A Journey of Love(Episode 33)

The episode starts with Amaya waiting for Mantu.Kushi waiting for Arnav.Ishitha sitting in coeffee bar and looking into a paper.Radhika sit in icecream shop and look out from mirror.By observing the sourroundings they recognise that to day is Valentsines day.They wide their eyes and feel something strange.They are in different places. But their feelings are same.

Mantu come to temple and close Amayas eyes from backside.She turn her face towards him and feel happy for him.They both went into temple and pray for god for their future. Afterwards they both left in Mantus car.Mantu:We goto one place which is very important for me.Amaya:What is it?Mantu:Surprise ….Mantu hold Amaya by his left hand by placing his hand around his shoulder and drive by using right hand.
Ishitha waiting in coeffee bar.Waiter put a cup of cold coeffee infront of her.She look at him and told him i didnt order it.Waiter point his finger to Raman and said he order this for you before 15mins….Raman walk towards Ishitha by holding Red color roses.At same time manager walk towards Raman and said him the longue room is ready.Manager ask Ishitha to come into the room.They both walk into the room.By looking the room Ishitha feel strange.The room is decorsted with Red color roses. Manager leave them in room and he went out by closing the door.
Raman:Ishitha plz take your seat.

Ishitha sit infront of table which place in center of the room.A choclate cake is there on the table.He kneel down infront of Ishitha and took her right hànd into his hand and kiss her hand.Ishitha didnt reject it.He give a red color rose flowers to him and said
Ishitha come into her sences and look at him.Ishitha get up from chair automatically Raman get up from that position and stand in front of her.
Ishitha:Ramannn sir ,I know you have frelimgs on me. But i am not ready to accept your feelings.You need better than me.Raman:Nothing is better than you to me Ishitha.Ishitha:Dont be like this.You dont know about me.

Raman:It is not mandatory for me. Anything is ok for me.I wait for you untill my last breath.Ishitha turn her face and stop her tears.
Ishitha:If it is the reason you ask me to come here,Just forget about me and wait for one who is best for you.
By saying this Ishitha try to leave. Raman called her and ask her to wait. He walk towards her and from her back side he put his hands on Ishitha. He hug her from her back and put kiss on her neck and put his chin on her shoulder and slowely tell in her ears:you are the best for me Ishitha. I realise that you are my true love.I dont leave you in any cost.Bcoz I Love You Ishitha.By saying this he tight his hug and didnt give a chance to her to break the hug.After that he turned Ishitha towards him amd ask her to look into his eyes.You didnt find any trust in my eyes.Ishitha look into his eyes.Ishitha your past is not mandatory for me.You just stay with me that is enough for me.He cupped Ishithas face in his hands and kiss on her forehead.He again hug Ishitha and express his love to her by his hug and ask her to leave.Ishitha walk like a robot and leave from there.
Kushi sit in garden resturant.Some come near to her and give a chit to her.She open it and look into it.In slip it will be like this:Come to Roomno:143. From your lord governer.kushi walk toward the receptionast and ask about 143 room.The lady look at Kushi and look at her very admire.She show the way to Room Number 143. Kushi enter into the room and stand like a statue.The room is decorated with white and red flowers.She walk by seeing the decorations.There she saw a cake and paper beside a cake.She took the paper and read it.The content in the paper is -Close your eyes and clap two times.Kushi look sourroundings and she didnt identify anything.She just close her eyrs and clap two times.Arnav lift her by using his left hand and hold a rope by using his right hand.Arnav arrange those things to give surprise to kushi.The machine pull the rope and suddenly it stop.Kushi open her eyes and there she identify number of stars.

Kushi realise that she is not the floor. She is scared and hug Arnav very tight.She ask him dont leave me.Arnav respond for that and answer her- I dont leave you kushi.Bcoz you are mine.I love you kushi.After that Kushi realise that the voice is Arnavs voice and leave her hug.With in fraction of seconds Arnav hold kushi very tight by holding her waist and grip his hand. Kushi also feel the reality that she is not on floor and feel scared and round her hands around his neck and close her eyes.Arnav murmed in her ears-I told you na kushi,I didnt leave you.Bcoz you are mine.I Love You Kushi.After 5mins Arnav ask her to open her eyes.She opend her eyes and look at him.He smiled and she stare an innocent look at him.The rope roll down and they stand on floor.She stand and look all the stars.By seeing stars she forget all and look at them.Arnav stand behind her and show two stars and said those two stars are very important.One star is my mother and another one is…Kushi interrupt and continue the statement-The another one is my mother.Kushi look into his eyes and ask him really you love me? Kushi:You hate me and you are not wish to see my face.You want to avoid my words and my work.Then how can you like this?
Arnav:Kushi I am not intrested to discuss about past.I know one thing that my heart beats for you.
Kushi:But i sm not your type.I am…..
Arnav:I knoe you have some pain in your heart.To overcome that you create a happy atmosphere by your words.Today onwards you dont act that you are happy.Today onwards you live happy that i am with you.

Kushi look at him.Still now she had no feelings but now she is ready to feel. But she is in thinking to tell her truth or not.Arnav cuped her face in his hands and look into her eyes and ask her dont think any issues in your mind. What ever it may be you are mine? So relax kushi…Arnav ask her to come and sit in the chair.While she is walking a small thorn hurt her leg.She sound with pain.Arnav run towards her
and look at her leg. It is bleeding.He lift her with his arms and walk towards the chair.They have an eye lock.He placed kushi on chair and try to stop bleeding.Suddenly he put her leg in his mouth.Kushi look at him and she understood how much he loves her?
Arnavji i want to go home.Arnav look at her and feel her innocence.Arnav nod his head and ready to lift her. Kushi:Now i am ok Arnav sir…I can walk.Arnav put his hand on Kushis mouth and ask her to be calm.I am here with you how can i leave you in pain.He lift her and walk towards the car.Kushi:My two wheeler….Arnav called manager and give kushis house address and ask him to send the two wheeler to this address by your company driver.They both leave that place in Arnavs car.kushi didnt talk anything in car.Arnav dont have to disturb her.
Radhika sit in Icecream paralour and look outside.She wear light pink color and yellow color chudhidhar.All went one by one from icecream paralour. After 10mins nobody are there and she look at watch and ready to go.

Some one hold Radhikas hand and ask her you have no time for me in your day and you told me that i am your friend.Radhika turn her head back and see that it is Arjun. Arjun ask Radhika to take her seat. Radhika:Sir, I think that you didnt come due to some work.And I dont know why he open shop so earlier and why all left the shop.So ,I want to move. Arjun:He open the shop bcoz of you only Radhika:Sir why you ask me to come here?
Arjun clap by his hands,Then a lavender color lights on.Radhika looks around the room.She feels happy by seeing lights and decorations.She get from her chair and round and round like a small kid.Arjun look at her by putting his hand under his chin. She stop rounding and sir can i go with rounds around all the room.Arjun nod his head and look her innocence. Radhika turn round and round and she is ready to fell down.Arjun sence that before 5secs and hold her.
Arjun:Radhika are you ok?
Radhika:Yes sir.
He bring her towards chair and ask her to sit.Arjun walk from there and he come with a pushing trolly after 5mins.He place it infront of Radhika. He took yellow color roses and give it Radhika and wish her Happy Valentines day choti…..
Radhika:You told me that i am your frnd and you wish me on Valentains day.
Arjun:Look at her and answer her yes Radhika you are my lovely frnd. Valentine didnt tell that today is only for lovers.There is love between Mother and children;fathet and children;brothers and sisters; between two frnds ;between wife and husband and finally lovers.The love is common only relations are different.

Radhika look at him with convencing look and accept the flowers.He open different flavours of icecreams and ask her to eat.Radhika eat all icecreams and ask him for strawberry flavour.Arjun cuped her face into his hands and answer her i already order for this Radhika.It is not available here.Next time i buy it for you. It us Arjun promise…..Dont be angry on me. Radhika nods her head and eat choclate flavour icecrem. After that Radhika ask leave for today and explain it to Arjun.Arjun put his hands on her mouth and ask her to took leave but dont give explanation.Radhika:Ok ok.Next time i didnt give explanation. Radhu promise…..
Mantu stop his car infront of small house.The sourroundings of that house is very nice with plants and trees.She get down from the car and run towards the gate.suddenly she stop infront of gate and turn back to see Mantu.He try to hide his tears but he fail.Amaya ask Mantu to come.Mantu walk towards her.They enter into the house and walk togeather by holding thrir hands.They both enter into the house and walk into prayer room.There Amaya see 50to 60 small children with lesd than 10years.A middle aged women and men.They all pray to god.
After 10min a small girl run towards Mantu and hug him saying Mantu bhayyaaa.Girl:Bhayaa you told me last time that you bring babhi for us. Is she is our babhi?Mantu yes.she is your babhi.A elderly person come to them and ask him how are you Mantu beta?Mantu:Fine dadha.Hw about you?person:Fine.First took blessings from Ma and pa.Mantu nod his head and took Amaya along with him.He rached a place therr he show two stones and a green garden around those stones and said Maaaa i bring your bhahu.Paaaa i bring your daughter.Plz bless us.At the same time the trees move and he feel a cool breez from wind.Amaya also look at that place and hold her two hands togeather.All kinds run towards Mantu and drag him to ground.The elderly person come near Amaya and said her you are so lucky beta.Our Mantu is very good.Not only Mantu those 4friends are very nice and good.They are looking like stones.But they are soft flowers.This place and house belongs to Mantu only.He live in this house along his parents.Their family is happy family.At the time of chotu firstday they both leave chotu in house with me and went to temple. Mantus father bandari and Srivasthsav(Umas father)are good friends.They drop Uma and Mantu in College and left to temple.Uma and Mantu are very close friends.At that time Uma was 9th class and Mantu was 12th standard.The family return from temple met with an accident.All four members are spot dead.Chotu was with me.They both return back from school and cry a lot for their parents. Thoshiji console them and took those three kids with them.But uma chachi has no children and took uma with them.But evry year the four frnds come and spend some time with us in different dates.Yedterday only Uma came here and feel happy for Mantu.She told me everything to me. Life always give second chance beta. From years onwards they maintain this Ashram on their company funds. And assign me as a caretaker.After listening this Amaya walk towards Mantu.Mantu is bussy with kids.She hold Mantus hand and cup his face in her hands and kiss him on his cheeks. Mantu look at Amaya.Amaya say I love you Mantu.Plz be with me and never leave me forever and ever.Mantu hug Amaya and said her I love you tooo.I am always with you Ammu.All kids and elders clap them.Mantu introduce all to Amaya and they took blessings from elders.Dadha bless them and they both took permission from him to leave.They both start from there to Amayas house.

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