A Journey of Love(Episode 25)

The episode starts in Iyer house.
After completing their breakfast they want to move from there.All four stand in garden.
Mantu:Can you do a favour for me.I want a ride with Amaya.plzzzzzz…..
Arjun:Hey….They didnt go with proper breakfast.They didnt expect us that we are hete in morning.He explain total conversation he heared from kitchen.
They listen it and feel that these girls very good and sensitive from heart.
Ishitha:Amma dont give the upper portion to students.It is better to give for a small family.
Kushi and Amaya here those words and ask Ishitha about that.
Ishitha:We have two floor house.we want to give first floor for rent
Kushi:If you permits we want to shift here.Bcoz,our owner increase our rent. Due to some problems we are not ready to bear that much of amount for rent. How amount you expect?
Mr.Iyer:No beta.It is not matter of amount.We expect good family…..If it is your family we are happy.

Radhika:Then we four togeather share our moments.It is very funny time for us.
Ishitha and Amma feel happy.If you are here then i have four daughters.
Pinky:Then wat about me Auntyji?
Ishitha:You and Ruhi are younger daughters….
Chotu,He ran towards Iyer and hug him.Chotu:Then what about me uncle. All girls are one party.you decide me my position.
Iyer:You are the prince of this house.
Amaya:How can we leave u chotu?You are our sweet and cute chotu.
He ran towards them and hug Amaya.
Ruhi is in kushis hand.Pinky put her hands towards Ishithas neck and put her chin on Ishithas shoulder.

Radhika:Nobody are there for Radhuuu…?
Then Anjali hold Radhus hand and smile towards them.
By standing out side of window all four see and hear this conversation and feel happy that their sisters and brother are very happy.
Ishitha:Already Ravan kumar was angry on me.Amma we want meet siva regarding Anjali dhi.It is already late. We can move…..
Mantu:Ravan kumar…….?What a pet name yaar….
Kushi:Yah…Yeah lord governer also staring angry look on me.Its better to leave….
Remaining three look at Arnav and they control their laugh.
Radhika:Arjun sir……Akadoo and Khadoos…It is very easy to cool him…
Raman:Akadoo it is sutabile for you man…
Iyer:Dont say like that.They are good from heart.
All four girls agree for that and took blessings from them and leave from there.
These four guys stand infront of gate.
Pinky:We want to stay here for some time bhai…
Ruhi and Chotu:Plzzzz……
Raman:Sit in driving seat and open the front door.
Arjun ask Ishitha to sit in front seat. He hold Anjali dhi and they both sit in back seat.
Arjun:I send driver after 3:00pm.Then you people come in this car and give his car keys to pinky.
Arnav:I have an important meeting in our hotel only.Regarding that bridal dress designs.So,Mantu you better leave with Amaya.
Raman:Before going to office once goto medical college and then goto office mantu.Principal sir ask you for some signs.

Raman leave from there.Arnav asks Mantu is this drive is ok for you.
Mantu look at him and smile.
Arnav ask kushi to sit in his car.She look towards his scooty.Arnav told that we to geather attend for that meeting.We go in car and sit in driving seat.Kushi look at Amaya and sit in the car.Arnav starts the car and leave from there.
Mantu bring his car and stop in front of Amaya.Amaya sit in his car without a single word.
Radhika took kushis two wheeler and leave from there.
Raman drive very clam and he didnt spell a single word.Ishitha ask him to stop infront of Shivas house.
All four get down and went near the front door and ping the calling bell.
Srevent open the door and ask them to sit in the hall.
Ishitha:Where is Dr.Shiva…
Servent:He is bussy with Ananya.It is time for her feeding.
They four sit in the hall.After 10mins he get down from the stair.
Ishitha:Hai shiva.Hw r u?

Shiva hug Ishitha and they stay like that more than a minute.
Raman feel that some one took his precious diamond from his hand. He made a sound by clearing his mouth.
They break their hug and control their tears.Raman and Arjun look at them and they dont know why they have tears.Shiva:How are you Ishu?
Ishitha:I am fine shiv.Hw is Ananya?
Where is she?
Shiva called her maid ask her to bring Ananya.
Shiva ask them to take their places. Raman and Arjun wish him.Shiva nod his head and ask them to sit. Maid bring Ananya and give to him.
Ananya is a one year child with cute looking.Anjali stand from her place and took Ananya from his hand. Shiva is in surprise,bcoz she didnt go to anybody.She always stay with shiva or her maid shanta.Shanta is 50year old lady.Anjali took Ananya from there.
Ishitha introduce Raman and Arjun to Shiva.She descript Anjalis problem with Shiva.
Shiva:Raman plz give complete information about Anjali.Then only i go with better solution.
Raman look at Arjun.Arjun bend his head and look at floor.

Raman:Actually she is sharp and hyper active.From past five years onwards she will be like this.She didnt leave her room and didnt talk with anyone expect we four who are brothers and family friends.Bcoz she loved one person very truely.we all accept her love and try to do their marriage.After their engagement he ask us that he want to took her to their farm house.We accept for that bcoz we think they are lovers and to be partners.They return back from house.At that time our uncle was in big problem.He lost his property becoz of his partners.we are try to over come that problem we heared another shocking news from groom side that they cancelld the marriage bcoz we lost our property.We try to console them.Anjali cried every day.We take care of her.After one month,One day she feel sick and unconsious.We know that she is pregnant.We lost ourselves. We dont know how to console her.Our uncle beat Anjali very bad bcoz of frustation.Actually she is pet to uncle.
Nextday she took sleeping pills and try to commit sucide.We admit her in hospital.Doctor told us that they save Anjali but she was abort.When we return back from hospital uncle slept in his chair.Afterwards we realise he was expired by bearing all shocks.All these happen infront of our eyes.We bear thay loss and decide to stand on our feet.But after uncles death and her abort she didnt talk to anybody, she forget to smile,eat,sleep. From past one week we observe a small change in her….Raman stop and look at Shiva.
Shiva:What change Raman.She met any new persons recently.

Raman look at Ishitha,And describe about bday party of Ruhi,next how she talk to Arjun and pepare dinner,and today bday get togeather..He said she met these four girls recently.And she took Ananya from your hand and play with her is really shock for us.
Shiva:That means she feel comfortable with you and your friends Ishitha.Second she try to forget or she want to move with people.may be she want to move on in life.If we go for treatment it will workot for her.He turn his head and identify her.She played with her and feel that her smile is so cute.He identify that ananya is very comfort with her.
Arjun:Shiva ,Rally my dhi..is so good. She didnt do any mistake.Dont think wrong about her and her character.
Shiva:No Arjun.Never feel like that. In fact in first meeting only i feel you are very close to me.And you are related to my darling Ishu.
Raman stare angry look at shiva. Ishitha hit shiva on shoulder and pinch him.He just hug her and kiss her on forehead.Raman feel very iritatingly. Shiva observe his feelings from his eye corner.Raman ask shiva about treatment.shiva:First one week i want to observe her.Then i start it. Raman:Where is Ananyas mother?
Shiva point his finger to one direction..Arjun and Raman trun their faces towards that direction and see a pic on wall with garland.
Ishitha:Sanju …my best friend….
They are ready to move.Shiva try to took Ananya from Anjali.But she hold Anjali and look at shiva.Shiva took Ananya from Anjali and give to shanta.Arjun and Raman look at her very effictionatly.

When they are ready to move Shiva called Raman.
Shiva:Raman,can i ask one thing?
Raman nod his head.Ishitha took Anjali and walk towards the car.Arjun bring the car and stop infront of them.Anjali sit in front seat beside Arjun.Shiva:Raman you have any feelings on Ishitha.I observe your feelings and anger on me when i hug and kiss her.
But dont took in another way.She is my best buddy and almost like my sister.My hug and kiss is only i show concern on her.
After so many days i saw Ishitha very happy.I dont know reason.I think she forget her past and try to lead a new life.She is too good Raman.I hear your name in her mouth frequently when we met.She bear a lot in her past.If you have feelings on her she is lucky.If she has feelings on you you are the luckiest person.

Raman:what about her past shiva?
It is not mandatory for me.If i know it i try to reduce her pain.
Shiva:It is not time to discuss about it. But def i share with you.Nobody cant know about her than me.
Ajun press car horn and look at them.
Raman and Shiva hug each other and it is friendly and proper hug.Both feel it.Raman said sorry to Shiva and leave.
Raman and Ishitha sit in back seat. Arjun drive very calm.Raman sit and look at Ishitha.Ishitha look outside from mirror.She enjoy by seeing the nature.Anjali close her eyes and sleep.
Suddenly Raman holds Ishithas hand and look into her eyes.Ishitha look at him.Arjun observe this from mirror but he didnt talk anything at that time.But Raman didnt leave her hand and tight it and close her eyes.
Arnav and Kushi wait in the confrence hall in the hotel.That hotel is under their maintainance only.She feel tense.
Arnav:Why you feel so tense?
You think about lord governer who stare angry look at you.
Kushi look at him with open mouth.
When kushi ready to answer him the conference hall door is opened. Mr.Khana and his son entere into the hall.By look them Arnav wish them.

Mr.Khannas son see kushi and look at her with different look.He spell very beautiful…Arnav notice him and control his feelings and anger. Arnav ask Kushi to explain the presentation.Kushi did it very excellent.Arnav looks at her very admire.He didnt except that much of good communication from her.He saw another angle in her.After cimpletion of presentation Arnav show the designs designed by kushi and explains him about the models and comforts in that models.Kushi identify some changes in those designs.She like thise changes very much.Arnav ask him if you are satisfied with these designs then we go for further process and complete the paper work.Khanas son replied for that ask your designer come to our office.There we discuss with our senior staff and finalise. Arnav look at him and answer to his father if you want to finalise with one more presentation you fix one date for that.I will do all arrangements. Bcoz my employees respect and safety is imp for me. Bcoz Arnav knows that khans son is a womeniser.Mr.Khanna is good bcoz of that reason Arnav give respectable answer.Mr.Khana also know that.Khanna answer him no need Arnav i finalise this deal.I dont want to loose this deak.I am waiting from two years onwards to develop an association with your RAAM associates. They complete their paper work and final the deal. After completing all formalities Mr.Khannas son ask kushi,Leave this company.I give more salary and comforts to you than this company provides to you now.

Kushi look at him and answer him which type of comforts sir?They provide family atmosphere to our staff.I think any comfort is not more than family.Second salary..I dont work for salary.If i want more salary then i ask our management to increase my salary and i work hard for that.So dont think unnecessary about me. Arnav and Khanna listen this conversation.Khanna said to Arnav: beta i know you people business sceret. But for me god give that son without any use. Khanna hug Arnav with effictionate and said dorry for his sons behaviour. Arnav no no uncle. Def he will change.Khanna leave with his son. Arnav thanks to kushi for her support towards company. Kushi answer him its my responsibility no need of thanks for it. Kushi ask Arnav sir i feel hungry.Can i go with one coeffe.Then Arnav remember Arjun words about their breakfast.He nod his head and walks towards resturant. Kushi follows him..

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