A Journey of Love(Episode 38)

The episode start with our four heros. According to their plan they buy a new costly saree to Anjali.They complete their shopping to their pretty ladies.When they are getting down in the lift they see the four ladies with kids.They hide and observe what they are doing and finally realise they are doing shopping for their kids.Ishitha:Come fast yaar. I already told to you naaa.Ravan kumar told to me dont leave the campus until he come and pick me.It is already 4:00pm.I have only 30mins time.
Kushi:Dont worry Ishu.We will manage.
Radhu:Haa Ishu……

Mantu:It is very eassy to manage them.
Ishitha:I am not ready to cheat him.I dont want to bend my head infront of him.Bcoz he is loving me.I am not clear with my feelings.But i can feel his true love for me.Atleast i give for him naaa….
Remaing three nod their heads and complete their shopping.They come out from shopping mall and hire a cab and leave that place.
Arnav:With in a short period Ishitha bhabhi acvept your proposal.
All four laugh togeather and leave to shivas house.
In Shivas House:
Shiva sit in sofa and close his eyes. The four stand infront of main door and press calling bell.Shiva open the door and welcome them…
Arjun:Anjali dhi….
Shiva:Ananya and Anjali are in bed room.They are sleeping.
Mantu:You look restless.
Shiva:Me….?I am ok.
Anjali getup from sleep and saw a gift cover beside her.He took it into his hands and open it.He see a beautiful saree and jewellery.There a small chit with that gift.

Anjali…Sunrise in east and set in west. At the time of raising it is with full shine and joy to start a new day.At the end of the day it is not with that shine and energitic.But for next day again it gaun some energy and raises. But it didnt stop to raise even it know to everyday there is down for it.I wish you try to raise your future with many hopes and happiness.This is gift from my side.With lots of love Shiva..
She complete the reading and think about it.Some issues pass on infront of her eyes.She get down from bed and ready to leave the room.
Ananya:Màaa….Milk….(She ask with innocent face)
Anjali lift her and get down.There she saw her brothers and look into shivas face.He just bend his head and didnt see at her.
Mantu:Dhi we are here to pick you dhi.
Anjali:But shantha kaki is not feeling well.
Arjun:What about you dhii?Your health is also not good naa.
Anjali:What happened to me?I am fine Arjuuu.
Arnav:Ok dhi…Today is Anus engagement.We all want to attend it.We bought a new saree and jewellery for you.If you come with us we will go.If you saty here means you and shiva joined us in party.
Anjali:I joined you people in party….

Shiva lift his head and look at Anjali.
Raman ok come soon dhi.This is for you and this one is for our small princesses.Sharp 7:00 you people reach there.Shiva nod his head.
Mantu(with teasing voice):R u okay shivaji.U look so tired?
Shiva::no no..i am fine.
Anjali ask them to have tea and snacks.They reject it and leave from there.Before leaving from there Raman hug shiva and look into his eyes.They both talk with their eyes.
Shiva close the door and come back there he didnt find Anjali. He listen some sound from kitchen and walk towards that room.There he see Anjali feed milk to Ananya.He ask for coeffee.She look at him and leave from that place with Ananya.A small smile appear on Shivas face.He prepare three cups coeffee and bring them into hall with some biscuts into hall.There he saa Anjali sit down and feed fruit to Ananya.He càĺl shantha and ask her to take coeffee.She take it and look st shiva.By his eyes he give istructions to shanta took Ananya from Anjali and leave some time from here.Shanta control her smile and feel happy for them and nod her head to shiva.
After 5mins :

Shanta:Anjali beta you drink coeffee or milk.Give Ananya for me.We go to garden and play some time.
Anjali:Wear foot wear to Ananya before going into garden.
By listening this Shanta leave fro there with Ananya…Anjali look at Shiva and try to move from there.
Shiva:Have some coeffee and biscuts.
Anjali:I dont need anything.
By saying that she leave from thete and enter into bed room.
Shiva followed her by lift the tray with two coeffee cups and biscuts.
Anjali stand towards glass window and look Ananya playing in garden. Shiva hold one cup of coeffee and put infront of her.She try to leave from there.Shiva hold her hand and ask her why you are annoyed on me.

Anjali:I am not annoyed or angry on you.Who am i to be annoyed on you?
Shiva put coeffee mug on table and cup her face with his hands and look into her eyes.Anjali i know why you are annoyed on me.But i want to hear the answer from your side.
Anjali:Really i am not annoyed on you.
Shiva:Ask her to sit on sofa and ask her to drink coeffee.
Anjali didnt respond for that.He only dip the biscut in coeffee and put it infront of Anjalis lips.She just bite a bit and put her head down.He feed her and ask her to ready for party. I wait outside of the room,by saying this he left the room.Anjali look at him while he leaving the room.Tears scroll frim her eyes.She observe that Shive wipe his tears.
Actually they are in dilama about future and their feelings.Shiva think about Anandhi and he know Anandhi is no more.But he feel guilty that he has feelings on Anjali.He know Anandhi soul feel happy for his decission.But still he think about her and his past with her….So he is unable to express his feelings to Anjali.And more over Anjali came here for Ananya…He think Anjali stay here for sake of Ananya.
Anjali thinks different.I am not proper to him.I loose my character .He is good.Everybody know about me.If i start my new life with him means so many people talk about me.And it is problem to Ananya also.But my heart feel happy and relief when i am in his presence.But how can i express my feelings to him.

They both think in different angles and different directions.They dont know their destination place is common point.
By thinking this Anjali look at two sarees and select the saree which was given by Shiva.A small smile appear on her face and hug that saree.Anjali call shanta and ask to bring Ananya. Anjali take Ananya and make her like a princesses.She wear the new frock which was presented by her brothers.
Shanta took Ananya from Anjali and leave the room.Shiva wear the same color suit which he buy for Anjali.Shiva feel tense and think that Anjali wear that saree or not.He sit in hall and waiting for her….
After leaving Shivas house the four friends went to Ishithas house.Mantu, Arnav and Arjun get down from car with packets.Raman left from there to pick Ishitha from medical college.
MANTU press calling bell.Pinky open the door.He is in shock that pinky is lime Angel in her dress.Chotu wear baba suit and look like a hero. Ruhi is in pink color frock and looking very pretty.All three happy for their siblings.Pinky:How are we looking bhai?
All three at a time spell Amazing….

Mantu look for Amaya….Madhu observe that and said that Amaya is in first floor.Kushi and Radhika stand there and look at them.Arnav ask her to take this packets.We buy some costumes for you and Radhika also.
Amaya just came from wash room and open her cupboard to select a dress.She wear a nightgown and turn towards cup board.She didnt identify Mantu stand behind him.She select one dress and trurn back…There she saw Mantu and open her mourh to shout.Mantu close her mouth by his hands and ask her dont shout.Its me only yaar.They both have an eye lock.Mantu hold Amaya by his left hand around her waist and close her mouth by his right hand.After 2mins he ask her to tell something still in same position.Amaya bite his plam…He just remove his hand and look naughty angry loom at her.Arey sadhu how can i talk when you close my mouth.
WOW YOU GIRLS ARE SO CLEVER YAAR…you called us with nick names.
You people maintsin any nick names book.
Amaya:No..not at all.If we have love on you automatically we called with nick names…
Mantu:Really…I have so much of love on you.By which name i can call you.
Amaya:Its your wish….
First you leave the room.

I want to ready for engagement function.Mantu hold her hand and pulled her near to him.By that force first he fell on bed and next Amaya fell on him.He put her hair bach to her ears and look inti her eyes by holding her around her waist by his hand.There is only small gap between their lips.He just try to kiss her.Amaya close her eyes with shy.He said i dont want to take this situation as advantage and kiss you.Today i kiss you.But i want that our first kiss is memorable for us.Just now i show my concer on you by kiss you on your forehead.He kiss her on forehead and slowly put her on bed and put one cover beside her and ask her to wear this dress for party.Her face turn to pink and red color with shy…
Ishitha stand infront of gate.Raman stop the car infront of her.She open the door and sit infront seat and look at him.She feel so restless..
Raman:R u okay?
Ishitha:Yes…I am ok.
Raman:Why ate you so tense?

Ishitha:Now only i handle one accident case Raman.The girl is 5 years old girl. I am disturbed when i hear and saw about accidents.Actually the case is critical.
Raman understan her condition and hold her hand.Ishitha try to free it..But Raman hold her hand and look at her.I am not in mood to do romance with.I just hold it to provide a supportive touch to you.As a frnd i have that much of right on you.
Ishitha is in shock for that answer. She just sit normal and really she feel that concern and care from his touch…
She just close her eyes.In Fb Subhu ask Ishitha to come to his house.She sit in the car.While she get down from the car she feel some tense and hold his hand.Subhu ask her you want to do romance with me.And ask her to leave his hand bcoz it was not good act infront of my parents…
Ishitha just open her eyes and feel sweat in A/C car.Raman wirried for Ishitha and adk her What happened Ishu?R u okay.He stop the car and look into her face.She look at her hand still it is in Ramans hsnd only.Raman observe that and leave her hand. Ishitha hold Ramans hand and ask him dont leave it Raman.I feel comfotable.

Raman give a sime smile and drive the car.He understand her pain and he himself promise that i bring you out from that pain and put all happiness infront of you.
He stop car infront of her house and handle a cover to her.
Raman:Where tbis dress for party?And ask my frnds to come out.
Ishitha:Come inside Raman.Had
some coeffee….
Raman:Already it is late.Ask them to come.I send a car and driver to you people.You wait for car.
Ishitha nod her head and went inside the house.There the tree couple is eating samosa made by buaji and chit chat with each other.Mantu sit along with buaji and put his head on her lap.Kushi hold buaji by putting her hands around buajis neck.Arjun stand near Mrs.Iyer and looking at Radhika with cute smile.Kids and Radhika are with Mr.Iyer..Arnav stand beside sashiji and put his hand on his shoulders and Amaya sit beside sashiji and give counter answer to Mantu.
Ishitha stand at front door and look happy at each other.She feel bad that something she is missed.

Raman stand behind her and look the same stituation and observe Ishithas feelings.
Raman:You think about me only naa.
Ishitha:Yes Raman..I miss you.
Raman:Then accept me into your life IShitha.
Ishitha:I want to accept you Raman but my fate is not good.Def my fate do some harm to you….So i think about….
Then she realise that unknowingly reavel the truth to Raman and turn towards him.But in fraction of secs Raman hide from that place……
Ishitha(herself):oh god…he didnt listen my words.Otherwise he just kill me here to think like that.But what can i do…..

After 2mins Raman ask her how long i wait in car?I ask you to send my monkeys na….Ishitha look at him and he is normal.She feel relax and enter into house.Remaining all listen Raman words and turn their faces and stop their discussions and fights.
Raman said i send two cars for you to attend for function.You directly come to that place.All four leave from that place to Ramans house.

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