A Journey of Love(Episode 21)

The episode starts with Raman and Ishitha in Ramans cabin.
Raman:I want to discuss two important things with you.so,plz come to coffee shop.
Ishitha ask him at what time we will meet there.
Raman:Evening 5:00 clock.
Ishitha nods her head.
The principal enter into the room and ask Raman for Mantu.
Raman said that Mantu is bussy in some other works.
Princi:Yah…I need his sign.He only processes this PG courses extension work.Now only i talk with ministers PA.He said that they alredy confirm our grade and no.of seats.
Ishitha excuse them and leave the room,bcoz she saw Amaya …….
When Ishitha leave the room principal(name:Rajendar) said , beta one request from my side….
Raman:Tell me uncle.

Rajendar:Beta….Ishitha is good from heart.She is the one of my best student.Her dream is to do her PG in pediatrics(Children specialist).Due to some reasons she complete Diploma in pediatrics….. We allot one seat from management to Ishitha. I know she can balance both studies and work. You know Raman she is topper of her batch and She got university first in MBBS.I dont know what is her future…..
Raman:What happened to her future?
Rajendar:Ishitha was not like this. she is hyper active.She always first in studies,games even to do noise also.Bcoz of her past she behave very mature and obedient……
Raman:Past….?Any thing serious uncle..
Rajendar ready to tell Ishithas past….she enter into cabin. Rajendar take leave from Raman and left the room. Ishitha followed him……Raman look at her and smile when she look at him.
Raman think about Rajendar words…
Arjun sit in his cabin and do his work. One of his assistant ask him…Sir can i come in?
Arjun:Come in Radhika….

Sir…I am sruthi……
Arjun:Oh sorry..Is any thing urjent…
Sruthi:I need permission for halfday….
Arjun took the letter from her hand and identify she control her laugh.
Arjun stare angry look at her and ask her why are you laughing….
Sruthi said sorry sir…I remember the joke just now Radhika tell us… She tell sorry to him and leave..
Arjun got angry on Radhika..This girl disturb remaining people work by telling jokes,but she has no time to answer my question…..
He come out from his cabin and saw that Radhika talk with one guy and laughs…..He stare angry look and Walk towards her. All the staff saw Arjun and take their seats and start to do their works. Radhika didnt notice that and tell joke to that guy.That guy try to inform about Arjun sir.But Radhika didnt give that chance to him.

Radhika(joke by Radhika):An elephant and ant was in love.They sit in resturant and discuss about their marriage.Elephant said i am scare with my dad.Ant ask why?Elephant said he is so strict. suddenly elephant said Oh my god….my dad….Ant ask him where. elephant said at the entrance… Then and said you hide beside me…..And you dont worry i am here for you…….
Radhika ask why you people are not enjoying my joke? she feel something and turn back…..She look Arjun stand there……She sit in her chair and act innocent…..Arjun knock on her table and ask her to come into my cabin.

Arnav is busy in his work.Kushi put one cup of green tea on his table and return back to her table. Arnav(himself):how this girl remember my timings? I try to hurt her feelings in further days. I am sorry for that…..But it is necessary for Mantu……
Kushi is very bussy in her work. She behaves like kid.She leave her chunni on ground,put the pencil in her hair and eraiser in her mouth.
Arnav receives a call and leave from the cabin by talking in phone.
The scene shift to Arjuns cabin…

Arjun stand facing towards window. Radhika enters into the room.She didnt talk anything …..
After 10mins…Arjun ask her….
Arjun:What radhika you didnt talk anything from 10mins. Outside ofmy cabin you didnt close for single minute. Radhika stands like that didnt give any reply.Arjun turn towards her and ask her what happened to you Radhika? I already told sorry to you. Still you are angry on me. Arjun look at her. She look at her nails and bite the nails…

Arjun look angry at her.But he control himself and turn towards window.
Radhika:Sir you only ask me cant you be calm for 5mins.Actually if Rdhika maintains clamness and silence nobody didnt bear that. So next time dont tell me “be calm”.
ok naaa sir.You tell only one sorry for me….You see only on my lips….See my tounge……How it effect by that hot cutlet.Where is my another sorry? Bcoz of you i didnt eat any thing from morning onwards…You know how much hunger in my stomach?…
She walks towards Arjun and show her tounge to him….And maintaing silence is not Radhus nature.
After that she try to leave the cabin….
Arjun:Can we go for Ice cream today evening…..
Rdhika:Ice cream….. ok…..No no…..I didnt come with you.You always told me shut your mouth…..If i shout my mouth how can i eat ice cream…..No no…
Arjun:Radhu today evening i didnt said any thing to you….
Radhika:You called me Radhu…? That means you accept me as your friend?
Arjun nods his head with cute smile…

Mantu return back to office after lunch with Uma.
Amaya sit infront of her table and do her work.
Mantu observe her…she looks so cute today…..he control her laugh and ask her to come to his cabin….

Amaya followed him…..Mantu sit in his chair and ask her to take her seat.She sit infront of him and explain the schedule and plans for the new trainees.She is very stuborn at that time….. Mantu didnt listen anything from her,He just look at her.He observe that she control her tears….. He suddenly ask her..Amaya,How is Uma?You like her…You know she is very active…
Amaya replied him,Sir why you discuss your princesses issues with me.Morning you only said me that, if my work complete leave the room.. i hope there is no work for me here.If any thing Urjent call me… Mantu looked at her and control his smile.He feel sad for his behaviour with Amaya.But he feel it is necessary for her to accept her original feelings…

In Arnavs cabin:Kushi went to waiting room.Before that she put some sample designs on Arnavs table.When she was in wash room Aranav enter his cabin.He saw kushis place is empty.He feels that she is out of his cabin and he saw sample designs on his table.He feel that they are so nice.He took one file and designs and lock the cabin. Kushi is not aware of this.She didnt know the room was locked.She came out from washroom and feel that the power is off.After 5min she try to open the window.Then she observe staff leaves one by one….She realise that it is already 5pm.She try to come out from the room.The room was locked.She ran towards her table and search for his mobile.Then she realise that her mobile is on her table where she sit outside of this cabin…She dont know what to do?Again she run towards window and try to call with loud voice.She saw Amaya is waiting for her…..Kushi is scared for this situation.She saw lizard on the wall..Oh devimayaaa plz save me…..
Amaya wait for 15 mins and try to trace her…She ask watchman to open the main door.Watchman reject her request..She argue with him standing infront of main gate.
Mantu saw this and ask watchman what happened here.Amaya run towards him and tell him about kushi…Mantu ask watchman to open the door and he get down the car.Both Mantu and Amaya went into office and reached to Arnavs cabin.Amaya shouts kushis name…. Kushi respond for that and tell that i am locked inside the room.

Mantu called Arnav and inform about kushi and ask his cabin keys..
Arnav return his car and reached to office and ran towards his cabin. Kushi stand like a statue bcoz she is scared with lizard…Arnav open his cabin lock and enter into room.She ran towards Arnav and hugs him tightly and cried.Arnav also unknowingly hug her and try to clam her.But it is not possible to him.Due to fear and weakness(She didnt eat any thing from morning onwards due to bussy in her new designs) she went into unconsious state.Amaya try to wakeup her. Arnav lift her and walk towards his car.Mantu lock the cabin and return back to leave..Due to tension Amaya hold Mantus hand tightly…

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  1. hai friends.Hw is the story line. can i continue it?I am sorry.I try to insert all four pairs but it is not possible for me. plz excuse for that

    1. Really awesome…. All the four pairs are fantafabulous

  2. Love it, I have a suggestion do half and half pair every time you update. So there is more romance for the pair. The storyline is good. I want the girls beside amaya to come to together to help mantu find out the past and help him propose and if you can the next day ishita, kushi, and radhika start having feelings. Also if they all get lost in a jungle because of a buisness trip then that would be cute, romantic and fun to read.

  3. It really good continue pls.

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  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Its really Interesting…… plz continue it………

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  10. Subhadha your ff is nice but because of many characters we are unable to get more romance so as kavina said write about 2 pairs on one update and write about the rest of the pairs on next update like ishra arshi on one update and mantu amaya, radhika arjun on other update it will be easy for you also to give space to each character so if you’re ok with this suggestion please do consider it other than that your ff is nice with good narrative style keep rocking 🙂

    1. nice idea.I follow it.

  11. Abdul H Tayyab

    I am a silent reader commenting for the first time your fanfiction is great story line is wonderful just one suggestion add more Ishra scene and I love this please update regularly

  12. def i continue it.And thanks for you sugestions.

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  15. Awesome episode, all pairs are growing in their feelings…very nicely narrated all the scenes…ishra past very bitter…waiting for reveal…maya scene was good…ardhika scene n convo very interesting. ..loved it…n arshi scenes hug very good. ..keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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