A Journey of Love(Episode 32)

The episode start with Ishitha sleeping on bed and remember the things which happened with Raman.She feel some thing strange when she think about Raman.Suddenly her mood change and think deeply about some issues which moved infront of her eyes.Tears appear in her eyes.Radhika enter into the room and switch on the light.Ishitha cover her face by turning other side but Radhika notice it.But she didnt disturb Ishitha and went to wash room.After 10min she come from wash room and sleep beside Ishitha.Radhika:Ishu…….
Ishitha:Hmmmmm.Radhika:Why you try to hide your tears Ishu?
Ishitha:Mee?Why can I Radhuuu? Nothing like that.
After that they didnt talk with each other.Ishitha look at the slab of the room.Radhika played with her mobile.
In Ramans house all sit in Ramans bed room and discuss about the day.They feel happy for Mantu.Suddenly Arjun phone rings and the name display on the screen is Chashini.Remaining three look at him and sounds at same time-Chashiniiiii,Who is this Chashini?

Arjun:Chashinii,She is my friend? Mantu:Your friend…..How it is possible?Raman:Ok.First lift the phone.Arnav look at Arjun and ask him to lift the phone.Arjun lift the phone and her what is the matter Radhika? Why you call at this time?Anything serious?There is no reply from Radhika.Arnav grab the phone from Arjun and on the speaker.They hear the Radhikas voice in phone and be clam to listen the conversation bcoz they listen Ishithas voice also.
The conversation between Radhika and Ishitha is …..
Radhika:Ishu you are my bestie.Dont try to hide your pain from me.
Ishitha:Radhuu why you think like that.
Radhika:Dont lie to me Ishu…I know Raman sir indirectly confess his feelings to you.Why you are trying to avoid him.
Ishitha:I am not suitable to him Radhu.

Radhika:Why Ishu.Anbody said to you like that.
Ishu:No Radhu….I know about his past. I know his pain.Again i dont want to give the same pain to him.
Radhika:Ishu what ever past you have he can accept you.What happened today?Mantu sir accept Amaya naaa.
Ishu:Radhu that is different.Ammu didnt confess to her husband.She didnt love him.She want to accept him and want to be a goid wife to him. It is not complete love.They grow together and her feelings are not equal to love. If he is alive now def she will be good wife.Bcoz he is kushis brother and all give same place to kushi and Ammu. So I consider Ammus first love is Mantu only not Prudhvi.Mantu understood it and accept her whole heartedly.
Radhika:If Ammu loves prudhvi and the things happened same with her, Then also Mantu sir accept Ammu.
Ishitha:I know it Radhu….But in my case…
Radhika:What is your past Ishu?Why you feel this much pain? I am not able person to share your pain.
Ishitha:Dont talk like that Radhu.With in lesd time Kushi,Ammu and you become good frnds for me. And you know Radhu..I obey that i have feelings on Raman.When he touch me or hold me i feel so comfortable. My breat increases and i forget myself.
At same time my mind remainds me i am not able to love him bcoz i love Subbu and want to share my life..
Radhika:Who is Subbu?

FB starts: I am one and only daughter to my parents.We belong to above middle class.My father was a central government employee in good position. My family is happy family in all ascepts. At that time we stay in chennai.I join in medicine according to my parents wish.Days are going happy.My best friends are Shiva and Anandhi.Shiva joined in medicine but Anandhi want be a research person. So she joined in B.Sc and M.Sc integrated course in a big research institute.We three stay in our house and do noise. At exams time combined studies.We complete our first year and enjoying our holidays.Anandhi told us that her cousin brother came to chennai.Bcoz their parents are transfered to chennai.So they want to stay here. He is subbu.On migration subhu also join in our college.Initially we always go with fights.Anandhi and shiva try to console me and Subhu.Days passing we four become friends.One day Subhu told to me that Anandhi loved Shiva. I observe Shiva and Anandhi and confirm they are in love.One day they confess their love with each other.When we are in second year there is good bond for me and subhu.After our second year exams Subhu proposed to me.The attitudes, thinking, and behaviour are same for me and Subhu.I aslo accept Subhus proposal.But we four are always togeather.After our third year subhu and me choose pediatrics and Shiva choose general medicine and physcology.

At last we complete our 4.5 years of MBBS.Anandhi went to bangalore for her research.We three are in Cochi accirding to our acadamics.One day we three go to ice cream paralor.Anandhi called me.We both chat with each other by walking on the road.A big lorry give continous horn to me.But i didnt realise it.Mani runtowards me and save me.In opposite direction another big car hit mani.In front my eyes he fell in blood. Shiva and me try to save him.But he died in my hands only.Radhuu my love die infront of me and in my hands laying his head in my laps.His aim was doing PG in peadiatrics.So,In any cost i want todo my PG.After wards i forget all and try to live normally.Two years back Anandhi and Shiva got marriage.They had one daughhter Ananya. Shiva and Anandhi are very happy with each other.Anandhi ask me to marry and setteled in life.Last year Anandhi expired with Brust cancer.Bcoz of me my parents shift from chennai to mumbai. Past one year onwards we stay here.This house was buyed by my father when he was in job.After Subhus death i forget hiw to do noise. After 4Years Raman enter into my life. He expect me to lead life with him.Raman is good and gentle. But me…I am not suitable for him.
Radhu:Still you love Subhu.
Ishitha:No answer from me Radhuu.

Radhika:I am sorry for what happened till now.But think about your future. I am always with you in any decision.
Ishitha:After four years i accepted kushi,Ammu and you are my friends. Radhuu, Raman ask me to come to coeffee shop.I dont know to go there are not.
Radhu:My dear Ishu,What is wrong in that?You go and express your feelings infront of him.Atleast you share your pain infront of him.
Ishitha nod her head and Radhika forget about the phone call that she make to Arjun.Radhu and Ishitha hold their hands and went into sleep.
In Ramans House:
Arnav:What is your decision Raman?
Mantu:We are all okay for this relation Raman.
Arjun:She feel that bcoz of her Subhu was dead.So put herself in pain and share that pain to all of us.Tomarrow you confess your feelings directly. Afterwards we plan what to do.All went to sleep in Ramans room only.
The scene shift to Kushis house:

They both were in their bedroom.
Ammu:Kushi,I am sorry.Kushi:Leave it honey.I am happy for you.Ammu:What about Babuji and Buaji.Kushi:Mantu sir can manage those things.And Babuji and Buaji also feel happy when you start new life.Ammu:Ok ok.Mantu ask me to come temple without missing.How can i go without you?And Buaji told us that we are shifting the house tomarrow.Kushi:I drop you in temple and i wait in garden resturant beside the temple.We took permission from office and help buaji and babuji in house shifting.
Ammu nod her head and Kushi(herself):At the same time i can meet Arnavji.Why he ask me to meet in the restuarnt.kushi remember all things happened with Arnav.Why my heartbeat increase when i tink about him?While thinking about him she eft into sleep.
The next day morning:Ammu and kushi wakeup early in the mrng.Buaji shocked for them.They both get ready and kushi told to buaji that they went to temple and return back.Then we start our shifting work.Buaji bless them and ask to go to temple.Buaji didnt tell any work to them.Shahi gupta(babuji)Send workers from shop to help her.For buaji kushi and Ammu are two eyes.They both leave on kushis two wherler.Ammu is in Redcolor chuddi with gold lace.Kushi is in peach and blue color chuddi.

Ishitha and Radhika ready to leave from house.Madhu:Today devikaji(buaji) are shift here.You people took leave and stay in house.
Ishitha and Radhika answer her we just goto temple and return back early by took leave from office.Madhu said ok for them and they leave.

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  12. Thanks your comments and encouragemet.

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