A Journey of Love(Episode 20)


The episode start with a girl walks with a mini maxi and beautiful hair style. The girl stop infront of Amayas desk and her ” Is Mantu is in his cabin or not”?
Amaya replay her that sir is in his cabin only…
Mantu dail intercum to Amaya and ask her to bring the HR trainees details file to his cabin.
Amaya show the way to uma for Mantus cabin.Amaya and Uma enter into his cabin.
Amaya:Sir this is the file related to new HR trainees.
Amaya hopes that Mantu look at her.But he didnt lift his face and ask him put the file on table.
Uma shouts like a kid and ask him lift his head from the file.Mantu lift his head and saw Uma standing there with cute smile.Mantu leave his chair and ask him when did you came.He suddenly lift her and rotate her. By watching all this drama Amaya stand there in the corner of the room.Mantu ask uma to sit and start chit chat with each other.Uma pointed towards Amaya and ask him who is she? Mantu look at Amaya and tell that she is one of our employee.
Mantu:Why you are still standing here?
Amaya looke with blank face.
Mantu:Ok.I am bussy with my friend.Just leave my cabin.
Amaya:Sir…. you ask me about the details of new HR trainees.
Mantu:All they are secondary,My princeses is first for me……
Amaya:Sorry sir…..

Amaya try to hide her tears but she cant..Mantu look at her and feel sad for her tears.Amaya left the room.
Uma:Why you are talking like that with Amaya.
Uma look at Mantu.His eyes are filled with tears.
Uma:I saw true love in your eyes. And same feelings in her eyes also.
Dont worry.I am here to solve your problem.
Mantu:Thanks uma….How is my princeses(Amaya)?
Uma:She is pretty good.Her dressing is so nice.Finally she is the best soulmate for you.
Mantu:But soory uma.I ask you to act very close to me.I know you have feelings on me.Even though you agree to helo for me.
Uma:No no..You dont feel like that. I know that you are nice person and good from heart.I feel that if you are my husband then my life will be happy.You remember that….I ask you to marry me.But i didnt tell that “I love you” to you.
You are lucky Mantu.Bcoz she is not at all comfortable that you behave very close to me.But when you reject my proposal i just feel fraction of seconds.It didnt give that much of pain for me. But Amaya is not like that…..Your future will be very happy with her…. But remember one thing ” I am only your first girl friend and best friend”.
Mantu laugh for that and hug her.
They both leave the cabin and infrom the PA cancel all my meetings and appointments today.
Amaya look at them and feel that some one took her loved one from her…..
The scene shift to Arnavs cabin….
Arnav:Hello friends.We got a chance to design a new bridal dress for one of the famous company. And they ask to craete a Advertisement and photo shoot regarding this.
All the seven dedigners including kushi clap for that.
Arnav:Who can handle this project?
Kushi Lift his hand and remaining and remaining look at her.
Arjun ask her are you confident ….
Kushi nods her head.
Arnav ask Kushi to stay in his cabin and ask remaining to leave and continue their works.
Kushi stand there and remaining leave from there.
Arnav ask to take her seat.She sit infront of him and look at him with tensed look.
She suddenly get up from the chair and ran out from the room.

After 5mins she return back into the cabin.Arnav stare angry look at her and why you ran out from the room?Is this is your dedication on your work. Kushi replied him sorry sir.This is the time for your green tea.So…….Have it sir. I remember that i am your PA also….
Arnav didnt kniw how to react and what to talk.He sit in his chair and ask her to take her seat.
Kushi:Sir what is the budget for this project and what is profit percent you expect from this project.
Arnav:Is is not our work kushi.It is handled by Accounts and finance section.
Kushi:If we are aware with this we can plan what material we use and what is the design and remainings things…..
Arnav:How can you decide things basing on financial factors.
Kushi:Bcoz i am specialaised on Finance in MBA.
If we know these things detailed we go with less budget and effort more profits.
Arnav to himself appriciate her idea but he didnt show it on her face.
Arnav:Ok kushi.First you go with your designs and bring those plans and show it tomarrow mrng. later on we go with material and effort.
Kushi:Can i leave now?
Arnav:No you use the corner table.I want the updates every 30mins.It is very prestageious project for our company.Kushi nod her head and sit infront of corner table.

Next scene:
Arjun called Radhika and ask her go to our new construction site. Identify new interior designs for that building.
Radhika nods her head and try to leave from there. Arjun holds Radhikas hand and ask what happened to you. Radhika didnt lift her head and said nothing sir…I am fine.Arjun lift her head by his right hand and try to read her feelings.He identify a red color mark on her lips.He recollects how he put cutlet piece in her mouth and how hot it was? He still hold Radhikas right hand with his left hand and pin her to the wall. He ask what happened to you.You didnt spoke a single word from past 10mins onwards.Radhika looks at him but she didnt reply.Arjun touch her lips with his finger and rotate his finger on her lips. These burn marks are bcoz of me only naaaaaa? I am sorry for that. Radhika atleast talk about your dadhajis sayings….. or else…… Radhika:You only ask me be calm atleast for 5mins…..
Arjun leave her hand and stare a 100 feelings look ay her.
Ramans cabin:
Medical college principal and Ishitha will be in Ramans cabin.
Raman:Uncle -Is comitte satisfied with our progress.
Princi:Yah Raman.They announce 50 new seats and sanctioned PG Medical courses for our college.
Raman:It is a good news uncle.Then we plan to extent our lecture classes.
Princi:Excuse me one imp callmI attend it and come.
Raman:o uncle…
Ishitha:How is your hand now?Is it stil paining.
Raman:No it is ok.
Ishitha look at him…But Raman didnt know what to talk.Finally he ask her can you meat me in coeffee cafe in evng………

Precap:Ramans past and his feelings towards Ishith.

Friends i am not able to put all pairs in one episode.So plz excuse……

Credit to: subhadha

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  1. Yeah arjun ne rads ko kuch bol ne ke liye kaha awesome
    Mantu not bad what a plan man bit it will backfire na then it will be big plm
    Kushi u r genious yaar nice method
    Ishu always cool and calm

  2. You are doing a fabulous job…i wish u wer d writer of TSM..if yes it wud not been off air so soon.. Missing TSM and MANYAAaa.. Pls continue with ur work..eagerly waiting for every episode.. Good going nd wish u gud luck

  3. super cute story. Everything is beautifully written.

  4. Rina Sivaguru

    Awesome…… Hope it can longer a bit because this story involve a few couples…

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Soo cute……….

  6. Awesome episode yaar I m eagerly waiting

  7. Awesome episode, wowwww mantu n uma act was fabulous, amaya hurting…arshi very cute scene, arnav impressed with Khushi’s capabilities. ..wow..ardhika a such a lovely scene, arjun is telling rads to talk about something, can’t bear her silence….lol..ishra cute …lovely story. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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