hot breath..he put kiss on her neck and ask her turn you face this side. She followed his instructions and look into his eyes.He kiss on her lips slowly and gently he increase the depth of the kiss and they continue it passionately.After some time they unlock their lips and Arnav also adjust on bed beside kushi and look at top.Kushi turn towards him and kiss on his forehead and place her head on his chest and slowly went into the sleep. He put his fingers on kushis head and patted her like a kid..He also went into slerp after 10mins.After a long time they both slept very peacefully.

Arjun stop his car and ask Radhia to get down from car.Radhika open her eyes and look at Arjun and reply him…Radhika:Again four four Arjun sir’s.From these four which one is my Arjun.shhh…Sorry which one is my Arjun sir….
Arjun hold his head and ask her stop talking and getdown from car.
Radhika:All four behave like same way.she point finger to Arjun and said that you are mine na…
Arju lift her from car and ask her to shut the mouth.
Radhika:As your wish Arjun sir…
By saying this she place her hand on his mouth…
Arjun stare angry look at her… Radhika,Why you stare angry look at me.. Really i followed your instructions. You dont eat icecreams naa.Till now i didnt eat icecreams also.
Arjun place her on sofa and went into kitchen.He cut lemon and prepare lemon juice for her by adding bisleri soda..He see icecream in refrigarator and put scoop it into bowl and came to hall.There he didnt find Radhika..His eyes search for her.He find Radhika crawling like a small kid.He call Arjun where are you…Arjun sir…Arjun sir… Arjun sir…She search for Arjun by crawling.She crawl here and there and reach towards Arjun and look at his legs…She touch the legs and yah here he is…Arjun,why you left me here and you go…Nobody are there for me expect you…If you are not with me then there is no use to breath…
Arju look at her and her innosense behaviour.
Arjun:First get up and drink this juice.
Radhika:No..I need the buttermilk which was very tasty.
Arjun:First you drink it then i give butterscorth icecream to you.
Arjun give lemon juice to her.She drink it and sit on sofa.
Radhika:Arjun sir…My eyes feel hard and so many trains are running in my head…Arjun sit beside her and feed icecream to her.She look at him and ask him cant we play holi na.. I have a mood to play holi..Can you play with me naa.It is my favourite festival.
Arjun wipe her lips with tissue and bring different colors arranged in plate.Arjun hold red color and apply red color to her face and said this is for Love and Romance…Happy holi Radhika.Radhika hold bule color abd apply to Arjun…Arjun blue is significance for trust,faith and confidence.I have confidence on you you can do anything good to all…I trust that you bring my happiness back along with my love and my faith is with you…Happy holi Arjun sir…
Arjun:Call me Arjun….Just Arjun…
Radhika:Arjun ssssssiiiiiirrrrrr….
Arjunnnnn…I love you…and hug him.

Arjun also hug her and ask her you said you are not satisfied with my love naaa.Radhika:Yes,I am not…bcoz more than half of the time i think about my parents,dadhaji,Bhai and bhabhi…. There is no proper time for me to think about you.I feel happy and i am on cloud nine when i spend all my time with you ad for you…I love my family but all are one side and you are only one side for me.Arjun observe change in Radhikas voice and break their hug and look into her face..Hee saw tears in her eyes..She look in to his eyes and said belive me Arjun…I Love You up to last core of my life.You are my heart and your name is rythamic beat for my heart…Arjun understand her feelings and feel her pain and he felt guilty that he show angry on her…
Radhika:Arjun…..plz dont be angry on me…i cant bear your angry…Plz dont leave me…Without you there is no meaning to be alive…
Arjun:SsssShhhh…I am always with you and I am always for you…They both have an eye lock.
Arjun cupped her face and kiss her on her forehead and moves towards her eyes and next on her cheecks and stop a sec before going to ride on her lips and look at her.She close her eyes and tight her grip on his shoulders..By seeing positive reaction he put his lips on her lips and put a small and light kiss on her lips and murmed at her ear..Arjun:Are you ok for this…. Radhika:Anything for you….

Arjun kiss her on her neck and move towards shoulder and remove her chunni from her and put it down.
BG song is”Dehaleez pe mere dil ki..
Ja rakhe hain tune gadam….jere naam pe mere jindagi…mere jeena jeena kaise jeena…”
Again Arjun move upward and rub her lips with his fingers and slowly start a kiss on her lips and passionately end with good relif……
Radhika:I want to sleep by hugging you Arjun.
Arjun gave a side hug to her and she place her head on his shoulder and place one hand on his chest and another one around his waist.Arjun hold her with hand and put another hand on Radhikas hand on his chest and place his chin on her head and go to sleep…..
Mantu stop the car infront of his house.Amaya get down and ask him to drop her in her papa house…Mantu hold her hand and literally drag her into his house.Amaya:Leave my hand it is paining…Mantu:Leave her hand and ask her to wash her face.. Amaya:No…I didnt wash…bcoz i dont want to wash…
Mantu:Ammu…plzzzz.go and wash…
Amaya didnt respond for that..Mantu lift her and took her in to his room and ask her to wash her face and freshup…He go towards kitchen and prepare lemon juice and cut fruits to her and enter into the room.

Mantu search for her and hear water sound from bathroom.He wait five minutes and knock on bathroom door. He realise that door is not locked.He slightly open the door and saw that Amaya fill the tub and on the shower and play in the tub…By looking that Amaya hit his head and enter into the washroom and ask her to come out from tub..She nod her head negatively and play in water.
Mantu:Plz Ammmu ….come out na…
Amaya:No way…You spoil my holi by scolding me infront of all…My holi ends without any color…..
Mantu:first you come out then i give colors to you…
Ammu:First colors and then remaining things…
Mantu:Ok..stay here….
He go and bring colors and ask her to comeout from bath tub.He put plate down and give his hand for support. She just pull Mantu into the tub and clap for herself.Matu at her angry and try to getup from water.She pulled him again and enjoy the water. A small appear on Mantus face and he look at her…She saw colors on edge of bathtub and look at them..She turn towards him and ask him Mantuuuuuu really i am sorry..Really mistake is not mine…or my kids.They talk about your upbringing of kids.I got angry when they talk about your values..I am not able to control.Kids ask apology to her even though she show her attitutde to them.In front me anybody talk to kids like that i dont spare them.We are all one family Mantu.That too they are kids….But didnt listen to me and scold me…Mantu understand the stituation and ask sorrry to her.I dont need your sorry…I need mote than that and i want to play holi….
Mantu apply red color to her…and tell that i apply red color to show significance of my love and romance on you.Now it is your turn…
Amaya pick orange and said that it us combo of red and yellow.You know about red so yellow is my shine and trust.I need your love towards me and i have trust on you and your shune to my life…Happyy holi Mantu..
The BG song played here is”Bheegi bheegi sadkon pe maine tere intzaar karo….Sanam re sanam….”.
Amaya hug him and said i feel that elephants are dancing on my head..My are closing with drowsyness..
Mantu lift her in his arms and place her on stool and dry her hair and cover blanket to her..and give lemon water to her.She drink it and put it on table.Mantu lift her and place her on bed and kiss her on forehead and ask her to close her eyes.After 5mins he try to getup from bed but she hold her hand and ask him not leave me alone…plz…I want to be with you..He sit beside her and give a side hug to her.She also round his hands around his wsist and feel hot bcoz she is wet and no cloths to change…She shiver for A/C coolness.Mantu feel that and cover another blanket to her and produce warm to her body…He cares her hair prooperly and kiss her on forehead.Ammu ask one more plz…He smile by looking at her face and kiss her on left cheeck..Amaya one more plz….Then he naughtly bite on her right cheeck.

Amaya:Osshhh…It gives a pain for me. Punishment for this…You give another two kisses for me…Mantu hold her lower lip and ask her can i bite it now…
Amaya:You are shameless mantu… by saying this she hide her face by turn it towards him.
He lift her head and kiss her on lips.she tight her grip around his waist.He feel her sense and recognise that….
She enjoy it…So he start it gently and it become passion and stop at the stage of heart.He look at her…A tears come her eyes and face is turn into pink shade…He tightly hug her and ask her to take rest.They both went into sleep with fair faces.
In medical college grounds….Mr.Bhalla and Aman close the function by completing all the formalities.Shiva hold Anjali hand and ask her we go for lunch…You took permission fro Thoshi Aunty….Thoshiji hears it and look at shiva.No need of permission beta you take her but leave Ananya with us… But first you freshup and then you go..I think my sons also enjoy holi with their love.And i think you also enjoy your holi naaa.
They both feel shy and remember how they enjoy beside bushes..

Precap:Anjali engagement and masti in function and kushis past reaveling…

Credit to: Subhadha

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