A Journey of Love(Episode 50)


The episode starts in medical college grounds.All are in white dresses. Raman welcome the guests and mantu show the way to guests where they arrange breakfast and drinks.
The four girls get down from car and walk towards Thoshiji and dadhi…
They wore white chuddidhars with light pink,light blue,lavender and light red color chunnis.
Sashiji bring sweets and different variaties of choclates and give to Ramesh to serve theses sweets to all.
Arnav make an announcement togather all near to dias and handover mike to Raman.
Raman:Goodmorning to all my dear ones and my staff who are equall to my family a warm welcome to all and Happy holi to all.We are glad to invite tomarrow is a another festival in our family.i.e our Anjali dhi engagement two days after we go with marriage and reception.We four togeather invite all to bless our dhi and jiju with full of colors and happiness.The second announcement is..We four who stand infront of you welcome our to be partners to dias.By this announcement the four girls look at their parents.They nod their heads in positive way.The four take blessings from Mr and Mrs.Bhalla and from Dadhi..They walk towards the dias.
Raman forward his hand to Ishitha, Arnav with Kushi,Arjun with Radhika and Finally Mantu with Amaya..
These girls bring new colors to our lives.

All office staff were shocked and feel happy for this announcement.

Raman:They are unique for us.Till now we four stand on one word.We four live for each other and specially for our Dhi.
Mantu brings Anjali and Arjun brings Shiva,Arnav brings their siblings and Ishitha bring elders on dias…Bcoz of these girls we know value of love, happiness and caring. After our dhi marriage and our company Anniversary the four marriages held on same time and at same place…. So, This holi is special to us..Now let enjoy the party…..All start enjoy the party. Some people congratulate for them. Someone said we are disappoint with your decission bcoz we are waiting that to send our daughters to your family…..
Anjali sit in a chair by holding Ananya on her lap.Shiva bring color and throw on Anjali.Anjali stare angry look at shiva bcoz Ananya start crying for that act..bcoz the color effect her eyes and nose.Anjali called shanta and ask her to clean Ananya face and still throw angry look at him.
Shiva:Dont look like that.I feel that you bring colors to my life..atleast i try to bring colors in your life by this holi..
Anjali hold his hand and look into his eyes.He ask her can we move from this place…Anjali nod her head…He lift her in his arms and walk towards the bushes…When Shiva lift Anjali and move from that place Radhika observe that and look at them…Suddenly she hear a voice …..Can i also lift you like that and move from this place…By hearing this Radhika nod her head and answer him yeah can you take to my home….where my mamma,papa,
bhai,bhabhi,daddu….By saying this she turn towards Arjun and look into his eyes.Arjun saw that Radhika’s eyes were full of tears…Arjun:Dont cry… I am here with you na…I promise you that i solve your problem… Radhika:But how..I dont know what happenes with me…You know Arjun i am not at all satisfy with this love from your side..
By hearing this statement Arjun leave Radhikas hand and move from there… she want to tell something to him.But he left from there with anger..

Raman try to put color to Ishitha.But Ishitha escape from him and run from that place…Raman followed her and ask her to stop..Ishitha looking at him and try to escape from him…she dashed with one of medico student. The yellow color in student hand fell on Ishitha..Raman stare angry look at her and walk towards her…Ishitha:Why you stare angry look at me?Raman: I want to apply color on your face..and that to i want to be a first person who apply color on your face..But.. Raman leave from there without applying any color to her.
Pinky,chotu and Ruhi play with colors. Chotu try to pour color water on Ruhi and Pinky.They run from him and he try to catch them..While he run towards pinky and try to pour color water.

When Chotu pour water on pinky,It missed and fell on lady who pass in that way.The lady start scolding chotu.Pinky and Ruhi also walking towards the women and tell sorry to her.Amaya look at the lady and observe her rude behaviour.Amaya look at kids faces and they feel nervous and guilt.Amaya walk towards them and say…
Amaya:Sorry madam..They are kids.. How cam they know…Plz excuse them na…I am sorry from their side.
Lady:I dont need your and their sorries.They need punishment…
By saying this she lift her hand on chotu…Amaya hold her hand and stare angry look at her.The three kids hug Amaya and look at lady with teary eyes…
At same time Mantu search for Amaya and reach there…He is in shock…
Amaya:How dare to raise hand on my kids..I dont bear their pain. Actually they ask sorry to u..This function is holi gathering…Holi means it is with colors and water.My kids are enjoying holi..you only come where they play and disturbed my kids.Whats wrong they do with you?
Lady:How arrogant you are.You….
Amaya:Mind your words..
Lady:What a cheap upbring of kids.. They dont know how to behave..If parents ate there then tey teach…
Amaya:What are you talking…Babhi is equal to mother…Bhai is equal father..
We know how to upbring our kids..Dont spell a word about my family…
Lady:Ask them to say sorry to me…
Mantu walk towards them and ask them to tell sorry to lady.Kids look at Amaya.Mantu ask Amaya also tell sorry to lady..
Amaya:Mantu,We didnt do any mistake na…
Mantu:Misbehaving with guests is wrong only…first you obey my words and tell sorry to her.
Amaya:My kids didnt do any mistake… you feel that mistake is mine na…Yah i obey your words…Bcoz i love you and i love my family…You want to hear sorry na…listen it…
Amaya turn towards that lady and put Amayas hands togeather and say sorry to her..She hold kids hand and leave from that place….Mantu stand like a statue..
Kushi look for Ishu,Radhu and Ammu..
Arnav stand behind her and ask her are you searching for me..Kushi:No Arnavji…Arnav:Again you plan any romantic date like yesterday night..
Kushi:No no…Actually yesyerday i came to you i want to share an important issue…
Arnav hold red color and try to apply it.But kushi unintensionally hold his hand and ask him to listen…
Arnav:What did you want to tell now with little bit angry..
Kushi:Why you are serious now..I want to tell abt my past before our marriage…
Arnav:I already told to you that is not mandatary for me..If i kniw it before or after marriage…Kushi:I know it.. but i dont want to hide anything frim you…Arnav:Every time i tried to show my love and concern on you that my intension is you want to forget your past…I want fill colors in our lives but you want to stuck in that black color only…He throw color in his hand and leave from there..Kushi look at him with teary eyes..
Shiva apply Red color on Anjalis forehead and look into her eyes…
Shiva:Red color it signify purity of my love on you…
He apply blue color on cheecks …
Shiva:Blue color is for trust and peace..I trust you in each and every moment in life and my duty is to bring peace in your life….
Next he apply pink color on her and said pink color is for unconditional love and i want to show my unconditional love towards you….By saying this he hug her and Say “I Love You Anjali”..
She respond for that and she to hug him and repled him “I Love You too”.They both stay like that…
The girls and boys are in anger and stare angry looks to each other..
Amaya ask kids go and play…Dont think all these things…Amaya called Neelu and ask her take care of kids. She kiss them and ask them to go and play…
Chotu:Ammu,We ate sorry for what happening bcoz of us..
Ammu:Nothing wrong from your side…Lets come and give kissez to babhi…
They kiss Amaya on cheecks and went to play with happy faces. Ramu,Ramesh,Neelu ,Rani and Shanta take kids along with them and they play and enjoy in seperate area in ground..
Our heros stand togeather and talk with each other.

In between they discussed with business frnds and their co-builders..
Elders apply colors to each others.
Mr.Iyer,Mr.Bhalla and Mr.Sashi gupta stand a side and they enjoy bhang.But they maintain smile on their faces and calmly enjoyed it.
Mrs.Bhalla and Dhadhi sit and discuss with some ladies about Anjali marriage and her bahus and their goodness..All are happy in that ground expect our four couples..Nobody didnt notice that…The party goes well. Some people congratulate them for arrangements, someone for their Anjali dhi and their marriages…
Our girls stand at one corner and put fake smile on their faces.The girls didnt know what happened with remaining three.All four think like that and put a fake smile on their faces.
Mr.Bhalla prepare 4 Glasses of strong bhang for them including Mrs.Bhalla and look for waiter to send one for his Thoshiji.
Kushi:Can we chilled with by drinking Butter milk.wait i bring for us…
She walk towards the table and assume that the barrer already pour buttermilk in glasses for service.
so she take that tray distribute to Ishitha,Radhika,Amaya and one is taken by kushi.They drink it very fast and look at each other faces and laugh.Radhika:Kushi…It is nice na..can we go with another glass.Ishitha:Yah..I need one more glass.Amaya:For me also…Kushi:Then we go to that place where there are pots na…In that pots only they put buttermilk.They run towards that place and drink drink one more glass.They ask the waiter to give another one for us….the waiter laugh for their state and mix another glass for them and give them.They drink it and talk ΔΊike kids.
Arjun look at them..and think what they do at that bhang counter.
Arjun:Look at them…I feel something fishy in their behaviour..
Mantu:Whay can they do at that counter…
Arnav:Is it bhang counter na..
Waiter give glasses to Raman,Arnav, Arjun and Mantu and look at the direction where they look and tell them..those madams are funny sir.. already they drink four glasses,I think they didnt know they can drink buttermilk with bhang..Waiter left from there.
Arjun:Arey yaar…It is very tough to control their emotions when they are normal mood..Now it is very tough job for us…
Raman:What can we do now?
Mantu:Look at them,They are already in peak stage..
Arnav:How can we stop them yaar?
They look around once and all are bussy with playing colors. Thoshiji, dadhi,madhu,buaji all are very happy.Jents are bussy with their friends.All office staff enjoy with their families and their pairs…
Maids are engaged with kids..They search for Anjali and they didnt find Anjali and Shiva…Bcoz they are bussy in their clebrations…
The four look at each other faces and walk towards them.

Precap:hard to control them by our heros and romance…Anjali dhi engagement clebrations…

Credit to: Subhadha

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