A Journey of Love(Episode 31)

The episode start all sit infront of dining table.All four girls serve food.
Mantu:Auntyji items are good.
Thoshiji:All made by Ishitha and kushi only.
Mr.Bhalla:Kushi serve that jelebi for me beta.
Kushi handover that bowl to Mr.Bhalla.
Arnav:One for me also Uncle..
Raman:Arey Arnav….It is sweet yaar. You are not suppose to eat.
Kushi:No problem Raman sir. I prepare jelabis with less sugar.
By saying this she serve jelebis from another bowl to Arnav.
Remaining three look at Arnav.But Arnav didnt lift his head.Bcoz he expect that they look at him and try to tease him..Dadhi observe a small smile on his face.
Ishitha ask Radhika to prepare juice.Radhika went into kitchen and prepare juice for all.
After they complete their dinner all went and sit in hall.Raman ask the four girls to sit and we four serve you.
Mantu:Ya it is a nice idea.

Uma:Def it is a nice idea for you. You serve only for your Amaya naaa.
Mantu:Shut up Uma.I didnt do like that.
Arjun:Serve to Radhika.
Radhika:Enough sir.I didnt eat this much.
Arjun:Sit calm.Eat what content i put in your plate.
Ishitha:I am not able to eat this much quqntity.
Raman:(with very low voice)Then look into my eyes and eat.
Ishitha dont know how to react.
Kushi:Enough enough…
Arnav:Already you are weak kushi.Eat sufficient food kushi.Wait i feed you.
Kushi:No no….I can….
Mantu:Ammu what is this?You eat like four year child.Wait..Give that spoon to me.
Mantu hold the spoon and feed to Amaya.Amaya feel shy and try to reject.Arjun ask Ammaya dont feel shy Amaya.We are family only….
All look at him……

Anjali put her head on dadhis lap and ask her…
Anjali:Look at my brothers.They are very happy with those girls.These four girls enter into our lives and bring so many changes.
Dadhi:Put her hand on Anjalis head and pat her.And said that it is true..I pray to god to continue
this happiness in our lives.
Thoshiji:I am happy for you also beta. I like that you also join with us.
Anjali:Auntyji today onwards i want to move in my life….
Uma:Tomarrow def you come to my engagement Anjali dhi.If chachi and Chachu didnt enter into my life then i also with you people only na…..I miss you all…..Uma try to control her tears.
Both dadhi and Thoshiji hug uma and said you are always our family only beta.Actually we miss you.
But chachu and chachi also your family na…. Tomarrow we all there and bless you beta.

All complete their dinner and sit in center hall. Radhika serve juice to all.
Radhika give Apple juice to Arjun.
Raman observe this and ask Arjun to pass that juice glass to me and you took another one yaar.
Radhika:Sir Auntyji told me that your favourite is pineapple.So i prepare pineapple juice for uncle and you. There is only one apple so i prepare only one glass apple shake for Arjun sir.Bcoz Apple juice is his favourite naaa.
Arjun feel shy and bend his head by holding the glass.Then Radhika realise thay all stare a naughty look at her.She dont know how to cover the situation.So she put the tray on table and left into kitchen room.Arnav try to took one glass from tray then kushi ask him to take orange juice.That is sugarless and that was mixed by your tablets.Mantu:Kushi you and Radhika maintain diet charts of your bosses aaaa.
Kushi:No no .It is not like that.I have a role of his PA in office.It is compulsory for me to remember his diet and timings.
All are shocked that Kushi played the role PA to Arjun.Ramun pull Ishitha and ask her you didnt prepare favourite dish for me.Ishitha answer him Aloo paratha was prepared by me only.Plz leave my hand.If any body see this means….Raman:You are mine Ishitha.Now i just leave your hand. Once i hold it with all rights i didnt leave it untill my last breath.. Ishitha:Raman dont talk like that….

Raman:When did you promote from Raman sir to Raman?
Ishitha:Leave my hand.plzzzz.
Raman leave her hand and sit normally.Amaya give juice glass to Uma and said sorry to her.Uma hug Amaya and wipe her tears and ask her dont remember all those things. I am childhood buddie to these monkeys. So i behave very close to them.
Thoshiji ask Raman to drop Ishitha and pick kids from Ishithas house. Raman nod his head and look at Ishitha.Ishitha:I have my two wheeler. Raman:It is already 7:00pm.
Ishitha:Radhika and me went on two wheeler.
Raman look at Arjun.Arjun control his smile and look at Radhika.Radhika didnt look at him.Arjun took his mobile and msg her.Radhika look at him by see empty msg from him.Now really msg to Radhika. Arjun(msg):give some time to them Radhika.I will drop you.Is that ok for you.
Radhika nod her head and said to Ishitha that i have an important work with Arjun sir.It took one hour time for me.So you go with Raman sir.You give your two wheeler keys for me. I bring it to home.
Arjun is shocked for Radhikas managing skills.Arnav look at Arjun and ask him really you have an imp work.Arjun:How can i know yaar?
Mantu:Ok,I drop kushi and Amaya.
Arnav look at Arjun and ask him do anything Arjun.I want to drop kushi and Amaya.Arjun:Mantu what about our Uma?You drop Uma and Arnav take care about Kushi and Amaya.
Mantu:What can you do Arjun,You drop Uma naa.Arjun:How it possible Mantu? I have an important work with Radhika.

Mantu stare angry look at Arnav and Arjun.But Uma is also important to them.So mantu accept that and ask Uma come with him.Uma ask all of them to attend her engagement.Uma took blessings from Dadhi and Mr&Mrs.Bhalla and leave with Mantu.
Raman and Ishitha leave in Ramans car.Arnav leave with Kushi and Amaya.Arnav (with low voice) ask Amaya sit in back seat.Plzzz Amaya. Amaya nod her head and sit in back seat.Kushi also try to sit in back seat.
Amaya ask her sit in front seat kushi.
Arnavji is not our driver..Kushi look at Amaya and Arnav.Arnav open the Front door and ask her to sit inside the car.Kushi sit in front seat and Arnav close the door and left from there.Arjun walk towards Radhika and ask her what can you do now? Radhika:Really we have imp work sir. Arjun look at her and ask what is that?Radhika took some papers from her bag and walk towards table and ask him to sit.Arjun sit infront of table and look with question mark face.Radhika put some papers infront of him and ask to put signatures on them. He look into papers and ferl happy for that.But he suddenly stop his smile and look at Radhika. Radhika:Dont look like that sir. Actually on my birthday day i receive one call in your cabin.I came to your cabin to collect one file from you.You are not in your room so i receive thst call.They said that to resend the quatation bcoz from in our quatation they miss some details.I ask about project details and by using those details i search for that file.On the day you took me for lunch and i forget to inform you.At the same day night i change the figuers and update it from online by creating new ID on your name.I know it was wrong but….

Plz forgive me.These papers are final agreement papers.This project is Arjuns dream project.Today it is in Arjuns hand bcoz of Radhika.He is very happy and get up from chair snd lift her in his
arms and rotate her in his happiness.Thoshiji,Dadhi and Anjali look at him.Radhika ask him to stop bcoz she is feeling drowzy…..Arjun get her down and run from there with happiness.
Raman didnt talk anything in car.He stop the car infront of Ishithas house. She try to get down from car Raman hold her hand and ask her come to coeffee shop where we go last time. Def it is my request only Ishitha. She look at him and went into the house. After 5min Kids come outside with Mr&Mrs.Iyer.Kids sit inside the car and Raman leave from there.Arnav stop the car infront of Kushis house. Amaya get down from car and run into their house.Kushi tell gudnite to Arnav and try to move .Arnav hold Kushis hand and ask her to come to garden resturant sharp7:00clock AM. Kushi nod her head and enter into their house.

After that they four sit in Study room.Arjun :We got that government project and profit on this project is exactly 70crores. Arnav:That bridal dresses project is also our only.Today morning only Mr.Khanna send the original file to me.The profit is most propably 45 to 50 crores.
Mantu:All good news….For our medical college also government give permission to increase the MBBS seats and Scanctioned PG courses also only for 4departments.Raman:We got permission from Tamilnadu government to start our new resorts in ooty and major developed constructions in Mumbai. Rough calculation for all these projects profit is more than 150 crores.
Arjun:Then we use 10percent of amount for social services.Mantu:Def we go with some good works. Radhika observe their happiness and try to leave from there.Raman:Arjun drop Radhika also already it is 9:00pm.
Arjun walk towards her and ask her to sit in the car.Radhika answer him she want to go on two wheeler.Arjun stare angry look on her.Radhika didnt speak anything and sit in car.Raman ask Arnav and Mantu to stay here for this night.
Arjun drive the car and Radhika look outside from mirror.Arjun hold Radhikas hand very softly.She look at him and try to pull her hand.But he hold it and ask her dont pull your hand from me.I feel very comfortable when i hold your hand.Rhadhika didnt talk anything.Arjun drive his car by right hand and hold Radhikas hand by left hand until he reach het house. Arjun stop the car and ask her to come to Icecream cafe at Morning 7:00clock. Radhika get down and enter into the house by saying good nite to him.

Mantu called Amaya ask her be ready at 6:00Am.We go to temple and next one surprise to you.Amaya:How can i come single without kushi.Babuji and Buaji didnt agree for that. Mantu:I dont know,I am waiting for you in temple.

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