A Journey of Love(Episode 45)


The episode starts with Uma’s reception.All reached there.Raman arrange all things in their hotel only.

Raman:Radhika has good taste yaar. With in short time she manage and decoration idea is good.
Arjun eyes were searching for Radhika..Mantu observe that and ask him dont search for them.From past 30mins we didnt find them.By saying this Arnav and Mantu go with Hi-Fi. After that they are bussy in receiving guests.In function one women ask Thoshiji that there is lot of change in your son and your so called Sons attitudes. I think you gave good training to them. I observe that they laugh,they give respectable and obedient answers to elders.Anjali also attend party with good look.How can she forget her past and come into public?

Shiva hear this and look at Anjali.He observe that Anjali’s eyes were fill with tears.Thoshiji try to move from there by hold Anjali hand.But Shiva hold Thoshiji hand by his right hand and his left hand he hold Anjali by putting his left hand around Anjalis shoulder..
Shiva:Anjali is my to be wife and she is my Maji.Dont you have manners to talk about a women who is suffering with a pain from years onwards.As a human try to reduce others pain by applying love and effection.And Thoshi aunty is elder than you. Atleast you dont know how to talk with elders. And about my brother-in-laws they are very good from heart and respectable persons.Dont spell a single word about my family.Dadhi,Raman, matu,Arjun and Arnav also observe this with happy and teary eyes.By saying answer to her he move from there alnog with Thoshiji and Anjali.

After 15mins Uma and her husband come on dias and sit in the chairs arranged to them.All start bless them and sit infront of round tables arranged for guests.Still our heros eyes are searching for their heroines.

Suddenly lights off a small blinked lights glow and off on dias.After two minutes full lights appear and on dias Ishitha,Amaya,kushi and Radhika were there.They were in a yellow color lehengas and red color half saree with gold border embroidary works with light makeup and light jewellery sets.

They are pretty beautiful in their dresses.They start dance for the song
Dola re dola from devdas and all are mesmarized by the performance. Raman,Arjun,Arnav and Mantu are shocked for that performance and feel proud for them.Before leave the stage Radhika took the mike and announce that our MD’s and our brides best and close friends on dias. Raman and Co look at each other and walk towards dias with smily faces. They went on dias Ishitha ask Raman announce abt Anjalidhi engagement date and marriage date.Raman look at the girls faces.Kushi:Ha…Then so many people shut their mouths and dont spell anything infront of us also. Raman nod his head and feel proud for them.All four together ready to announce that one.

Raman:Gudevng frnds…You all know abt our business and how we four achive success in our business.We are proud to say that in recent days we achive success in our personal lives also. First achivement is our beloved and our cute buddy Uma’s marriage. Today on wards Uma is our business partner with 3% share.Second one our Anjalidhi’s engagement and marriage is there in comming week.We request you all to attend those functions and bless our dhi and Jiju.He is a famous doctor in India regarding physcology and best speaker and trainer in that area.We send personal msgs regarding this in comming two days.After that there are lots of surprises from our side up to our company 4th Anniversary.Meanwhile manager bring a msg and took mike from Raman and announce that RAAM associates is announced as best bussines associate award for the year 2015 and best CEOs are our Directors only.

Manger handover the mike to Mantu. Actually on this happy moment on behalf of our side we announce that 2.5% shares are to our employees regarding all fields and 2.5% for their welfare and their children education facilities.

All the staff feel so happy for this and give a big clap for them. Uma feel proud infront of her in-laws.After that all leave to dinner which is arranged in open garden.

Thoshiji kiss their bahus for their performance.Dadhi appriciate them.
Mr.Bhalla also appriciate their sons for announcing about Anjalis marriage.
Arjun:The suggestion was from your daughters side only badipapa.
Mr.Bhalla feel proud of them.
Anjali look at them in a thanking way.
Ishitha:Dhi give ananya to us.We can manage her.

Radhu took Ananya from her and they leave from that place.Ishitha pinch Raman and ask them to leave from here and give privacy to Anjali and Shiva.Dadhi and Thoshiji also hear that and leave the place.

Shiva and Anjali will be alone in that place.Anjali try to move from that place but Shiva hold her hand and said her they wantedly leave here & left to dinner.Cant you know that….
Anjali nod her head but still she is in dull and off mood.
Shiva:What happened Anjali…Still u think about that lady only.
Anjali didnt give any reply.Shiva understood her feeling and try to divert her from that mood.
Shiva:Look at me Anjali….If you are in that mood only how can i be happy?
Why you think about all the nonsense..
Still you think about that means…I didnt show that much concern and love towards you.Plz come out from that mood.

Shiva cuped her face into his hands and kiss her on her cheeck and ask her i just leave with Ananya.bcoz you are not in mood to enjoy with me or with your daughter.By saying this he try to move from there…Anjali hold his hand and ask him how can you leave me alone.I want to spend time with you…Can you take me for long ride..
Shiva look at her and laugh by her puppy face…
Ishitha and co want to change their dresses.Ishu:First i will go and change my dress.kushi:Ok..come fast…
Kushi feel some inconvienence and leave the place and stand near window and looking at stars and think about her mother…Arnav stand behind her and ask her,the stars so beautiful na…
Those stars are so lucky…you have more concentration on them even then me..I want to be a star in sky.Then you look me and concentrate on me.Am i right kushi..
Kushi:Dont talk like that Arnavji…?

If anything happen to you means….. you know become star means…..
I already lost my Maa,meri Bhai…….
She hug him and ask him dont talk like that.without you kushi didnt alive arnavji.You know when i think abt you i feel tense…when i think abt your confesfion still i think is this true or not….But everyday i pray to god dont took anything from me.In this minute you and your safety is important for me.When i am ready to die in my life i just want see your face.By seeing your face i happily leave my last breath.

Arnav:Stop it kushi..You also dont talk like that.Bcoz of you only i learn how to love others…how to bring smile on others face..How to take care of others..bcoz of You only i experience jealousy feeling in my life…. I primise you kushi next time i didnt hurt you by saying this type of words.She simle and hug him tight and he also hug her.
Radhika play with Ananya in the parking area.Shantha search for Ananya and ask Arjun about her.He look here and there…Finally he identify Randhika and Ananya in parking area.Shantha andhe walk towards them and he lift Ananya and kiss her.Ananya also kiss Arjun with her cute lips.He give Ananya to Shsnta and ask her to feed Ananya.Shanta took Ananya from Arjun and leave that place.Radhika look towards Ananya and give flying kisses to her. The cute little girl act as catching thst kisses and put it in pocket.Arjun look at Radhika and her childish activities..Arjun hold her hand and drag her behind the tree and ask her to stop giving kisses to Ananya.
Radhika:Why Arjun sir?

Arjun:First of all Ananya left from our eye sight and second that property belongs to me….
Radhika:Property….What and Which property…….
Arjun:Kisses….They are belong to me only na…
Radhika(hide her smile):No..They belong to Ananya only…
Arjun kiss her on her cheeck and look at her and they have an eye lock…Arjun said her…Radhika def Ananya is better than you…

Radhika:Why…What can i do now…?
Arjun:When i gave kiss to Ananya she kiss me back in 1sec….

And you didnt feel my kiss and revesely question me for what and why……
By saying this Arjun put his face like a small kid…Radhika hide her smile and look at him.He turn his head and in some other direction…Radhika try to kiss him on his cheek and close her eyes and try to kiss him..But suddenly Arjun turn his face towards Radhika…. Unknowingly by that action he kiss him on his lips and open her eyes. By looking at him and realise where she kiss him she feel shy and try to escape from him…Arjun hold her hand and pulled her behind the tree and ask her give another one.She bend her head and plz him.Arjun lift her head by his hand and cupped her face and look into her eyes…She feel his hot breathe and forget all around her.
Arjun:You are looking so cute in this dress Radhika…By saying this he kiss her on fore head and hug her.Radhika also hug him and they will be lime that for some time.

Ishita try to change her dress in the room.She try to unhold the blouse thread..but it is impossible to her. Raman enter into that room slowly by thinking that what can she do in that room and see Ishitha standing infront of mirror and try to remove it. Raman slowly walk towards her and stand behind her.She identify Raman in mirror and put her hair back and cover her neck and blouse…She look at Raman from mirror and ask him why you are here….
Raman:Why means….I came here for you only….

By saying this he put her hair front and untie the thread…He put his hand on her neck….Ishitha feel shy and feel tickling by that act and turn towards him and hug him…
Ishitha:Raman plz leave me…I feel something new by your touch….It is very hard for me to breath….
Raman also hug her and said her dont change the dress…You are very pretty in this dress.
Ishitha:I feel uncomfortable Raman.

Raman:Ok change it…but come fast.I have a surprise for you..
By saying that he kiss her on her neck and tight his hug.Ishitha feel it and she try to move back from him.But Raman didnt gave that chance to her. He patted her on her head and softly handle her..Now Ishitha also feel comfortable in his presence and stay in his hug.
Amaya sit with Thoshiji and Dadhi. Mantu stand behind Thoshi and Dadhi and ask Amaya to him.She look here and there and nod her head in negative way.Kids sit infront of other table and laugh for Mantu.At last chotu getup from there and walk towards Amaya.
Chotu:Babhi come with me na..I want to talk with you urgent….plz babhi….
Dadhi:Go with chotu Amaya….see what he want….

Amaya nod her head and leave with Chotu.Chotu ask Amaya to stay behind a satue and give signal to Matu that Amaya is here…Mantu feel shy and happy and walk towarda statue.
Chotu come and sit with Ruhi and Pinky.The trio go with Hi-Fi and hide their smile.
Mantu hold Amaya hand and drag her near water fall hill in the hotel.Raman design that hill shape and maintain water fall from hill.It is beside kids playing area.
Mantu:How many times i call you.. you cant even look at me…
Amaya:How can i….i am infront of Aunty and dadhiji….
Mantu:Ofcourse….i eagely waiting for you to tell onething….
Amaya:What is it?Anything special…
Mantu:Ya..actually i saw a pretty girl in today’s party.You know how cute she was….
Amaya:Put her face with mixed feelings(both angery and sad/crying) and ask him really…Who is she?

Mantu observe tears in her eyes and hide her smile…wait i show her photo…
Mantu open his gallery and slect one pic and show it to her.Amaya is about to cry and look at that pic.A small cute little smile appear on her face. Bcoz it is Amayas pic only…He click it
when they dance on stage.He click this pose and really Amaya is very pretty and beautiful in that pic.She feel happy for it and cuped his face and kiss his on his right cheeck. Mantu turn his face and ask her one more on his left cheeck.She pull Mantu and try to ran from that place.But Mantu hold her and hug her and murmed in her ears dont dare to escape from me plz……Amaya laugh for his statement and his expression.
Amaya:you give warning in your statement….

And your expression shows request…
Which one i follow..your order or your request…Mantu obviously my request only…..Amaya put her fingers in his hair and cares for it and stand like a statue looking into his eyes..He hold her by putting one hand around her waist and one on her shoulder and they both have an eye lock.
Shiva and Anjali stop their car in beach road.Shiva sit in driving seat… Anjali put her head on his shoulder and close her eyes by holding his hand. He slightly turn for his convinent and pat her head and feel that Anjali is a precious gift from god.They stay like that……

Credit to: Subhadha

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