A Journey of Love(Episode 30)

The episode starts with Amaya and Mantu in pinkys room.Mantu hold Amaya by putting his right hand around Amayas waist and lift her head by his left hand and look into her eyes. Mantu:Ammu i am Sorry for everything happened from my side.I gave lot of pain to you.
Amaya put her finger on his lips. Amaya:No need to tell sorry. I only sorry to you. But Mantu ,If babuji and buaji agreed for this relation whole heartly then only i enter into this relation and your life. Otherwise….. Mantu:Dont worry Ammu. I am always with you.If they didnt agree for this i try to convience them. Now i need a small kiss…..Amaya turn her face and push Mantu and try to run from that room.Mantu hold her hand and pull her.She fell on Mantu and look into his eyes. Kushi stand in garden and think deeply about issues haplpened from past three hours onwards.Suddenly she realise some ones hand on her shoulder.She turn back and look Arnav stand there. Arnav:I am so sorry kushi.Bcoz of me…..Kushi:It is not your mistake.Thanks to you for my Ammus happiness.Arnav look at her left cheek.Still it is red with little bit swelling.He put his hand on her cheek and ask her this is becoz of me only. Kushi:No Arnav ji…..You dont think like that.Arnav:Kushi can you do one thing for me?Kushi nods her head.Arnav: Tomarrow mrg we meet in the garden resturant.Sharp 7:00AM….you come for me na…Kushi said ok with her eyes.
Arjun:Where can i drop you Radhika? You said that you have an important work and ask me to drop naaaa.

Radhika:Arey buddhu…..I want to talk an important issue with you.So…….
Arjun stare an angry look at her.Then she realise that she called him buddhu…
Radhika:Sorry Sir..I use this word regularly to call my friend.
Arjun:I think i am Akadoo and Khadoos to you.But now i am buddhu also.
Radhika hold her ears and said sorry to him.Arjun look at her and ask her what is the important matter you want to discuss with me.Is there anything serious?By asking this question he show his concern towards her.Radhika identify that in his eyes.

Radhika:I think there is some thing in between Raman sir and Ishitha. I feel that Raman sir is very serious and genuine towards Ishitha.But from Ishithas side i dont have any clarity.
Arjun:I know it.How can we know about Ishitha .Raman told to me that there is some bitter past to Ishitha.So he want to know that one and earse that from Ishithas life.
Radhika:I talk with aunty and i try to know what it is?Bcoz she is my best buddie.I can do anything for her.
Arjun:Oh you can do anything for your friend na.
Radhika:Yes anything…..
Arjun:Is Arjun is your friend or not.
Radhika:Sir you are also my friend. You have also any love problem?
Arjun:No not at all.You know that i am Akhadoo…..It is not matter of love. One of my friend didnt share anything with me.But she was disturbed with one problem.I want to help her to solve her problem and want to see her happiness.
Radhika:Who is she?I can help you sir.
Arjun:Really…you can help me.pakka promise…
Radhika nod her head and reply him Radhu promise.
Arjun:Then tell me yours problem Radhika. Why cant you stay with your parents and your loved family?
Radhika:Sir…………You forget about Anjali dhi..We are already late.Lets go we pick her naaa.
Arjun:You promised me Radhikaaaa. I think i am really your friend….
Radhika:Sir def you are my friend. But…..

Arjun hold her face with his two hands and ask her to look into his eyes. Radhika look into his eyes ……
Arjun:You feel anything in my eyes…..
Radhika:Sir i see and feel friendship, concern, caring and little bit angry. Bcoz of that angry only i move two steps back from you sir.
Arjun:Radhika that is not angry on you.It is angry on my fate.Due to some reasons i will maintain that angry on my face from many years. I didnt reflect that anger on you Radhika.Its my promise.Dont move a single step back from me.Plzzzz. Radhika has tears in her eyes by hearing his words.Still her face was in his hands only.By using his thumb fingers he wipe her tears.Radhika:Now i am not able to tell about me.When time permits first i share with you only.plzzz understand me…. Arjun leave her face and drive car to shivas house.
When Arjun enter into shivas house he is in shock by looking the scene in hall. He walk towards shiva and try to wake up him.But shanta came there and ask Arjun take your seat.

Shanta:Dont disturb beta..Now only sir went into sleep just before 15mins. By playing puzzle game Anjali beti slept on Shivas shoulder.He try to get up from there.But she hold his shirt tight and didnt give chance to him. At same time Ananya came down and slept on him. By managing them he just went into sleep.You people take your seat i bring coeffee to you. Radhika and Arjun look at each other. Arjun remember how Radhika slept on his shoulder on her birthday day. Shantha bring coeffee to them and put water glass on table.For that small sound only shiva feel disturbed and open his eyes. He look at Arjun and give a simple smile.Then he realise Anjali slept on his shoulder and Ananya slept on another shoulder.He ask shantha to took Ananya and try to put Anjalis head on sofa.But she hold him tight and murmed like a small girl. Anjali:Papa dont leave me.Arjun dont look like that.I didnt do any wrong. Raman,Arnav belive me..Mantu you tell them mantu…..Tears scroll from Anjalis eyes.Shiva look at her. Suddenly her face feelings changed. Shiva dont treat i am characterless. I am not like that.Dont took Ananya from me.I want to play with her.Plz shivaa….Shiva didnt know how to react.He wipe her tears.By that scence she woke up and look with blank mind.She remember how she play puzzel solving game and how she went into sleep. She realise that her head is on shivas shoulder.She sit properly and look at Arjun.After 10mins Arjun took permission to leave.Radhika hold Anjalis hand and walk towards car. When Arjun is ready to go Shiva put his hand on shoulder and ask him to wait.Shiva wait untill Anjali and Radhika cross the door. Shiva:Sorry Arjun.I didnt realise…And i feel tired.So…

Arjun:I didnt think any wrong on you. Dont give explanation for me.
Shiva:Anjali ask me sleeping pills.I didnt give her.But i give these pills. These pills are similar like sweet balls. We use these who feel to wear sleeping pills before to go to sleep. Avoid sleeping pills.Arjun put her bussy in some works either physically or Mentally.If she tired automatically she go with normal sleep. Dont think about her past show her future to her. She feel guilt that she was wrong.First you forgot her past and be very normal and be cool with her. If she want to come here bring her.Next time i stand on my words.Def i take care of her.
Arjun:Now also you took better care than us.They both hug each other and Arjun walk towards his car.Both Radhika and Anjali stand beside the car.Arjun open front seat and ask Anjali to sit inside the car.He open the back door and look at Radhika. She sit in back seat and he close the door. Arjun sit in driving seat and drive the car. After 5 mins he hold Anjalis hand and look at her.He observe that she feel so relax and her face is shining with brightness.At same time he look at Radhika from mirror.He feel to bring the happiness back to radhika.
After preparation of food Ishitha come out from kitchen.Thoshiji ask her fresh up in her room.Raman ask her fresh up in guest room.Kushi put all items on dining table and ask thoshji you also go and fresh up Auntyji.With in 15mins i prepare jelabies.Amaya sit with dadhi infront of god in pooja room and help her for evening pooja.

Raman ask excuse to Arnav and Mantu he went to upstairs towards his room. Mantu also excuse to Arnav and went towards pooja room.Arnav sit alone and read the news paper.
Kushi bring juice to him and ask her to drink bcoz it is your juice time.Arnav look at her and tell her this is family time.kushi answer him,i know that. First you take it.I have work in kitchen. He took that glass from her hand and look at her.Mantu enter into pooja room and put his head on dhadhis lap and look at Amaya. Amaya look at him and feel shy.Dhadhi observe this and ask him why are you here?Mantu answer her bcoz my sweet dadhi is here.Dadhi hold his ear and turn it.Mantu put his face like a kid and ask dadhi to leave his ear. Dadhi:Then tell me why are you here?
Mantu:Bcoz my Amaya is here only na.
Dadhi:Still we didnt have any green signal from her family.
Mantu and Amaya look at each other faces.The colours changed in their faces.Dadhi observe this and ask them be cool.I am here to convience your parents.Def i do this for your hsppiness.They both hug dadhi and dadhi kiss them on their foreheads.

Raman enter into guest room and close the door.Just Ishitha came from wash room and look at him.Ishitha:Why are you here?Raman:It is my house only na…By saying this he walk towards Ishitha and Ishitha walk back. Ishitha walk back and Raman walk towards her.she han no place to walk and stop there.He put his hands to wall and pin her between wall and Raman.She look very tensed.He look into her eyes and ask her to look into my eyes.Raman:Ishitha i want to tell one thing to you.And this is not correct place.You come to coeffee shop tomarrow sharp 7:00AM. Ishitha:Why shall i?Raman:You know i am Raavan kumar.First follow my words.Ishitha:you know i am janhsi ki rani.I never follow anybody words. Raman:Ok Ishitha leave it.I am serious. I want to talk with you.I want to be open book for you.I want and hope that i earse all your past shadows from you.Your past is not mandatory for me.But i want to know it bcoz i want to build a fense around you. I fight with all your problems.Ishitha look into his eyes and feel his pain.The tears scroll from Ishithas eyes.He wipe her tears and kiss on her forehead. Raman leave the room.
Uma sleep in Ramans room.Mantu go and ask her to get up and fresh up yaar.Thoshi aunty waiting for you. Uma open her eyes and ask him 10mins to come down. Arnav enter into kitchen and put juice glass in sink and look at Kushi.She is bussy in preparing jelabies.Arnav turn on the tap to wash his hands.The water drops fell in the oil container and some hot drops fell on kushis hand.Kushi shout and feel little bit pain by oil drops on her hand.Arnav hold her hand and wash with cold water.He apply ice cubes to her hand and ask her becarefull while you are coocking.Dadhi observe this and think is my Arnav fell for this girl. If it is true then i am happiest person in the world.

Arjun,Anjali and Radhika also reached there.Mr.Bhalla ask them to take their seat.Radhika enter into kitchen and saw kushi preparing jelabies in bussy.At the same time Amaya and Ishitha enter into kitchen.Radhika find some tense in Ishitha and kushis face..Thoshiji ask them to sit for dinner.You people didnt eat anything from morning onwards.The four follow Thoshiji…
In dining hall all stand infront of dining table.Amaya ask them to sit.All jents sit around the table.

Radhika:Anjali dhi you also sit here.Ishitha ask Thoshiji to sit with Uncle.Kushi and Amaya ask dadhi to sit in center chair.Mr.Bhalla adk the four also to join with them.
Kushi:Uncleji elders first.Ishitha:yes uncle.First you carry on.
Radhika:We four serve you people.Give rest to neelu also.Neelu you also take your place.Dadhi ask Uma to come and sit near me.Uma sit with Dadhi. Thoshiji ask Neelu to sit with me. Neelu:No no …I sit down..Raman:Neelu you are also like my sister.Come and sit with us.Amaya bring Neelu and ask her to sit.All the four serve food to them.Thoshiji and dadhi feel happy and they both look at them how they mingle with them.

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