A Journey of Love(Episode 44)


The episode start all reached to shopping mall.Arjun called Mantu and ask about him.Mantu replied him with in 10mins we will be there. Raman:Uma, R you people complete your formalities or not.I infrom to registar complete it fast.Can you people reach home?
Uma:Yes…Raman.Just now only reached the home.We are bussy in packing.Bcoz day after tomarrow we are moving na…
Raman: ha…four important news in one msg for you.
Uma:What is that Raman?
Raman tell her today morngs incident about Anjali engagement and about their confessions also.
Uma:I am happy abt it Raman.But i miss all functions na.
Arnav drag the phone from Raman and talk to uma…
Arnav:Then send your husband and you stay here until our marrisges completed.
Uma:Na…Arnav…I cant do that.I promise him i didnt leave his hand any cost.I know you peoplr are important for me.But….
Arnav:Just kidding…Be happy..I am glad thst you think abt ur husbsnd……
Uma:Come fast for evng reception. We do masti here.

Mantu reached there along with Amaya.Arjun look at them and pinch Raman.Raman also look at them. Mantu ask them why you are standing here?Arnav ask Amaya go and join with your frnds in first floor. We will join in 10mins.Amaya nod her head and leave from there.All four look at each other and go with a group hug. Shiva ask them can i join with you? Raman common jiju…you are part of our family.Shiva also join eith them and they go to first floor to reach th girls.
Ishitha:Raman see these dresses.I purchase these for Neelu,Shanta, Ramesh,Ramu and Rani who are maids and servents of their families.But nobody didnt treat them like that.
Raman:Woe dhi…good selection.Took two more dresses to Rani.She goto evng college na…
Ishitha nod her head and bussy in selection.
Kushi bring so many cloths in her hand and ask Arnav….
Kushi:Arnav ji…These are all for our kids.For pinky,Ruhi,Chotu and our little Ananya.Do you like it?
Arnav:Very good collection Kushi.
Kushi:Then i ask him to pack for kids na.
All four nod their heads.

Anjali:Look at this saree shiva.How is it?
Shiva:It is good for you Anjali.
Anjali:It is not for me.It is for Anandhi dhi.At the time of pooja we put saree infront of her na…
Shiva look at her and he didnt know what to Answer her.
Radhika:Arjun sir….how abt my taste.
Arjun:These variates ate not suitable for you Radhu?
Radhika:These are not for me.These are for Thoshi aunty,dadhiji,Madhu aunty,Buaji and uncles.
Meanwhile Amaya bring some clothes.
Mantu:Wow Ammu..Till now i didnt see you in shorts and this sarees are excellent.
Ammu:Mantu sarees are not for me.These two sarees are for Uma bcoz Uma bday is there na.At that time she is not with us na.Reamaining clothes are for children who lived in Ashram and this baba suit is for uncleji who syay in Ashram.
The four friends has no words.They look at each other.Raman:Ok go to bill counter.We will be back in 15mins.
Before going to bill counter there these four girls identify a saree which is very good.They look at each other.
Ishitha:How is it for Anjalidhi?
All three at same time reply to Ishu that we are also thinking same Ishu.
They pick it go to bill counter.

Shiva purchase formals to Raman,Arjun,Arnav and Mantu. These four buy a traditional suit to shiva for engagement and one formal suit for Umas husband.
The girls pay the bill and waiting for remaining people.Anjali talk in phone with some one join with Ishu and co. Shiva paid his bill and reach them and ask them about Raman and co.
Meanwhile they came and ask them to move.With in a 30mins they reached to Ramans house.Raman saw Ramesh, Ramu and Rani along with Neelu.
In hall Madhu and Buaji also sit there and chitchat with each other.
Arjun call Ramesh and ask him to bring packets from car and help to your bhabhis.Ramesh and Ramu smile and go to car to bring the items.
All sit in hall…Radhika went into kitchen to prepare juice and Kushi serve it to all. Ishitha and Ammaya stand infront of dinning table and arrange things on table.
Raman:Maa your bhahus are too intelligent.
We ask them to select sarees as their wish.They select for whole family including Ashram members.Anjali dhi also join with them and put their brains in locker.All laugh for that statement.Radhika put her hands on thoshiji from backside and ask her Mamiji can we do anything wrong.My dhadhaji told to me when our sourrounded people, our elders,kids and people who depend on us are happy automatically family will be happy.so…..
Thoshiji:Nothing wrong meri bachii… You people are right.
Kushi:Mamiji you stay always in our side only.otherwise they always taunt us.Ishita:Stand behind dhadhi and respond for Kushis statement.Ha mamiji…..Ammu sit beside dadhi and Thishiji and show her thumb finger down to Mantu.

Dadhi and Thoshiji:we stay in our bhahus side only.
Arjun:Badi papa(Ramans father) we need your support now papa.
Mr.Bhalla:No chance beta.I want to be in my daughter side only.
Raman:Papa,Maaa is better than you. Atleast she mention them as bhahus. You directly declare them as daughters.
Arnav look at Ramu and ask him to call Ramesh, Neelu and Rani also.Neelu with loud voice declare that we four are in bhabhis team only.Mantu: I expect this answer from your side yaar.
Ananya get down from Arjun and walk towards Radhika and give her hands to lift her.
Radhika:Ananya is also in our party.
Anjali look at their brothers faces and tell sorry to them and leave their and sit with Dhadhi.Shiva look at them and said that i too with Anjali only.Dont be serious on me.Bcoz my love lady and my angle is there only na.
At that time Pinky,Ruhi and Chotu came from school.Arnav look at them and said dont worry yaar…see there our suppoerters are there.They are equal to all who went their side.
Arnav:Chotu you people are with us only na….
Kids look at them and walk towards them.They hug them and said We always love you bhai.But we want to be in bhabhis team only.They run to them.Pinky Hug Ishitha.Ruhi goes to kushi.Chotu sit in Amayas lap.Ananya is with Radhika.The four people look at each other and getup from their places….
Raman:What can we do now? I think we loose yaar.So we also join in that group.It is good for us.Remaining three agree for that and move two steps forward.Ishitha:Stop there Raman.How can we see that you loose anything.You are not join in our team. Without you people there is no happiness in our lives.So,we only join in your team and you always be in winning position only.By saying this she look at remaing three.They nod their heads and agree for Ishitha. All four togeather decalre we are in your party without you there is nothing in our lives.They walk towards them and hug infront of elders.All clap for them.The girls feel shy and hide their faces behind their heores.All boys were happy and their eyes show winning attitude.
Thoshiji:I know when my bahus enter into our lives and houses we ate always happy.All togeather complete their lunch with happy mood.

Sorry guys..first for short episode.second no romance in todays episode.

Precap:Anjali and shiva engagement preparations and romantic scenrs between four couples.

Credit to: Subhadha

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    1. ardhika belong to manmarziyaan and manya belong to tere sheher mein

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    2. ARDHIKA–Manmarziyan
      MANYA—–Tere Sher mein
      BOTH very coming in Starplus

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