A Journey of Love(Episode 19)


The episode starts with Arjun and Radhika…
Radhika:Sir,Have this snacks. Actually….
Arjun:Shsh……Dont talk and took a cutlet from snack plate and put it in her mouth.
Radhika Look at him in tense and tears scroll in her eyes….
Arjun left from that room and sit in center hall.She followed him and place the plate on table and left from there. Mr.Iyer asks Arjun have the snack and offer the plate to him.Arjun took one piece and reliase that it is so hot…. Automatically his eyes search for Radhika.
Raman and Arjun sit with Mr.Iyer. Madhu bring juice to them.Anajali and kids come from study room with Ishitha.Kids are not intrested to leave Ishitha and Radhika. Ishitha convience them and they are ready to leave.Arjun eyes search for Radhika.He expect that atleast she come out to give send off to kids.She didnt come…Arjun disappoint for that and walk from there…
Arjun sit in driving seat and Raman sit behind him,Anjali and kids sits in back seat. Raman and Arjun feel happy for one thing that they notice a small difference in Anjalis behaviour.
The scene shift to a open garden hotel…
Arnav talk to someone in phone and ask him come fast.I am waiting here from past 20 min onwards…
He kept the phone on table and saw kushi sit alone on another table and waiting for some one.
After 5mins a guy reahed there and sit infront of her.Aranav saw that and feel some inconvience that kushi is talking with some guy. Kushi order two coeffe for them. Kushi didnt notice Arnav but Arnav got angry that she talk with some one and that too very friendly..
Arnavs manager arrive there and give some files to him.He said sorry and reason to his late.Arnav just go to those files and give some details to him about their new venture. Arnav ask him put these details confidential.After that the manager left from there.Arnav try to left from there but he sit and observe kushi.The time shows 7pm and she didnt left from there.
Finally at 7:30pm she is ready to left,but the guy hold kushis hand and look at her….. Arnav try to control her anger but he fails.He get from that place and go near to that table.Then kushi identify him and wish him..Arnav ask him to leave the hand.The guy pose very arogant to Arnav and hold kushis hand very hard.Arnav notice that and stare angry look at him and try to beat him…They guy leave kushis hand and leave from there…
Arnav ask kushi to follow him and move two steps forward.Kushi didnt move from there…He notice that and he hold kushis hand and drag her from that place.She ask him leave her hand.He leave her hand when they reach to parking place.He ask her where is your two wheeler?She dint reply him and turn her head.Arnav got angry and ask her look at him.Kushi turn her face towards him and feels tension.He ask her “How dare you have”?When i am talking/questioning you look at me.I am your boss not a ur friend, Remember that.Kushi automatically gave reply to him,thar she didnt bring two wheeler.

Arnav bring his car and ask him to get inside.She try to refuse but she know about his angry and sit in the car.
Aranv:who is that guy?
Arnav:Now only u just meet a guy in the garden resturant naaa.
Kushi:My friend…
Kyshi:yah.My classmate when i am in UG.
Arnav:Oh…How many friends you have?
Kushi:So many friends i have,but my best and dearest friend is my honey….
Kushi:My Amaya is my honey…..
When Arnav hears Amaya name from her mouth he is shocked…
Arnav ask her “Is Amaya is friend”. I think she is your sister..kushi answer him no honey is my best friend.Arnav nods his head and drive very fast and calm. After 5mins he ask why you girls didnt beleive true love?Why girls always select wrong persons as your life partners.Kushi understood on which topic he want to talk. Kushi looks at him and didnt give any reply to him. Kushi ask him to take left and stop infront of 3rd house.After 5nins he stop there infront of kushis house.Kushi getdown from car, before close the door she said dont measure all girls on same scale. Think once before you measure…..

If the girl has any problem for not accepting that proposal.Sorry to say this Arnav sir-You are always rude and serious with every one. From our first meeting onwards you are very serious on me and you are not intrested to see my face every day.But i didnt take it as wrong,Bcoz def there is some bad experience regarding this in your past.So you reflect it on your present…..Simlarly from honey side also……sorry for my lecture….Gudnite Arnavji…. But really i am sorry.
When Arnav reach to Ramans house all are sitting in the hall.His eyes searching for Ruhi.Dadhi observe this and inform unknowingly kids are in pinkys room.Arnav saw Anjali also sit in the hall and he shocked for that… Arjun look at Arnav and talk to him with his eyes.Arnav sit beside Anjali.Neelu bring coeffee to all of them.Mantu ask them how was your day.Raman think about Ishitha and answer him it was ok…
Arjun think about Radhika and said that it was incomplete.Arnav answer him it was puzzled…..
Arnav said that there was something wrong in Amayas past. Due to that reason she didnt confess to Mantu. If we know that we can suceed in our work…i.e we unite Mantu and Amaya.
Arjun:How can we know about it?
Arnav:There is a key with me.By using that i try to know the fact….
Mantu:By tomarrow morning Uma will be here(Uma is mantus cousin).
Thoshiji:oh gud.How many days she stay here.
Mantu:she stayed here more than a month.
Raman:I think Uma is your key to open Amayas inner feelings on you.Am i right?
Mantu:Nod his head.
Mr.Bhalla ask him dont hurt any one with your actions.
All four agree for that.After dinner Arjun,Arnav and Mantu left their repective places.

Next day morning in office:
In mantus cabin: Mantu sit in his cabin and the staff one by one come inside and ask about his health. He said i am perfectly ok.
Along with remaining staff Amaya also enter into that room.But didnt look at her just he avoid her and talk with remaining staff. she feel little bit sad for his behaviour.she left from there to her seat. mantu feel sorry for that and control his tears. All are busy in their works….
A beautiful and pretty looking girl enter into the office. All are looking at that girl.The girl was in short pink maxi and leave her hair and walks very style…..

Credit to: subhadha

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  1. Yar thr is no ishra scenes

  2. That must be uma.. arnav key was kushi right

  3. Cooooollll episode

  4. very nice. Arshi tooo gud. Ardhika what is happening? All r confused n deeply immersed in others thoughts. waiting for the next one.

  5. d girl in maxi must b uma….
    nice episode …..
    waiting 4 next episode:-):-)

  6. its gud…………..happy tat ajun tld hs day ws incomplete tinkng f rads………..bt wat hppnd 2 hr????????????y din she cme 2 bade te children good bye????????????????plzzzzzzz include mre ardhika scenes in te nxt epi…………………so arnvs key s khushi…….i wonder hw he s gonna use hr……..anyway it wud nt b tat easy……………….coz she s diff frm other girls………….

    i hs askd u a quest in ur prev epi…….plzzzzz ans it………….

    1. u mail me for [email protected]
      After plus two go for BBM.Bachlor of business management.

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    yaar…..Today is no ISHRA scene a ?????

  8. Wowwww awesome episode, ardhika scene was quite interesting. ..arjun disappointed not to find rads…arshi scene was very nice…arnav jealous of khushi talking to some guy..n her lecture….true words…new girl, might be uma…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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