A Journey of Love(Episode 24)

The scene starts with Kushi and Amaya,and the time is 12:00AM..Kushi:Today is Radhus bday.Amaya:Tomarrow mrg we buy a gift to her.Kushi:Not only gift we took fresh rasgullas from our shop.Amaya:Can we call her and wish her.Kushi:ok….Then give that phone…
They both call to Radhus mobile. Ishitha lift the phone.Kushi recognise her voice and ask about radhika. Ishitha:Why so urjent?Is anything serious?Kushi:No,Ishithaji,Tomarrow is Radhus bday.We want to give surprise to her by our wishes.Ishitha:She is in deep sleep kushi.Do one thing tomarrow you come to our house. We three give a big surprise to her and make her day special.Kushi and Amaya like that idea and agree for that. Ishitha enter into study room and decorate with ballons and color papers.
Next day mrng in Arnavs house:
Dadhi come to Ruhis room for ramu. She was in shock that Arnav holds Ruhis hand and slept beside her.She felt happy for that.Ramu slept in Ruhis room beside the bed. Ramu didnt leave Ruhi alone.He work in that house from his childhood onwards.He is one year younger than Arnav.Arnav treat him as a brother only.Dhadhi go near to Ramu and ask him to getup..He ask what dadhi?Why so early?

Dadhi:Sh……see there.
She point her ginger towards Arnav and Ruhi.
Ramu:Wow dadhi..Is this true?
Dadhi:first come out from this room.
They both left from that room and feel happy for Arnav and Ruhi.
Dadhi:I know krishna bhagvan listen my prayers….
The scene shift to park…
The four friends sit on bench and feel so happy after so many days…..
They laugh by seeing each other and try to share all their feelings.
Raman:Hey ,I talk to Ishitha about our Anjali dhi.She tell that her friend is good to handle this type of dipression cases.So i hope anjali become normal in few more days.
Arjun:Yah Raman.I hope best. Yesterday she prepared food for me and she wait for me…..After so many years i eat food made by dhi….
Mantu:Really good news yaar…You know yesterday i saw new angle in Arnav.I want to explain it to you…..
Arnav stare angry look at him.And try to divert that topic…….
Arnav:He explain ruhis nightmare and how he feel….He said i have lot of love on Ruhi…But i have fear in my mind and heart…..So till now i control my feelings on her.Now i decided Ruhi is my sister.Nobody has no rights on her.
Raman:Even for us…..

Arnav:No no…..We are friends,brothers and family ….Without you three i didnt lead my life…
All four had tears in their eyes and have a great big hug…..
Ishitha call to Raman and ask him to bring Anjali dhi and her previous reports also.
Raman:Ok Ishitha..Sharp 9:00 clock.
Ishitha:No sir…I have another important work…So…..plz……It sounds good for10:00 clock…
Raman:What is your important work?
Ishitha:Today is My friend Radhikas bday….So a small treat to her..Kushi and Amaya also come here.so 10:00 is pakka Ramanñnn sir….
Raman:Your friend bday naaa.Then we will be there at 10.Convay my wishes to Radhika….In short time you four become good friends naaa….
Ishitha:haaa….Ok bye….sir.
Arjun stood that today is Radhus bday.But he didnt know why he feel for her.He said to Raman that we goto Ishithas house with Anjali dhi.Then we together meet the doctor.
Raman:She told me that she put the address of the doctor
But Raman also like that idea.He control his feelings and ask Arnav and Mantu also join with us.His plan is Amaya is also come to Ishithas house. So he want to use this situation..

Arnav looks at Mantu and observe his feelings.
Mantu said to them it is already 6:30AM so leave from here and join in Ramans house.
Ishitha:Radhu get up yaar.Already it is 6:30AM.
Radhika:Wait for 5mins….plz
Ishitha:No way…..Then you will be late to office….get up.
Radhika get up from bed and goto wash room.Ishitha leave the room and ask her maa to prepare kheer to her.
Ishitha check the dining table.Madhu and Ishitha prepare Aloo paratha, paneer tikka and Black grape juice.
Madhu brings kheer and put that one on table.Ishitha said that all are ok maa.At the same time Kushi and Amaya enter into the house. Kushi put the cake on table and said it was prepared by Amaya and these Rasgullas are prepared by me.
Ishitha ask them to wait in the study room.They enter into study room and put the cake on table and set the remaining arrangements.
Radhika come out of the room with normal dress.Madhu look at her and walk towards her.
Madhu:Radhika why you wear normal dress?
Radhika:What happened to this dress maaa?
Madhu give a new dress to her and ask her to wear the dress.
Radhika wear that dress.She looking charm in that dress.
She ask maa,How can you know red color is my favourite color.
Ishitha ask her to do pooja to god.
Radhika ask her whats todays special?

Ishitha ask her do what i say.Radhika do pooja to lord and return back to hall.Ishitha close her eyes and took her into study room.She open her eyes and she is in shock that kushi and Amaya are there.All three shouted loudly and wish her happy bday Radhuuuuuuuuuuuuu………
Radhika ask them how did you people know this?Ishitha said her kushi give this information to me.Kushi smiled at her and said her on our first meeting in cafteria you spell it.I remember that.Bcoz after Honey i feel so comfortable with You two only…..I feel that you are my buddies.All four go with big hug.
Madhu and Iyer happy to see all four are happy.Bcoz after 4to5 years they saw real happiness in their daughter eyes.
They hear a car horn sound infront of their house.Mr.Iyer open the door….
Ishitha:Who is that Papaa?
Pinky,Ruhi and chotu ran towards them and hug them.They ask Ishitha why didnt you come yesterday teacher?Ishitha looks at Raman face..
And tell sorry to them.
Ruhi go and hugs kushi and ask her where is my Jelebi?Kushi answer her no jelebi today.you go with Rasgullas…. Ruhi nods her head.Chotu goes to Amaya and hold her hand.He ask in her ears where is my choclate. She hold his hand and kiss him and said that i dont know you also come here. Next time pakkaaa promise.And they both go with Hi-Fi.Pinky stand near Ishitha and observe how Ruhi and Chotu ask them about sweets and choclates.Ishitha ask them who bring you here?
Anjali stand there and look the decoration and all.Anjali ask them in low voice’whose bday is today’.
Ishitha look at her amd ask her to sit.Then she realise that she didnt put doctor address to Raman.
Ishitha:Sorry sir..I forgot to put message.

Raman:Bcoz of that only we are here and stare angry look at her.
Ishitha welcome them and show the study room.Arjun and Arnav walks very fast into study room.Bcoz Arjun want to wish Radhika and Arnav want to see kushis state.All reached to study room.
Ishitha arrange some chairs there and ask them to sit.
Madhu and Iyer ask Radhika to cut the cake.Radhika feel surprise and happy for this and ask them to bless her.
She cut the cake and put the first piece to Madhu and Iyer.They bless her. Next Radhika give cake piece to children then Anjali.Anjali wish her. Ishitha serve cake to Raman and ask him really sorry sir.Dont be serious sir. Raman:ok leave it.Dont feel tense.
Arjun observe Radhika,she try to be very normal.He identify tears in her eyes.He feel that now he is helpless to control her tears.
Mantu looks at Amaya and ask Kushi about her health.She said i am ok sir. Arnav looks at her.She is normal today.He didnt find any fear and sarrow traces in her face.
Madhu call them for brakfast.Raman said to her we already had it maaa.
Iyer ask them take a light breakfast.

All three kids run towards dining table.Radhika hold Anjalis hand and took her near to the table.
Ishitha leave the room talking to his friend about Anjalis Appointment.Raman followed her. Amaya go to dining table and serve breakfast to kids.Mantu looks at her.Bcoz today she is so good in peach and blue color dress.
Arjun sit in hall and look at Radhika. When Radhika look at him he turn his eyes otherwise he look at her.
Kushi is in study room and clean the room and set things properly. Arnav walks towards her and stand behind her.Her heart beat increases and she just turn back,Arnav stands there and look at her.Kushi:Gudmrg sir.Arnav:Now only you notice me to wish..
Kushi:It is not like that sir….
Arnav:Why you are here?you are not feeling well then why cant you take rest?
Kushi:It is not a big problem. sometimes it happens to me. With two to three hours it will be normal.
By giving this answer kushi try to leave from there.Raman hold her hand and ask him how dare you are?When i am hear to talk with you ,you are not suppose to leave….Kushi:Sir my hand is paining….plz leave me sir.Next time i cant do it sir.Kushi(unintensionally): plz lord governer…..Arnav want to leave her hand but hearing lord governer from her mouth he tight his grip and pull her.She turn towards him and they had a eye lock. Mantu knock on the door and ask him to come for breakfast.Arjun leave her hand and stare angry look to Mantu.Mantu control his laugh and leave from there. Radhika put items in plate and give it to Arjun.Arjun hold the plate and Wish her happy bday Radhu……She stare into his eyes and tell him thank you sir.Arjun ask her what happened Radhika.I feel that you are not 100 percent happy.Radhika answer him nothing like that sir.I am ok……and hide her tears and leave from there. Even though Arjun notice her tears and feel something…..

Arnav came from study room and sit near Mantu.Kushi put items in plate and try to give it to Mantu.Arnav took that plate from her hand and said that its for me…Amaya bring another plate and give it to Mantu. Arnav stare at kushi that she is good in Pink color chuddi with gold color duppatta.
Ishitha complete her discussion with her friend and now how many sorries i want to tell for Ravan Kumar for not mesage him.She turn back and see Raman stand there with 5inches gap and listen her words. She walk fastly into the hall and Raman look at her that she is very cool in this lavender color dress.
Chotu:Arnav bhayya..see Ruhi eat mire Rasgullas here and ask kushi dhi for another one.
Arnav look at Ruhi..Amays:No problem sir.They ate home made and prepare by kushi with less sweet.
Ruhi:Why you are complaining on me? You also eat three pieces of cake and ask Amaya dhi for fourth cake piece.
Kushi:Its ok Ruhi…Dont cmplain on each other.Cake was prepared by Amaya only with out any chemicals.
You both eat what you want?
Pinky:Radhika dhi i want another paratha?
Mantu(in low voice):Arey baba give one clarification to these kids.Orherwise they fix that they are dhidhis for them.Arnav and Arjun nods their heads. Mantu is shock that Arjun also react for his statement…

Mantu look at Amaya.She is vey cute today and feel sad to her for the pain he give to her
Ishitha give tiffin plate to Raman and Mr.Iyer.
Iyer:Taste the Paneer tikka Raman. Ishitha prepared it very well….
Actually paneer tikka is not liked item to Raman.
Madhu calk Ishitha from kitchen only. Ishitha goto kitchen…Along with Ishitha remaining three also go there.
Madhu:I dont know they come here na… I think tiffin was not sufficient to you people.All four at a time said her not to be worry maanGuests are first and we are next.If they are satisfied it is ok for us.Ishitha u prepare kheer for Radhika na.You put it in her mouth.Remaining three kheer is there.We go with that that is enough for us..Arjun go gor handwash near the sink and hear this conversation.

Raman:Arnav you didnt like sweets na. Then why you are trying to eat Rasgulla.leave it yaar…
Arnav:How can i leave it in guest house. So……
Mantu:May be today onwards home made sweets are favourite dish to Arnav.
After that Madhu serve grape juice to all.
Arnav:Maa Arjun didnt drink grape juice..He didnt like grape.eSo it is also for me.
Arjun look at Arnav.How can we do like this Arnav.When we are guests here like you only i drink grape juice,like how eat rasgulla and how Mantu eat choclate cake and still Raman eat paneer tikka…If you people maintain table manners i also followyou people.
All four laugh seeing each other. expect Mantu remaining has no clarity on their feelings.Even though they like to accept to eat their dislikes.

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