A Journey of Love(Episode 22)

The episode starts with Amaya hold Mantus hand and said him again she remember her past…….May be she is unconsious bcoz of that dark room.Mantu look at Amayas face. She cried like a little child.Mantu wipe her tears and said dont worry we are here only…..Then Amaya realiase that she hold his hand..She leave his hand and followed Arnav.

Arnav:MantuYou sit in driving seat. Amaya open back door,Arnav sit in back seat along with kushi..Amaya has no option…So she sit infront seat beside Mantu.
Arnav:Take the car and go to their house.I call doctor directly to their house…
Mantu nods his head and continue his driving.Amaya is scared with this incident.
Kushi hold Arnavs hand tightly and said dont do this with me..plz leave me.I am scared….Any body are there plz save me…..Dont come near me…I am not that type of girl……Plz …….Arnav look her and ask her be calm kushi.Dont worry.. I am with you.I protect you…..Once open your eyes and look at me….Plz kushi look at me.Nobody didnt touch you when i am with you…Kushi open your eyes……

Mantu is shocked for this conversation.First time Mantu hear this type of words from his mouth…Mantu looks at Amaya. Amaya look at Kushi only with teary eyes.Arnav look her face and control his feelings…Kushi hold his shirt collor tight with one hand and adjust her head on Arnavs lap with some peaceful face.Still she is unconsious only…..Really you are with me only naaa.Dont leave me….. Arnav hold her hand tight and nod his head.Mantu observe this from mirror.Arnav look at Amaya. Amaya said to Arnav:

Amaya:I am surprised sir.she is scared to stay in dark rooms.If she scared bcoz of dark rooms it took two to three days for her.This is first time i saw her face very peacefully even in unconsious state.

Mantu:We reached your home Amaya.Get down and call your Maa or any one….If you took kushi inside your house we leave from here..
Arnav:It is not time for that Mantu.Open the door.I took kushi inside their house.
Mantu open the door.Arnav lift kushi and followed Amaya. Amaya show their room,Arnav place kushi on bed and try to move back.Kushi hold his collor tight and ask him you promise me that you didnt leave me na…Arnav saw her face….It is not peacefully..He sit beside her and said i am with you only…..And put his hand on her forehead and pat her like a small kid.Mantu stand behind window and observe Arnav. Amaya called buaji and papaji.Buaji said your papaji didnt come from shop.I am in tense.What can we do now? Mantu said her,Dont worry chachiji.We already inform to doctor.He is on the way…
Buaji:Shukriya beta.

Bhuaji enter into kushis room and controlled her tears.Four years passed.Still you are suffering with that pain.I dont know how many years you bare this pain? Arnav listen her words and remember Amayas conversation and understood that she is suffering with some problem and that is from her past.

Mantu bring doctor into the room. He observe her and gave an injection.He tell she is scared and i think she didnt eat anything from morning.Bcoz of that she is unconsious.Dont worry.She will be alright for morning.Most propably with in two hours she got into consious. Mantu gave fees to doctor and send him.
Buaji gave coffee to Mantu and Arnav.They have it and try to leave from there.Buaji hold her hands and said thanks to them to save her pagal bachhi.Their papaji and me alive for these kids only.Mantu said dont worry Arnav and me are there to save and protect them(With naughty voice).
Aranv:I left my phone inside the room,i bring that one.you start the car.
Mantu is ready to leave,Amaya call him and tell thanks to him. Mantu nods his head… and ask her only thanks…..

Amaya look at him seriously.
Mantu:ok ok.Dont look like that.I am scared for your looks…..
Mantu observe that Arnav look at kushi with teary eyes and cover the blanket properly to her.
Mantu sit in driving seat and waiting for Arnav.Arnav come and sit behind him.Mantu drive the car slowly.They both are in different thoughts…They didnt talk with each other.
Raman sit in coffee shop and read the msg from Ishitha. She msg him i will be ther at 6pm.
Raman(to him self):Already it is 6:30pm.Still she didnt come.I am waiting here from past one and half hour.I already drank four variates of coffees……
Arjun and Radhika sit in a icecream
corner.Arjun sit in front of table and look at radhika who played with kids in game zone.After 15mins she come and sit infront of him.
Arjun:Radhika, Is that family is your relatives?
Radhika:No sir. I dont know who are they?
Arjun:You called her dhi and took their children to game zone.
Radhika:Haha.I saw they face difficulty to handle them.They already order the icecream.If the kids are with them how can they eat icecream sir? So i took kids to game zone.Atleast the couple happily spend 15mins with each other naaa.

Dadhaji told me that my father didnt spend his time with my mother after my brother and me born to them.Even though my mom always support my dad and my dad love my mom more than us.She control her tears……
Arjun:What happened radhika,Why are you crying?
Radhika:Home sick sir.I just remember my parents…….
Arjun:Then call to your parents and talk with them radhika….
Radhika:No no……Nothing like that….Sir where is my ice cream. I feel so much hungry.I want strawberry and choclate flavors and i want stick icecream also with mango flavour…….
Arjun order icecrems to her and he order one apple juice.
Radhika:I dont like apple,i want black grape.
Arjun smile for her kiddish behaviour and he cancle apple and order two black grape juice.
The server bring all items and put infront of them.
Radhika look at them and ask,All these are for me only na….
Arjun nod his head and stare at her while she ate icecreams.

Radhika:Sir,This one is so nice. Taste it naaa…And she put one spoon in his mouth.Arjun automatically open his mouth and taste it.Arjun realise it and smile for it.But Radhika didnt think about it and share it with him by using same spoon.
Arjun(himself):Is girl really completed B.Arc and Specially trained for interior design?
After completed all these items and she ask him where is my stick icecream?
Arjun ask for it and give it to her. She open it and start eating.Her lips and tongue color is changed into orange color.He saw it and her you go for any order..
Radhika said enough for me.
Radhika:Sir is my lips and tongue color change to thick orange color or not.If not i feel bad.If yes our friendship is good.
The scene shift to Coeffee shop:
Raman:Now the time is 6:30 naaaa.
Ishu:Sorry sir.Emergency case in hospital…….
Raman:What is your dream Ishitha?
Ishitha:To become a good mom to my kids…….

Ishitha:To become a children specialist.May be up to my end of life it will be my dream only…..
Raman:Why…?You continue your studies….
Ishitha give a simple smile to him.
Raman:Ishitha you remember Anajali dhi….
Raman:Can you suggest a good doctor for her.After three years she open her mouth yesterday in your house only….
Ishitha:What happened to her?Why she is like that?
Raman didnt open alĺ scerect infront of her but give basic information about her….
Ishitha:Yah… one of my frnd is good in that profession.I consult him and took appointment with him.
Raman:Do that favour for us.

Second one is…..Take this cover and open it.Open it when you reached to your home not now.
Ishitha order two cold coffees two them..
While he talk with Ishitha a couple walk towards him and stand infort of Isharas table…
Raman face turned into pale and he is so angry….His look like an arrogant….m
Ishitha observe this what happened to you …
Raman:Why are you standing infront of me?
She answered him… Wow Raman kumar Bhalla with his new girl friend?
Raman:pooja just shutup your mouth.
pooja:Which class girl is she?

Raman:She is not your type… and she belongs to A-Class.Bcoz she is related to me.
Raman hold Ishithas hand and drag towards him.He cover het shoulders with his hands and said she belongs to my class.Bcoz I am a top most and famous business tycoon and I relate to VVIP zone

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