A Journey of Love(Episode 37)

The episode start with Radhika and Arjun.They hug each other.
Arjun:Dont cry Radhika.I am here for you.You are not alone.In any situation i didnt leave you.First you control your tears.And try to share your pain with me.
Radhika:I told to you sir.Now only i share with you.
FB starts:
Radhika:Why are you shouting bhabhi? I am here only na….
Anu:Look at your bhabhi…your bhai just leave my hand.And look at my hand how it hurts?
Radhika:It is not fair bhai.Why you hurt bhabhi.
Ankush(Radhikas Bhai):You always took your bhabhi side only.
Anu:I am not only bhabhi for her.I am her bestiee also.
Anu hugs Radhu…..
Anu:Radhu really you are happy for this marriage.
Radhika:Why you are asking like that Anu?You are happy with my brother na….I hope i also happy with your brother.
Ankush hug his sister and his wife by his two hands.He kiss his sister on forehead and kiss his wife on her cheeck.He left the room.
Anu ask Radhika to go into her room and take rest.I bring tiffin to you.
Radhika left to her room.But Anu worried for Radhika.She know about her brother.He is not good as Ankush. Even though Ankush and Saral are frnds from their childhood Ankush didnt know true colors of Saral.

Radhika 2 Arjun:I know Anu worried for me.Actually one day we are all sit infront of dining table and have a breakfast.My brother Ankush ask me about opinion on Saral.I just gave a normal answer and told him yah he is good friend and i love him.But i didnt know they are very serious about that statement.In my opinion love according to saral means just a good friend.That day evng Anus parents come to my home and put proposal infront of my parents about our marriage.My parents agree for that.I dont know how to react?But Anu react and ask her parents why you put this proposal infront of us.First give time to Radhika to think about it.She has some dreams about her future.Dont disturb them.By hearing this my brother got Angry what wrong in this ptoposal.You are happy here after marrying me.Similarly my sister is also happy after marrying Saral.For that Anu answer him yes Ankush i am happy with you.Bcoz i have no dreams about my future.My dream is marrying you and want to a good wife.
But Radhuuu.

Ankush:Stop it Anu.No single word from your side.The decision is final.Saral is your brother.you just remember it also.
After that Anu is annoyed with Ankush. After that she realise Ankush didnt her words and more over my parents are also agreed for that.So she choose dhadhaji to stop this marriage.
The next day dhadhaji called and ask me about my opinion on marrying saral.I replied them no probs dhadhaji. If i married him means i will be with you all na.Then i didnt miss my family and Masti.Then Anu got angry on me and she slapped me.She said that it is marriage not a game to talk about masti and etc….I am in shock by her slap.Bcoz i am her pet in the house.She said marriage is not a game or party to think about masti in life.It is a life and death decission you think about your future and your dreams.Take wise decission.I know we are family friends and Business friends.But it is not that you can accept any thing for friendship.You know saral is not good.He is play boy.I know it very clear.But he is my brother…So i didnt expose it.But when it came to you i didnt act as blind.Bcoz you are more important than saral.He want to marry you bcoz he want to lead a good life.Ankush already give more weightage to him.If you marry him Ankush handover all things to him. Bcoz u r preceious 2 your bro .
After listening Anus words and saw her caring on me than i think what to do.But suddenly Ankush arrange engagement to me with saral. So Anu planned to send me from there for some days.But we are unware that saral listen our plan.

On the engagement day Anu bring tiffin to my room.Along with she bring some amount jewellery with her.She only pack my bag and feed tiffin to me.Dhadhaji looked at me with teared eyes.Anu ask me dont come back untill i ask you to come.I nod my head. Suddenly we hear a sound some one clapped.Saral throw angry look at Anu and ask her how dare you are planning like that.Anu was scared by looking saral there.She dont know how to control him.She ask him plz leave her dont spoil Radhus life.By talking this Anu throw saral and ask me to get down and escape from that place.She already do arrangements for me to get down from first floor to ground By using that i get down.Anu was ready to throw my bag Saral hit her by iron rod in her head.Anu shout loudly dont think about me Radhu just run away.Otherwise Anu promise i just leave my life run away radhu run….She fell on floor.Dhadhaji ask me to run….But saral call loudly all the relatives…..Bcoz on Anus promise i just ran from there.

Saral divert the story and announce that I only beat Anu and escape from there bcoz I love some one else. By seeing Anus state Ankush belive saral words.Dhadhaji try to tell truth but saral said that if dhadhaji reavel the truth means then he was ready to hurt Anu.So dhadhaji didnt tell anything and for all this to prove there is no proof.Anu is only proof for that.My family belive that fault is from my side only.So they are angry on me.Saral told to my brother dont worry about Radhus future.What ever happened i save your family respect and I marry Radhu for our friendship sake..By listening those words by brother belive him and develop angry on me.These updates are from my dhadhaji.We both are waiting for time. My father, mother and my brother are angry on me.They feel that i only harm Anu to escape from that place…….
From past 4 months onwards i am in mumbai leaving Rishikesh.From that day onwards they are searching for me.They didnt expect i am in mumbai.Bcoz i dont know any other place expect Rishikesh.I have no friends except my family and my Anu……..
Arjun walk towards Radhika and hug her tightly ….And ask her dont cry my babby….I am here to solve your problem……Dont tell or feel again that you are alone……
Radhika:Hw it possible.Anu is in unconsious.To save my life she put her life in danger.
Arjun:You belive me or not.
Radhika:I belive you sir…
Arjun:Radhu… It is not time to tell this….But i want to tell it…
Radhika:What is it sir?
Arjun:Dont say no for me Radhika… First sorry from my side….Bcoz i hurt you so many times with my words and actions…..Scond i told one lie to you. IT IS NOT COMPLETELY LIE AND COMPLETELY TRUE.
Radhika:What is it?
Arjun:About our friendship.I told that you are my frnd.But you more than that for me.
Radhika:Sir….Actually i know it and i feel it.
Arjun looked at her and cuped her face into his hands and ask her what you feel…
Radhika:You care;concern and…n

By saying this she hug him and said you are my first love sir…I feel it from your side also.Bcoz of that only i express infront of you.
Arjun also hug her tight and ask her dont try to run aways from problems.
Belive me…..Radhika……I Love You….
She didnt give reply to him by words.She reply hin by her actions ….She hug him more tight and adjust her head on his chest.
Arjun feel happy for that…They dont know how much time they spend like that in the car….
Raman drop Ishitha infront of medical college.Raman:Evng also i pick you…just wait for me.Dont leave the campus… .he didnt give chance to reply and leave from there.
Arnav and kushi complete their firmalities with Khannas and duscuss about further proceedings.Kushi feel that someone look at her.She turn her head and observe her sourroundings. They complete their formalities and leave from that place.Arjun and Radhika also complete their formalities.Both Arnav and Arjun inform it to Raman.Raman share another important news with them that officially their medical college receives a letter for extra seats and pg courses.At same time Mantu enter into Ramans cabin and shout with loud voice.
Raman:What happened yaar?
Mantu:You send one design for singapore constructions .They want to build a flats na.They approve your design.And Our RAAM Associates announced as best business associate for this year.All four feel happy for that.Raman ask Arjun and Arnav come to office.They both drop Kushi and Radhika in different places and ask them to go home and take rest.Be charm and pretty in evng party.
After 20mins the four frnds are in Ramans cabin.They go with a big hug and look happy.Raman:I am very happy frnds…..no…..bros…..Bcoz i think we are sucessful in business and now only we start new journey in our personal lives also.Arjun:I want to share one thing with you three people.
All three look at him.They know he has feelings on Radhika…
Arjun:Today i confess to Radhika and she give positive respone.But…..
Arnav:What happened Arjun?
Arjun explain her pain to them.First i want to solve that.Then i bring her into my life with lots of happiness.
Mantu:What about you Arnav?Is kushi express her pain infront of you.
Arnav:No…Today she try to express her pain…but i didnt give that chance to her….Bcoz i dont want to see her in pain.
Raman nod his head and ask him in one angle you are correct.But in another side it is necessary to know about their pasts.Bcoz then only we can assure our complete concentration on them to protect from all angles.

Arnav agreed for that.All four decide to go for shopping to buy a dresses for their pretty ladies.All four start in one car only.
They stop infront of big shopping mall.They enter into ladies section and try to select different variates. Mantu see shiva in opposite section.
That section is sarees section.Mantu call them and show shiva to them. Arnav:I think he buy saree to our Anjali dhi only.He has feelings on her.
Mantu:Same feeling from my side.
Raman:Arjun,Is this relation id ok for you.
Arjun:I am happy for that.But how can we know about dhi feelings.
Mantu:I have an idea.We select another saree for dhi which is more cost than shiva can buy her.We also give that saree to dhi to wear it for evng function.Then we can confirm about our dhi feelings.All four go with Hi-Fi….

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