A Journey of Love(Episode 26)

The episode starts with Mantu is in medical college.He discuss with principal and put some signatures.He took permission from principal and start from there.When they are leaving to office meanwhile he didnt look or talk to Amaya.Suddenly his phone rings. Amaya see the name on screen and realise that phone is from Uma.Mantu ask Amaya to lift the phone.Amaya look at him and lift the phone.He ask her put the phone near his ears.She look at him hestatingly.He ask her then atleast on the loudspeaker.She on it.Uma ask him i feel hungary. I Want to go for resturant.Mantu ask her ok come to morning tiffins resturant.I will wait for you. Uma said ok for him.After the phone conversation Amaya ask him drop me near that bus stand.I catch Auto and goto office.Mantu answer her sit clam. It is not my habit to drop any one in half journey.Amaya:Oh..It is your hobby to give lift to two persons for one position.Mantu feel sad that she misunderstands him.But feel happy that she feel jealous for Uma.

He feel happy that his plan worked.
He stop the car in front of resturant. Uma also get down from her car and ask the driver to leave. Uma hug Mantu ask him to come fast to have a juice or anything.I am mad with hungry.Mantu hold Umas hand walk towards the resturant.They both just leave Amaya and walk forward.Amaya stand there in parking place.Uma see towards Amaya and ask her to come and join.Amaya slowly walk towards them and follow them.Uma:How much innocent she is?Very pretty looking in this expression.I want to kiss her. Mantu:Dont do that.First kiss is mine only.

All three sit in a corner table and order for a light tiffin. Uma put tiffin in Mantus mouth by her hand.After drinking the coeffee he wipe her lips by tissue. Uma ask him after marriage also you took same care naa…By looking towards Amaya he said more than 100 times.Once you agree for marriage then i am the luckiest person in the world. Amaya enjoy the mantus situation at same time she feel his pain and love towards Amaya.Amaya control her feelings and behave very normal. After paying the bill they stand there infront of Resturant.Mantu go to bring the car.Uma go to buy choclates. Mantu bring the car and stop infront of Amaya.She try to sit infront seat. Uma come there and said sorry it is my place and sit in front seat.Amaya close door and sit in back seat. Mantu also shock for this situation.He try to console Amaya and want to hug her. He observe her from mirror.She hide her tears and close her eyes bcoz of restless.Mantu look at Uma.Uma look at mantu and tell sorry by holding her ears. Mantu stop car infront of office.Uma get down from car.

Mantu park his car and wake up Amaya. Amaya get down and said sorry sir.I feel restless.Without any respond she left from there.She go to her cabin and start her work.Mantu and Uma sit in cabin.Mantu hurt his hand by hit it to wall to control his anger and pain.
Uma console him and ask him to control.U wait for time.
At time of returning from hotel to office Arnav ask kushi,
Arnav:why r u restless?If you are not feeling well why you took all things on your head.
Kushi:It is my duty to present the presentation.
Arnav:I didnt talk about presentation. I talk about preparation of rasgullas. Yesterday you are not well and after thatyou prepare rasgullas.Am i right? Is that necessary for you.
Kushi:You are my boss and i respect your words.Similarly Radhu is my frnd i love to make jelabis and rasgullas for my dear ones.

Arnav:Kushi you find only angry in my eyes..nothing else..I am that much of rude.
Kushi didnt answer and look outside from mirror.Arnav expect answer from Kushi.After few sec she said that you are not to wish to see my face na.So i didnt observe your feelings in your eyes.I didnt bear the pain that any one hate me.Arnav didnt have any answer with him.
Arnav stop the car infront of office. They get down from car and enter into their section.
Arjun drop Ishitha in front of medical college.She get down and enter into campus.Raman expect that she turn back to and look at him.But she didnt.Arjun drop Anjali in house.He ask ramesh to take care of dhi. Raman get down from the car and sit beside Arjun. Raman: Arjun drop me at home.I have no imp work today in office.Arjun:Raman you have feelings on Ishitha. Raman:Yes Arjun.I have feelings on Ishitha.After five years i feel it.But i have fear and tense also.
Arjun:She is not like pooja.

Raman:I am not worried for that.I know she is not like others…Arjun:Then,why you are in fear and tense.Raman: There is some past to her.It is not mandatory for me.If i know that then i try to solve her problems and bring all happiness to her. Arjun:Why you feel that there is some hidden past to her?Raman tell about Rajendar words and now what shiva discuss with him. Arjun listen silently and understood the pain of Raman.Arjun stop the car infront of Ramans house. Raman ask him you dont send driver to pick children.I go and pick them.I want to see Ishitha and if time permits i want to share my feelings with her.Arjun nods his head and leave from there.
Arjun thinks about Radhika.Today is her bday.I didnt wish her properly.And she didnt ate properly .I need to plan some thing surprise to her.First i want to purchase a gift to her.So he stop his car infront of gift shop and purchase a greeting card and small import watch to her.Arjun park his car and walk towards his cabin.He didnt find radhika in her seat.

His eyes search for her.He reached his room and there he saw Radhika.clerck bring Radhikas phone to give it to Radhika.Clerck saw Arjun there and try to move back. Arjun called him and took that phone from him.Again the phone rings.The phone rings with the ringtone “choti pick the phone,chasini pic the phone”.Arjun hear this ring tone and feel she has different nick names…He pick the phone,immediately he hear that, Choti Happy bday.Sorry for late wishes. Your dadhaji is always first person to wish you on your bday..Any way choti take care.I know you are in office.Your maa worried about you.Your papa and brother search for you.yesterday your brother request me to tell about you.I told him only one answer”I dont know”.They took my phone and search. So,i come to PC and call to you.Dont call me for one week.God bless you choti.Dont cry,I call you chashini..Bcoz i want to see you as a charming star… Bye choti…..

Arjun enter into room and he saw she search for some papers.She took some papers from table and read the details in the papers.Arjun stand back of her with 5inches difference and ask her”What are you doing here my dear chashini” alias choti and Radhuu?Radhika turn back and see Arjun stand there and there is no gap between them.Radhika:How can you know about these names? Arjun: You told me that your loved ones called you Radhuu.But they called you Choti and chashini also. I called you Radhuu naa.Now which name i can choose for you.Radhika try to control her tears,
But she fails.Suddenly she hug him and cried.He didnt expect this and he didnt know how to react for this. Unintensinally he also hug her with one hand and pat her on head with another head.After two minutes she realise and free her hug and try to move from there.Arjun hold her hand and pull her towards him.He hold her by his right hand putting his hand around her waist and by using his left hand and put her hair properly and took tissue papers from his table and wipe her tears which scroll from her eyes to cheecks and from cheecks to chin and from chin to neck and stop his hands placing his hands there and look into her eyes.She look into his eyes in unconsious state.

He stop his hands there and pulled her near by using right hand and tight the grip around her waist.Almost she feel his breath and there is no gap between their noses and only 2inches gap between their lips.Radhika:Sir plz leave me…Arjun come into sences and free her.But hold her hand and ask her what happened Radhika?Why you didnt stay with your parents?He show her mobile and told her abot dhadajis conversation.Dadhaji called me?He wish me naaaa.It is big gift for me… My maa and paa.My sweet bro and my babhi…Arjun:Why you hide from your family radhika?Radhika feel drowzy and fell on floor. Arjun bring water pour some water droplets on her.He lift her and place her on sofa.He give water to her. Then he remember that morning she didnt eat properly.He ask her use his waiting room and fresh up and come fast. We have an urjent conference to attend. She nod her head.After 5min she come out from waiting room.Arjun stare a romantic look at her.In her red color dress she is looking pretty. Radhika:Can we move?

Radhika followed Arjun and sit in the car.He didnt talk any thing when he is in drive.She notice that they are crossing the city.But she didnt ask him.He read her feelings and ask her i drop you in evening.She nod her head and slowly went into sleep.After 10min slowly she lay her head on his shoulders and hold his hand. He just see at her and hold her by his left hand and drive slowly without any disturbance.

Arjun sit in his cabin and look at kushi from the glass window.She is busy in her work.He think how can i talk with her.Why i feel for her.Intially my plan was trap her by using sensitive feelings and reach her to find about Amaya.Now i am not ready to hurt her.How can i know about Amaya? How can i control my feelings towards her? Why this girl is too innocent?

Kushi knock the door and put juice glass on his table.Arnav ask her kushi wait a minute.Kushi stop and look at him.Arnav:plz take your seat. Kushi:It is ok..Arnav:I want to talk with you.plz.

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    Its Superb yaar…….Its gng interesting much more day by day…….I Really loved it…….

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    Hw cn Arnav tink lke tat?????I din lke hs earlier plan…..n anyway it wud NT wrk n Khushi……….she s sensible n innocent took……infact evry girl s innocent…….I lve all f tem……did u know our Amaya gt a nw serial……

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