A Journey of Love(Episode 36)

The epidode starts with Madhu listen Coversation between Raman and Ishitha.She feel happy for Raman and leave that place without giving snacks to them.They both didnt observe Madhu when Madhu came anf Left from there.
Conversation between Raman and Ishitha:
Raman:Dont think too much Ishitha. I always try to impress you and try to give new memories in your life that you always thinking about your Raavan Kumar.I wait untill you ask to marry me.Aftet that i didnt leave you a single second.Its my promise.
Raman leave from there without expecting an answer from her.Ishitha look at him and think about him.

Shashiji ask them to tell when we plan the marriage.I didnt hide anything from you.I want to do marry to Amaya and Kushi.There is no objection from our side.Once i talk with my Ammu and then i give the final answer to you people.It is imp to know about her opinion also.
Amaya feel guilty for shashiji and Buajis concern she run towards buaji and hug her and start crying.Buaji console her and ask her dont cry Ammu.If you feel pain in your heart we took some more time.But dont cry Ammu.

Amaya:I am sorry Buaji and Babuji.I did mistake that i forget prudhvi and accept Mantu.She describe each and everything happened between them including yesterday night issue also.
Buaji and Shashiji look at her and look with smiling face.Amaya bend her head and didnt look at them.Shashiji walk towards her and pat her head and ask her dont bend your head.My daughters didnt do any worng.I know about them.Forgetting Prudhvi and moving towards in your life is important for me and this give happy to Prudhvi and your father.You didnt love Prudhvi.You both was married that i dont want to see in pain which was given by your step mother.So we decide to do marriage for you and Prudhvi.Similarly Prudhvi also didnt love you.But he try to generate a love on you.If he alive then def he take care of you.But he is not with us.So you forget all your past and move in your future.Buaji nod her head and wipe Amayas tears.You are always daughter of Guptas only.Dont forget that.Amaya hug buaji and kushi run towards Babuji and hug him.Ishitha hold her father hand and look at Madhu with happy face.But Radhika feel alone by looking this and she remember her parents.Unknowingly tears flow from her eyes.She try to wipe her tears without anybody recognise her.But she notice that Arjun stare Angry look at her.She wipe her tears and went into the room where kids play with Ananya.Radhika try to refresh her mood by playing with kids.
Mantu took blessings from Shashiji and from buaji.Mr.Iyer hug him and bless him.All together complete a small ritual and happy for Mantu and Amaya.

Dadhiji:Sorry to say this…But we wait for marriage time.Bcoz Raman is elder than remaining three.There is no more age gap.All are around in same year with months difference. Even though we wait for some time.I have no problem atleast they go their marrisges on same date on same mandap.
Buaji also agree for that.Bcoz kushi is one month elder than Amaya.Thoshiji and Dadhi look at Ishitha and said we wait for good time.
Thoshiji:Anjali is elder than these four.We need to plan Anjalis future also.So,Still we have time to decide about marriage date.

Madhu observe that and feel sad that Ishitha didnt agree for this proposal.
But Shiva change his feelings and look at Anjali when Thoshiji talk about Anjalis marriage.Raman and Arnav observe that and look at each other. They both look at Arjun.Arjun sit in opposite to the study room and look at Radhika and didnt participate in the discussion.They identify and recognise that he fell for Radhika.They both pinch Mantu and show him Arjun state.
But at that timeMantu and Ishitha are bussy in identify Shivas feelings towards Anjali.Anjali sit just beside Thoshiji.

Mantu look at Arjun and ask them to look at Shiva.The trio observe something strange feelings in shivas eyes.Mantu disturb Shiva and Arjun by cough loudly.He share a naughty smile towards Arjun.Arjun adjust his pose and took permission from them that he want to do an important phone call.

While Arjun is on phone he hear Radhikas voice and ask his manager to carry on todays work and walk towards her.She turn that side and talk to her dadhaji.Arjun stand behind her.She didnt notice that.

Radhika:Dadhaji,I miss you all.I want to see you all.How many days i hide from my own family?Whats my mistake dadhaji?Anu bhabhi is in hospital bcoz of me.Bhai is angry on me.Until bhabhi didnt open her mouth they didnt belive and trust me.What can i do dadhaji?You know dadhaji i cant hide my feelings from my dearones.What did doctors told about Bhabhi?
She feel someone call her and ask her dadhaji to put down the phone.I call you latter.She went into kitchen room from backside of house.She didnt notice Arjun.Arjun realise that the problem hide by Radhika is not small. At any cost today i want to know it.He dont know how to know the information from her.He fold his fingers tight and hit the wall by anger.
All are ready to leave from Iyers house.Dadhi invite all of them to UMA’s engagement.Thoshiji:Today at 7:00pm there is UMAs engagement. You also join with us.Madhu and Bhuaji nod their head in positive manner to attend for that function.
Arjun:Dhi come and sit in car.

At same time… with parallely
Shiva:Anjali come and sit in car.I drop you in house and i left for work.
Anjali lift Ananya and she slept on Anjalis shoulder.Anjali didnt know what to do?
Shiva try to take Ananya from her but Ananya start crying.Arjun look at him and ask Anjali to sit in Shivas car. In evening i pick up when i return from office.Anjali nod her head and her face is glowing like 1000volts bulb. A small smile appear on Shivas face.He open front door and ask her to sit.After that he arrange the seat comfortable for her.Bcoz Ananya slept on her.Then he close the door.Raman:Shiva,Bring Anjali to UMAs engagement function.We send Anjalis costumes by our driver.
Shiva:Ok i bring her to that function Raman.No need of costumes.Message the function hall address.It is enough for us.After that Shiva left from there with Anjali and Ananya.
Raman,Arnav and Mantu control their smile.Arjun look at them with question mark face.Then Raman told him that Shiva has feelings on our Anjali dhi. We have no clarity.But know we confirm that.Arjun feel happy for that.Ishith:Yah,I also observe his concern and caring towards Anjali.
Raman(with low voice):You can identify all other feelings and pain except mine naa…
Ishitha look at him and try answer him but control herself by identify tears in Ramans eyes.
Arnav:Kushi,Come with me.There is an imp meeting with Khanna associates and a small presentation also.Today we go to finalise that contract by singning on papers.

Kushi nods her head and walk along with him and sit inthe car.They both left from that place.
Arjun look at Radhika.Radhika didnt lift her head.Raman observe this…
Raman:Arjun you and Radhika go and complete that paper work related to government project work.You said Radhika quote those figures naa.So took Radhika along with you.Now Radhika has no option…So she also join with Arjun and left from there.
Mantu look at Amaya and ask her to take rest for today.And ask the elders to get into the car.
Mantu:What about the kids Raman?
Kids:Bhai we want to stay with our new Bhabhi for sometime.
Mantu:You drop Ishitha in campus.In evening i pick kids and Ammu for engagement along with me.
Raman look at Ishitha.She didnt object and sit in Ramans car and they left from there.Mantu leave from there with elders.Kids go to Amaya and they went into house.Ammu and kids went into reading room.Shashiji ready to go for shop.Mr.Iyer also join with him.They both leave in Shashiji car.Madhu ask Bhuaji dont cook in two places.We coock here only.So they left into kitchen.
The scene in Arnavs car…

Arnav:kushi,Why are you try to hide from my eye sight?
Kushi:Why should i?
Arnav hold her hand and didnt leave it.He drive the car by one hand.Frist kushi try to pull her hand back.After sometime she look at him and ask him to leave her hand.Arnav didnt observe that and hold her hand more tight.
Kushi didnt control her tears.

He saw tears in her eyes and stop the car a side.Actually they are on the way to Khannas associate.Arnav drive the car from short route.Bcoz the road has no traffic.At present there are no vechiels on that road.Arnav cuped her face and look into her eyes.The tears scroll from her eyes. They have an eye lock.He wipe her tears by his tongue and lips and kiss her on her eyes.By this Kushi is in shock.Arnav kiss her on cheeks and slowly down his lips and look at her face.She didnt reject him. He hug her tightly.Arnav:Sorry kushi.I am sorry. Bcoz i hurt you so many times by my words and actions.

Kushi also hug him and tight her hug and ask him dont leave me Arnavji. Even after you know about me.I dont want to hide anything from you.Really mistake is not mine.Plz be with me for all my life until my last breath.
Arnav:I am always with you kushi.I promise that I dont leave you at any cost and pat her on her back side.
Kushi:I want to tell onething to you Arnavji.
Arnav:First be relax and have a water.
Arnav gave a water bottle to Kushi.
After that he adjust kushi in her seat and ask her to put seat belt.She followed his instructions.
Arnav:Just close your eyes and dont talk anything.
He just hold her hand and drive the car.With in 5mins she went into a sleep.
Shiva and Anjali:
Shiva:Anjali we are in home.

Anjali look around and realise that they reach to house.She get down with Ananya and went inside. Shiva park the car and went inside.Anjali put down Ananya on bed and adjust pillows around her.She stand infront of mirror and try to remove her jewellery.It is hard for her to remove. Bcoz the necklace thread and her blouse thread is crossed.She tried but failed.Just shiva entered in to the room with fruit salad and see Anjalis problem.He put the plate on Table and walk towards her.She see him from mirror and turn towards him and try to leave from that place.Shiva hold Anjalis hand and pull her near to him. Anjali stand near him.He observe the change in her breath.He turn her and adjust the hair properly and tie the hair with band.Then he remove chain thread which is crossed with blouse thread and remove chain from her neck.He hold her hand and ask her to sit in a chair.After that he feed fruit salad to Anjali and ask her to take rest and leave from the room.She went on bed and sleep beside Ananya.
Arjun and Radhika:
Radhika look at Arjun but he didnt look at her and didnt talk anything with her.Radhika put her hand on Arjuns hand.He avoid it and increase speed in driving.
Radhika:Sir…plz dont be annoyed on me.Already i feel lonely.Nobody are there for me.plz look at me and talk to me.
Arjun suddenly stop his car and stare angry look at her.

Arjun:Nobody are there for you.Who am i to you..I am not at all related to you?
Radhika:My intension is you are only here for me.If you are annoyed with me then def nobody are there for me.

I have my friends Ishu,Kushi and Ammu.But you are more than those three for me.By saying this she hug him and cried loudly.
Arjun also hug her andtry to console her and forget his anger.

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