A Journey of Love(Episode 27)

The episode starts with Kushi and Arnav. Arnav ask her to take her seat.
I want to talk with you. Kushi take her seat and be calm. Arnav:Kushi look at me. Kushi:First take the juice. Arnav open the draw to took his tablets. She see it and said that i already mix two tablets in juice.Arnav look at her and put the medicine in draw.
Arnav:I want some help from you.
Kushi playing with paper weight and ask him what help sir.
Arnav:I want complete details about Amaya.
Kushi look at him and tell him about Amayas details start with her name,DOB,10th,plus one and plus two percentages,UG and PG details with percentages and grades including university names.
Arnav stare angry look at her.Kushi notice it and ask him can i leave now. Arnav nods his head and look at her.

He feel that she is not only innocent she is clever also.Direct approach is failed.so obviously i choose indirect approach.
Kushi to herself sorry sir.I know why you are asking?I think Honey is not ready for the marriage.And more over how can we know this love is true or time pass.Suddenly a msg appear on the screen.It is from radhika.The content is kushi your two wheeler keys are with me.I left the office with Arjun sir.So you dont search for me. Sorry.Kushi leave a reply to her no probs.We will manage.

Arjun and Radhika sit in a resturant. The resturant is completely constructed by wood.It is decorated by lights.Radhika ask him you said we have an urjent meeting with clients naa.Arjun: Radhika i feel hungry.So first you will be calm for 10mins. Radhika:Stare angry look at him.
Arjun realise that and he said dont be calm.For punishment you go with ice cream treat.Ok naaaa.He hold his ears and said sorry. Radhika just give a simple smile.Arjun order a light dinner and ask her about her wish.She just go with a Roti.At the time of lunch they didnt talk with each other.After that Arjun order one strawberry flavour icecream and two grape juice.Arjun left to wash room.Radhika call the person who took order from arjun,ask him cancle the grape juice and ask him bring two Apple milk shakes. Arju return back from washroom and sit infront of Radhika. He give the greeting card and gift to her. She look at him….He ask her to open. Afteral you are my loved one..Bcoz of that only i called you Radhuu and now onwards i called you chashini…. Radhika open the greeting card and it is with yellow rose flowers. In the card Arjun wrote:Happy bday Radhuu..

Without my permission you enter into my life.Knowingly or unknowingly i dont leave you alone.Remember that when you are restless you have my shoulders to take rest,When you are in fear you have my hand you hold it with and be brave,When you want a support in your life the gap between my fingers are empty you put your fingers in that gap and walk with me. I walk with you on rose petals even on throns.It is a friendly promise from my side with lots of smiles.Happy bdsy chotiii….By reading this Radhika feel so happy.But she didnt show it.The server serve two Apple milk shakes. Arjun ask him i order grape juice…. The server look at Radhika. Radhika:I only order the Apple juice. Morning Arnav sir said that you didnt like grape naa.For me you didnt change your likes and dislikes.Arjun look at her.Both drink it and Arjun pay the bill.He pay more than 5000. Radhika: sir, how much you pay? Arjun laugh at her and said that i didnt count it Radhika.Before my friends smile those papers are not important and countable for me. Both sit in the car snd return back to city.Radhika didnt open the gift pack.She put the greeting card and gift in her hand bag.
After completing the office hours Kushi and Amaya stand infront of gate waiting for cab.Mantu stop the car infront of them.They both look at their faces.Kushi:No thanks sir..We leave in cab.But she saw Arnavs car she jumped into Mantus car and ask Amaya also to get in.Kushi sit in front seat and Amaya sit in back seat.
Mantu:Kushi ji..Congrats for your new project.
Kushi:Thanks Arnav ji….

Kushi bite her tongue and said thanks Mantu ji…
Mantu:You are very friendly na…Then why your friend is always so clam and without any expressions.
Kushi:Without any feelings snd expressions you feel for her snd propose her?
Amaya:Kushi just shut your mouth for some time.
Kushi:Sorry Honey….
Kushi:Ammu sorry for calling you honey infront of Mantu ji..
Amaya:kushi shut your mouth….

Kushi put her finger on lips and dint talk anything.Mantu look at kushi and smile for her expression and look into mirror and observe Amaya.Kushi observe this and feel his pain and decided to talk with Amaya.Mantu stop the car infront of their house. Kushi get down from car run fast into their house.Amaya get down and tell thanks to him.While she is ready to left suddenly street lights are off and it is semi dark.The full moon give some sort of light to identify others expressions.Mantu hold Anayas hand and pulled towards him.Amaya close her eyes and didnt look into his eyes. He called her Ammu just look into my eyes.Amaya opened her eyes and look at him.Mantu:You didnt find any feelings in my eyes.Amaya didnt answer him.Mantu you didnt feel my presence.Really you didnt have any feelings on me.Still Amaya look at him.Mantu moved his hand around the waist and pulled her more close to him and tight his grip around her waist. Mantu ask her plz tell me Amaya. I didnt see any pain in your eyes. Once you give a positive signal for me, i can fight with whole world to protect you. I want to die for you.Bcoz of chotu still i am alive after your rejection. Plz Ammu stay with me and be with me.Amaya:Then what about Uma?
Mantu:Leave her and look at her with different feelings.He wipe his tears and move from there.Amaya enter into hall and leave her bag on table and went into bed room. Buaji:Ammu come for harathi anf took prashad..

Kushi:She is feeling headache Buaji. Leave her….
Raman enters into Ishithas house.First he knock the door.Nobody react for that knock.So he throw the door.The door is closed without lock.He saw all switches are off.He identify nobody are there.He want to turn back then he listen Ishithas voice from her room. Raman go near the room and open the door.There he saw Ishitha crying like a small girl.He didnt bear her pain.He walk towards Ishitha and put her hand on her shoulders.She hug him without notice and look at him and cry literally like kid.Raman tight his hug and pat one of his hand from her head. She didnt stop crying.Raman control his tears and try to console her.Arjun drop Radhika and observe Ramans car there.Automatically he get down from his car.They both look that Raman and Ishitha hug each other.They stop outside only.After 5mins Mr and Mrs Iyer get down from car with kids.By hearing the horn sound Ishitha come into sence and look at Raman.They both free themselves. Ishitha come out and look Arjun stand there with Radhika.She hide her face and walk towards kids.Raman come out and ask kids to get into our car.Already we are late.Radhika tell gudnite to Arjun.Arjun left from there with his car and Raman and kids in Ramans car.

The day end with incomplete feelings……

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  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb yaar………….But Everyone’s past is Something different……….. Why Ishu is crying in the dark????And Amayas nature…….All are Different…….. Its Really an episode of Incomplete Feelings………….I loved ur ff yaar………….U have a strong storyline……………Go ahead with more interesting Twist & Turns…………….

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