A Journey of Love(Episode 35)

The episode start with Ishitha and Raman msg conversation.And remaining three girls give ideas to Ishitha how to reply to Raman.
Ishitha:Thanks for My PG seat only.
Raman:Why you didnt like my surprise?
Kushi:What surprise Ishu?
Ishitha:Nothing…He just spell like that.
Radhika:Really Ishu?Nothing special today.
Ishitha:No,Not at all.
Amaya:Actually i want to share one thing with you people.
Remaining three look at her.Amaya explain each and every thing to them what happened in the morning and where they went, how they spent their day.
Kushi:Nice gift on valentine day Ammu.

Radhika,Kushi and Ishitha remember their days.Kushi put msg to Arnav.
Kushi(msg):Gudnite Arnavji.
Radhika:(msg):Gudnite Arjun sir…
Arnav(msg):What the…It is already 10:30.Still you are awake.Go and sleep.
Kushi look that msg and control her smile.
Arjun(msg):Radhika…..Waiting to see your real happiness in your face.Be happy.Gudnite and take care.
Amaya call to Mantu and ask him really you stay with me untill my kast breath.
Mantu:What happened to you Ammu. If you are scared and feel tense just get down.I am here for you.
Amaya get down and run towards main gate.There Mantu stand by folding his hands.Amaya run towards him and stand infront of him.He hug and kiss on her forehead and ask her to go with good sleep.plz wait some more time to stay with me.Amaya nods her head and kiss him on his cheek.She give him a tight hug and return back into the house all the three girls stare angry and naughty look at her.She run towards them and hug them.Ishitha:Romantic night aaa.

Kushi lift Amayas head and see pleseant happiness in her face after so long time.They four enter into ground floor bed room and sleep on same bed by thinking about their futures.
Ajali slept beside Ananya and murmed in sleep.By hearing that sound Shiva get up from sofa and walk towards her.Anjali(In sleep):Why you can do bad with me?I am bad infront of my brothers.I lost everything in my life. Shiva look at her and put her hand on her head and pat her.Anjali hold shivas hand in sleep and ask him plz dont tell leave from here.I want to stay with Ananya.I love her Shiva.You dont tell me to leave Ananya.Shiva look at her and try to leave from there.But he feel concern on her and sit beside her.She hold his hand and put her hand on shiva and sleep comfortable.After 10mins again she start murmering tha-Ananya put flowers infront of Maa.Gud girl.Come come cath me my dear…Ananya when you grow bigger ask your papa to call Anjali Aunty to take care of you.No no…Why Anjali aunty….call me Anjali Maa.

I am also like your mother…
By listening this shiva worried about Anjali.By unknowingly shiva hold Anjali and slept beside her.In shivas dream-Anandhi:I am happy for you shiva.You bring new mother to our daughter. You promise me that you marry another women.Stand on that words Shiva.I know you love me very much. God didnt give more time to stay with you.I want to come back to feel your love.I am waiting for that….Anandhi walk farward from Shiva…Shiva open his eyes and look the sourroundings and ask her dont leave me…Plz come back Anandhi…Anjali feel some disturbance in her sleep and hold his hand very tight and ask him dont leave me alone Shiva…Plzzz….Shiva look at her and his daughter ans think about his dream…and slowly went into sleep.

Anjali wake up and open her eyes and look at shiva.He slept beside her and she observe that she hold his hand.She leave his hand and get down from bed. She went into wash room and freshenup and wear one sarrey from Anandhis cupboard.She get down and went into kitchen.She prepars breakfast and boils milk and prepate curries for afternoon.She give milk and tiffin to shanta and ask her to take medicine.Anjali hear some noise and turn her head.There she saw shiva with Ananya.Ananya get down from shiva and run towards Anjali.Anjali lift her and took her into kitchen.She feed milk to her and complete all Ananyas work.Shiva look at her…He stare at her bcoz she is looming like Anandhi in Anandhis sarrey.That sarrey was gifted by Shiva to Anandhi on their Anniversary.Anjali ask Shiva to go and freshup and come for breakfast.Shiva nod his head and left from there.She put all things properly.Shiva get down from his room he saw that Anjali scold Shanta for not taking medicine and get into work.
Shanta:Now i am feeling well.

Anjali:No no.You take rezt for another day.
Shanta look at Arjun and said that i am feeling good.So i can manage things.Anjali walk towards shiva and control him like a wife.
Anjali:No no.Dont give permission to her.Ask her to take rest.
Shiva:Take rest today also.Then you feel good chachi.Remaining things handeled by Anjali.
Then they both realise that how they behave….
Anjali ask him to come for breakfast. She put items in his plate.Shiva ask her to jpin for bf.Anjalu replied him that today she is doing pasting.So she didnt eat anything expect fruits.
Shiva complete his breakfast and leave to his work.
All the four girls start to office they saw that some cars stop infront of their house.Ishitha saw Thoshiji snd Dadhiji along with kids.From next car the four heors get down and follow the elders.Arjun talk with in phone to Shiva.Arjun:Gud mrg shiva.
Shiva:Same to you…Any thing Urjent.

Arjun:Yes…A small favour..We came to talk about Mantus marriage praposal.Can you bring Anjali and we also invite you from our side.
Shiva:Message the address for me.
Shiva call his assistant and ask him to cancel all his works today for some othet day.He turn his car back to his house.In middle he find fruit seller and buy all variety of fruits.He call Shanta when he enter into house.

Shanta:What happened beta.Why you are back?
Shiva:Where is Anjali?
Shanta point her finger towatds pooja room.He walk towards that room and see that Anjali do Arathi for god snd Ananya stand there by holding her sarree.Aftet completion of Arathi Anjali ask Ananya to pray for god.She look at shiva…

Anjali:You didnt go for office.
Shiva explain about Arjuns phone call and ask her to ready.Anjali look at him and said she is ok with this sarree.
Shiva called Shantha and give Ananya to het and hold Anjalis hand and gently grab her into his room and open the locker.He toom some jewelery boxes and ask her to wear according to her wish and change her sarree.He took one pair dress for Ananya and give 15mins time to Anjali and went out from that room.

Anjali think for some time and then ready to change.Shanta and Shiva change Ananyas dress and shiva told her that they went for some small function.Shantha feel happy that Shiva go to function first time after Anandhis death.Anjali getdown from stairs shiva turn his head and stare at her continously and unknowingly walktowards her.He look at her and ask her to adjust her bindhi properly.
She trief but fail.Shiva put it properly and they have an eyelock.Shanta look at them and feel happy for them and pray to god to satisfy her request. They both leave with Ananya in their car.
IN Mr and Mrs.Iyers house:
Mr&Mrs Thoshiji and Dadhi sit in hall. Our heors stand behind them.Mr.Iyer and Shashiji in front of them.Madhu and Buaji stand behind them.Our girls stand Madhu and Buaji.
Mr.Bhalla:We are here to talk about marriage proposal for our son Mantu and Your daughter Amaya.Bcoz our son told to us that he koves Amaya.So..

Buaji feel happy by hearing that news and pat on shashis shoulder.Shashiji look at Amaya.Amaya bend her head and hold Kushis hand Shashiji turn his look towards Kushi.Kushi look at him and convay positive signals to him.
Shashiji want to tell about Amayas past but Mantu said to him that we know about it.And that past is nit Mandatory for me and for my family. I want your and busjis permissiob and bkessings only.Dadhiji:Yes sashiji.Kushi told that about your past. Sashiji:Me and my sister has no objection on it.

At the same time Anjali and Shiva enter into the room.They both tigeather look like a beautiful and look like wife and Husband. All four men feel like that.Ishitha walk towards Shiva and gi e him a friendly hug.Ananya jump from shiva to Anjali and hold her hands
around Anjalis neck and put her head on Anjslis shoulder.Anjali ealk towards her brothets and stand in between Arjun and Arnav.Shiva stand behind Mr.Iyer and Sashi gupta side.
Arnav:What dhi you are looming do pretty today?

Anjali:Nothing special chotu.
Arnav feel happy that Anjali called him Chotu.
Thoshiji tell something in Dadhis ears and they both discuss with each other.
Afterwards dadhi hesitatingly ask Mr.Iyer about Ishitha and Ramans marriage proposal.Both Raman and Ishitha is in shock.First Ishitha get from shock and went out from there.
Raman is still in shock.Bcoz he want to convience Ishitha by showing his love snd concern about her.Mr&Mrs.Iyer answer them that we didnt have any objection.But once you know about our past and then you took the decission.

Mr.Bhalla:Ishitha is good from heart and take care of all things.We feel we have two daughter when she came into my family.We also discuss our Raman past with you.I feel past is not important for us.We just tbink about their futures.Thoshiji and Dadhiji nod their heads for that.But Mr.Iyer explain Ishithas pain to them.Then Raman answer them that he know each and everything about her.Even though hou agree i petsonally convience Ishitha with my love and concern.Then only i start my new life wirh her.After that shiva feel Ramans pain and true love on Ishitha and went from there to convience Ishitha.
Arnav look at Kushi and ask her to come outside.Arjun look at Radhika and observe her feelings.parallely he think about Anjali and feel happy for her change of mood and behaviour.
Radhika walk towards Anjali and hold her hand and chat with her.

Shashiji tell all things about their family and chit chat with Bhalla along with Iyer.Madhu serve food to guests and Kushi help her.Arnav stand by holding window rod and look at kushi. She didnt look at him and try to escape from his eye sight.Radhika also went with Madhu to help her.
In garden Ishitha sif on bench and wipe her tears.Shiva sit beside her and and took her hand into his hands and ask her to control herself. Next think about Ramans proposal also. Ishitha look at him and ask him how can you told me like that shiva.You know that i love subhu naaa.Then how it possible…Shiva:I feel more love in Ramans eyes then Shubhu.Ishitha i agree that subhu give a life to you.I know he loves you.You know one thing… So many times he told to me if Ishitha is my partner i am very happy with my family.She took care of my family…Like that.Actually that was not wrong also.But Raman told to me If Ishitha is my partner i give all happiness to her.I always protect her. I want to wait until my last breath. Both love you Ishitha.But a small difference is there.Shubhu expect that you give happiness to him and his family.But Raman try to give happiness to you.I dont tell Shubhu is wrong or bad.But Raman is comparitively vet good.You try to Understand his pain also.Ishitha:I know he is good.But…

Raman listen this convetsation and come beside the tree and wak towards them.Shiva look at him and stand with smily face.Ishitha didnt look at Raman and ask Shiva that if anybody enter into your life you can marry her by forgetting Anandhi from your past.By asking that she lift het heaf and see Raman stand infront of her. Shiva answer her def i accept any one enter into my life.But here i am married and i have a daughter.But you are not married….Raman hold Shivas hand and ask him dont argue.I need some time to talk with her…Shiva pat his shoulder and left from there.
Raman:Ishitha really i dont know my parents directly discuss the Issue with your parents.Plz belive me.

Ishitha look at him and told him dont talk like that.I observe that.But…
Raman:I know you are not prepared for accepting me.But i try my level best to convience you.Then only i accept you as my life partner.But remember one thing Ishitha you are for me only.I dont care anything.. Madhu hear this conversation and feel happy about Raman.
Plz avoid my spell and gramitical mistakes.

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