A Journey of Love(Episode 23)

A Journey of Love(Episode23)The episode starts with Ishitha, Raman and pooja. Raman said that Ishitha belongs to me.We belongs to VIP category.Raman:she is not your type.She is educated and from good family.Pooja:Oh….., I am MBA from top most university. What is your girl friends basic graduation.Raman:Hahaha……You know, I completed my MBA and MS from texas university.My girlfriend is MBBS and she is topper of that batch.Another thing from next month onwards she is doing her PG in pediatrics in one of the Mumbai top most university.Pooja looked with confusion face bcoz she know that Raman is from middle class family…Pooja ready to give some answer to Raman, Then Akhil wish him …Gudevng Raman sir….Akhil:Sir….you are here? Under you only there are five star and three star hotels in mumbai.Raman:Arey Akhil…..Hw r you? How about your new business?AAkhil:With your support…All is good.Ha sir, She is pooja.My childhood frnd and my to be life partner.Since three years onwards we are in love.Pooja is in shock and Raman stares angry look at her.Pooja:Akhil can we move…Raman:Arey Akhil join me for a coeffee….Akhil:With plessure sir….Come pooja ……

There is no option to pooja.Raman and Ishitha sit one side of the table, Akhil and pooja sit other side..Raman adjust the chair and ask Ishitha to sit comfort. He hold her hand and ask her dont feel nervous, I am with you only.Ishitha is in shock with Ramans behaviour, but she is sharp. She understand that there is something between Raman and Pooja.She try to behave normally with Raman.Raman try to tell number of things to Ishitha with his eyes only….She also give reply to Raman with her eyes.Infront of pooja Raman show over concern on Ishitha.Pooja fumes for their bonding.Pooja:Akhil,I am not feeling well.Can we move?Akhil:Sorry sir…And thanks for your coeffee..On the way to move poojas house Akhil unintensionally he tell all details about Raman and his friends and their association.He tell that in mumbai RAAM associates is the top most and in country almost it is in top 10 to 20.Pooja listen very calm and still she have a doubt…. So she go through internet and check about him……

The scene shift to Raman and Ishitha…Raman:I am sorry Ishitha…..Ishitha:For what sir…Raman:Can I drop you?Ishitha:My two wheeler…Raman called his driver and give two wheeler keys and adk him to leave the vechicle in our house.Ishitha didnt talk any thing.They both sit in car.Raman drive the car very slowly……Raman:I want to share one thing with you, after that I want to tell onething with you…Ishitha looks at him… He turn his eyes….bcoz already he is ready to burst.Rraman:She(pooja) is my first crush and love in my life.When we are in graduation we both are pair….All college students talk about us.. I am college topper and I am football player. Athiradh was another player from our college. Our college management declared me as a captain. With in six months we are going to national comptetions. At that time she entered into my life. She told me that she loved me. I feel that it was true.I Love her.I neglect my studies and my practice…With in six months my life was changed.First shock was Athiradh was captain to our team and second shock was for me two back logs in my semester.Even though I didnt feel…Bcoz my entire day was pooja….After that I know that pooja is Athiradhs lover.They both played a plan for football team captain.I completely lost my senses.From that day onwards I hate women and love.She said to me that I am middle class family and I am not able to see her foot.She ask me “How can you expect that I love you?At that moment I feel I am not sutabile to anything…..After that my world was changed….Ishitha:I know you are good from heart.Leave your past and go with your future.They reached to Ishithas home, she asked him to come inside.He drop her and just return his car and leave from there.

All reached their respective houses…..
Arnavs house: Arnav come out from his bed room to take water.He is disturbed with kushi.He want to know her past.He feel restless.Before going to his room he saw the lights were on in Ruhis room. Ruhi slept on bed by holding his pic and the bday gift presented by him. Tears scroll in his eyes and try to retun back then he observe that Ruhi is in nightmare.Ruhi (in sleep):Bhai, I love you bhai. You are my world.Plz be with me.I am very lonely in my life. By listening this he sit bedide her and hold her hand.In sleep only Ruhi holds Arnavs hand tightly and ask him dont leave me bhai…..By listening this Arnav burst and ask her to sleep.He also sleep beside her.Ruhi hug him and sleep peacefully.

In Mantus house:He think about Amaya. How she hold his hand and how she stare angry look at him….He feel sad for giving pain to Amaya.He want to know her past.Mantu(himself):Sorry Amaya…Tomarrow also you are ready to face Uma and me very close.I know you have feelings on me.I try my level best to reach you Amaya.

In Arjuns house:Arjun happily reached home there he saw Anjali sit in front of dining table.He forget his happiness and walk towards Anjali.Arjun:Why you are sitting here dhi? Anjali:Arjun…I feel hungry.I prepare your favourite dishs including Apple milk shake.Arjun has no words.After four years Anjali leave her room and waiting for him.He didnt control her tears and hug her.Anjali console him..After dinner he put his head on Anjalis lap and sleep like a kid. In his sleep also he think that there is some disturbance in Radhikas face when she talk about her parents.So, he want to know that and want to sort her problems.

In Ramans house:He think about his past.But today he didnt feel bad for it. He remember rajendar words about Ishitha.He want to know her past and make things and surrounding better to her.
In Ishithas house:Radhika and Ishitha slept on the bed.First Radhika asks Ishitha, How is your day Ishu.Ishitha:Ha, today something new in my day.I dont know….but today was quit intresting.Radhu,how about your day?Radhika:It was cool with different flavours….Ishitha:flavours……..?Radhika:i.e it was good today.Their mind think about something and thier discussion is something…..

In Kushis house: Amaya sit beside kushi…..and think about Mantu and Uma.Why I am thinking about him? Is Really I have feelings on him? If yes, how can I control those feelings.If he know my past…Then also he can feel for me?Suddenly kushi shouts and open her eyes….Kushi look at Amaya.Amaya hug her and console her. Kushi:How can I reach home Amaya? I am locked in the lord governers room.Amaya:Dont call him like that.Today he only save you and bring us house.And explain each and every thing to her.Kushi:Honey……Really he show that much amount of concern on me.Amaya:ha kushi.

They both think about in different prespectives.Kushi:It is better that we cange from this house.The owener increases the house rent.It is difficult to maintain our expenses.Babuji spend lot of time in shop only..,.Amaya:Bcoz of me babuji was in this state….I am problem to babuji, buaji and for you.Kushi:No no honey, dont think like that.Devimayya wrote good future for us also….We wait for that day…The clock struck 12, Suddenly kushi remember one thing.Honey,do you remember today is Radhus bday.

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  1. Radhu means radhika na wowww all r in love yeahhhh

    1. Still the girls didnt realise they were in love.

  2. Subhadha amazing!

  3. awesome ff…………………… plz yaar update it daily and iam a big fan of ur ff………………… seriously a die hard fan

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Wow…..All are in love…….I think Radhus birthday become Awesome…..

  5. Nice episode dear.

  6. Spellbound ? I love this ff

  7. Plz try to write it daily I m really big fan of our ff …… plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yar

  8. Due to mobile problem i didnt upload ftom twodays.sorry for late my dear buddies.

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  12. I dont have words to.express this ff its just mindblowing keep it up yar

  13. at last u unfolded ramans past………….i feel sry 4 hm……….ishi s so sharp………….wen ll u unfold evry1 elses past???????????????? anjali di’s change s drastic……arjun u need nt take hr 2 any doc……tke hr 2 ur lady love…………yes rads ll cure hr………..if 1 encounter wth hr c mke tis mch change…ten wat f she stays wth tem 4 soooooooooo lng??????????????it wud b wonderfull……………….wow its rads b’day…..wat surprise r tey gonna give hr?????????????doeasarjun know its hs lady love’s b’day?????????????wat ll he gift hr????????????

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  15. Awesome episode,wowwww all pairs thinking about their respective mates..lovelyyyyyy narration. …all guys want to know their girls past n thinking to cure it…girls too worried about the boys….in fact arjun dreaming about rads…lol….so sweeeeeet story, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

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