A Journey of Love(Episode 28)

The episode starts with Ishitha.
Ishitha(herself):Why i burst in front of Raman. Morning only he give a hint for me that he has feelings on me. It is impossible for me to escape from his eye sight.And now he saw me in this state.What can i tell to him?
She think like that and slowly enter into sleep.Radhika help to Madhu in kitchen and come to ishitha to call her for dinner.She look at Ishitha and return back to hall.
Amaya sleep in her room by wearing sleeping pill.In her dreams also she find Mantu. In sleep she murmured, I am not correct girl for you.My fate is not good.You are good from heart so def you need a good partner in your life.Sorry for giving pain to you..The pain given to you is hell from my side. I have feelings on you.But i am not in the state to expose that.
Kushi listen this conversation and record it.Kushi sit beside Amaya and hold her hand.After that kushi decided one thing and goto sleep.
Radhika complete her dinner for Madhus sake and come to bed room.she cover blanket to Ishitha she sleep on sofa.She think why Ishitha cry like that.I want todo something to Ishitha…It is my turn now.As a frnd she do so much for me..Now i show my gratitude and slowly went into sleep.
Raman think about Ishitha and decided to talk with her.In any cost i dont loose her. Arnav sleep beside Ruhi.Ruhi ask him bhai you are in crush na?Arnav ask her how can you know? I know it bhai. When we have feelings on someone automatically a small smile appear on our face and that smile is so cute.Now your smile is so cute. So i guess you are in crush or you are in love.Arnav:Oh my sweet pie you know lot of things about love and crush.

Ruhi:Bhai can i ask one thing?
Arnav look at her and nod his head.
Ruhi i want to be with you only bhai. Plz dont leave me……Arnav hug Ruhi and ask her to sleep.Ruhi hold Arnavs neck and put her head on his chest and sleep.By looking at Ruhi he also go to sleep.

Mantu sleep in his room.His maid meera come into room and said him bhayya chotu feel so lonely from past 10days.You didnt spend a single minute with him.He is crying in his room.He didnt eat anything.Mantu rush to chotus room and switch on the lights.Mantu hold their picture and crying.Mantu hug chotu and tell sorry to chotu for neglecting him.Chotu:No bhayya you are hero to me.I saw pain in your eyes.Bcoz of that i feel sad.You didnt neglect me.I know that.But dont be like that bhai.I pray to god that Amaya dhi is only my bhabhi.She is more sweet than you.Mantu look at him and ask him how your Amaya play both dhi and bhabhi roles.Is your so called bhabhi is more sweet than me. Chotu yes bhayya…..Choutu hug Mantu and sleep with cute smile face.Meera observe all this conversation and feel happy after seeing smile in chotus face.Meera come into room and ask him mantu bhayya you love only chotu, Amaya bhabhi and your friends only na…What about me?Mantu:You are my pyari sister meera.Hw is your studies going on?Meera:going good bhayya….
Mantu also sleep in that room.Meera switch off the lights in the room and sleep in the hall.
Arjun stand in balcony of his bedroom and looking at moon.He saw Radhika with cute smile in the moon.Anjali put her hand on Arjun shoulder and ask him what happened Arjun?Arjun: Nothing dhi,I want to see you as my old dhi.Anjali:I want to see Ananya and I want to spend some time with her.
Arjun:Sure…Tomarrow we go to her.

Anjali hug him and ask him to sleep and leave the room. Arjun call to shiva and tell him about Anjali.Shiva invite him to his house and inform him that i have confrence from 9:00Am to 12:00Am. You leave her and you goto your office.I have a chance to observe her.I will take care of her you dont worry about it.Arjun said thanks to him and feel relaxed for Anjali.But suddenly he remember radhika and her smile…Think about her he left into sleep.
Next day morning in Arnavs cabin:
Kushi enter into the cabin with green tea.She look for him.He is not in room. Oh devimiyya plz hepl me.Yesterday i show my attitude to him.Def now this lord governer show his attitude to me. How can i handle this?Kushi:Devimayya…Where is this Lord Governer?Arnav:I am here kushi…Turn back and look at me… Kushi made his eyes wide and turn back.There is no gap between them. Arnav:Kushi i have my attitude but not more than you..Kushi look at him but she didnt find any anger in his eyes.Arnav:You search for your lord governer and when i am infront of you, you are not able to look at me. kushi:I wan to discuss an important issue with you.Plz co-operste with me.

Arnav:By naughty look at her and ask her how much cooperation you need from my side it totaly depends on you kushi.
Kushi:Plz sir.It is about Mantu sir and Amaya..Arnav:Oh..I got it.You want details of Mantu naa.Then write it…Kushi:Sorry for my behaviour on yesterday….plz Arnav ji…Its for my honey..I didnt see her pain..I can do what ever you said and what ever you ask?Arnav:Really,You stand on your words na…Kushi nods her head.Arnav sit in his chair and ask her what help you want from me.Kushi on her phone and show the vedio how Amaya feel in her sleep.Arnav look at that vedio. Arnav:We know Amaya has feelings on Mantu.Even though why didnt she confess.
Kushi:I dont want to tell all her past without her permission.But we can do one thing,We create issues and chances to Ammu to reliase that she has feelings on Mantu sir.
Arnav: Actually idea is not bad. Kushi:We can use each and every moment.Arnav nods his head. Arnav:Kushi you said that you can do anything what i sad naa?The time starts from now…Is it ok for you. Kushi nods her head and took the green tea cup from the table. Arnav: I didnt drink it kushi.Kushi:Actually it became cold.I bring another cup of tea for you. After 10mins she bring another cup of green tea.

Kushi:Thanks for accepting my request.Arnav:Why not,You said anything you agreed for me naa. Kushi:Dont remaind me n number of times.Kushi didnt break the words which she can promise.And she leave the room.Arnav(himself):This girl is very intresting day by day.
Mantu sit in his cabin looking into files.Uma come to office and enter into Mantu room.Amaya didnt observe this.Amaya need some signatures of Mantu.She try to enter into that room. There she saw Uma hug Mantu and crying.Mantu ask her what happened Uma.Uma didnt stop het cry and tell her that she is pregnant.Mantu ask her how it happens?Uma i didnt take care at that night.Mantu:You told to me that you will take care na….you go with second opinion Uma.You decide it by doctor decission.Dont worry… Uma: i am worried about choti maa.Mantu: Dont worry… If it is true we go with abortion.Amaya got angry for his words.He rush into Mantus room and hold his collar and give him a big slap. Mantu is shocked for her action.But he didnt know why she slap her. Amaya:I hope you are so good from heart.How cheap you are and what a worst character.I feel so sad and feel so shy to develop feelings on you. You know i pray every day for you.I control my feelings on you bearing lot of pain. For you i do pastings from past one week to recover your health and for your good future.What you can do here?You suggest her to go for abortion.. Uma hug Amaya and try to console her.At the door of Mantus cabin Raman,Arjun,Radhika,Arnav and Kushi stand there and see all the drama running in Mantus cabin. Remaing staff stand and see what happened in that room. Kushi run towards Amaya and ask Amaya to control herself. AmaKushi i did a big mistake.They babuji def forgive me. We leave from here Kushi.Kushi :Ok ok we will leave.First you stop your crying.Then we left from here. Mantu stand like a statue in center hall. Raman walk towards Uma ask her what happened Uma.You know about Mantu naa.We cant belive this. Uma:Cool Raman.Arnav ask me to do like this.Script was designed by Arnav.I just play the role.Mantu didnt know anything. Arjun:Why all this drama?Uma:To know Amayas inner feelings. Amaya looked so tense and ask her why you can do like this Uma? I feel that really you are pragnant.And you said that you didnt take any precautions.Uma:yah two days back i go for dating with my to be life partner.Mantu ask me care.I promise him i will take care of myself and didnt cross my limits before marriage.
Today morning i came to office to invite you people for my engagement. Arjun,Mantu and you didnt come to office at that time.Arnav was in his cabin.FB starts:Arnav:Hai Uma.How are you? Uma:I am fine.Arnav:You remember me today.You met Mantu only.You forget remaining three are also your childhood buddies.

Uma:Nothing like that.Mantu ask me a help.So i just meet mantu and left.
Arnav:What help Uma? Uma:I just act too close with Mantu to know inner feelings of Amaya.I want to generate jealous in Amaya.Arnav:Nice idea.Do one thing you can act as a pregnant by Mantu.Arnav only design this script.
Kushi look at Arnav.He tell sorry to every one. He walks towarda Amaya and hold his ears and tell sorry to her.He said that we didnt see Mantu like that.I know you have feelings on Mantu.On that day when you came to hospital for Mantu ,then only i saw it in your eyes.So,I planned this.Really sorry for this.But initial step for this idea was given by kushi only. Amaya stare angry look at kushi and give a big slap to kushi.Kushi is shockrd for Ramans statement and Amayas reaction….

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