A Journey of Love(Episode 5)


In previous episode we watch kushi and basic entry of Amaya(pet name of amaya is honey,Only kushi called like that).Already we watch isitha, kushi and small watch of Amaya.

The episode starts with Kushi and Amya in lift. Amaya asks “Kushi still you are worried about that incident”.No honey i just worried about our interview. This job is very important for us.
Ha exactly kushi, If we got this job means we satisfy our needs and dreams.
Raman(with grey color siut) sits in his cabin and check the selected resumes. Arnav(with black suit)and Mantu(with white suit) entered into ramans cabin.Raman asked where is Arjun? I think it is time to start our interviews.
Raman: Mantu called him once.
Mantu: yah , i will try to talk to him.but he didnt receive the call.
Arnav: What happened to him?Why he didnt receive our call.
All three worried about anjali and express their feelings at same time.
The feelings in their faces shows worried and concern about Anjali.

At that time Arjun enter into Ramans cabin very seriously…
Mantu: What happened Arjun?
Raman:Is anything serious to Anjali…
Arnav: If it is the case just postponed the interviews work. nothing was important than dhi.
Arjun: nothing happen to dhi. she didnt took anything today .
Mantu: Then after completing our job we spend our time with dhi only.
All four agreed for that condition with laughing face and teary eyes.
Raman said that this time we individually conducted interviews. Actually we need four employees. Basing on our need we select one doctor, one fashion designer, one interior designer, one HR associate.
Raman : This time we go in different formula to select the candidates. Every time we depend on our managers to select the employees. This time we directly interview the candidates. Is this okay for u guys.
All are agreed for that.
Mantu:I handle doctors interview. bcoz we select a person who spends more time more assocuation with our kids also. We pay extra amount for that. def we need a lady for that. so,I handle that one and leave the cabin.
Arnav:I handle interior designing section.We have many big projects related this area.Already our deadlines are very near.What you said Raman?
Raman nods his head.
Arjuna: It’s ok Arnav, Then i go with Fashion designers area.
Raman:Yah its good.Then,I handle HR associate interviews.

Credit to: subhadha

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