A Journey of Love(Episode 18)


The episode start with all four friends sit in a room and they decide to find the inner feelings of Amaya.They want to go for any extent.They go with a group hug.
Raman go to his room.Arjun and Arnav ask Mantu to take rest for some time.
Arnav said i have an urjent meeting with client.Yesterday i didnt attend for that.Now i go and complete that one and leave from there.Arjun feed food to Anjali. Meanwhile Raman think about Ishitha. He feel nervous. He remember all the moments related to her..i.e their first meeting,How they quarrel,birthday arrangements,How she took care on kids,pinkys sickness,Mantus situation all…How he show anger on her in these two days…..He control his anger and beat his hand to mirror. Arjun ran into that room and saw Ramans situation.
Arjun:What happened Raman?

Raman:Why this love play with our lives?Not only in our past,In our present also…..
Arjun look clam and try to divert the topic…Ok Raman we talk about it later.Yesterday we are busy with Mantu.Now we go out with Anjali dhi.In mid way we go and pick kids also.What do you say?Raman nod his head….

Raman sit in driving seat.Arjun ask are you able to drive?Raman said to him:It is ok Arjun….
Arjun ask Anjali to sit in back seat and he sit in front beside Raman.
The car stop infront of Ishithas house.Radhika play with kids in the garden by water.Ishitha feed food to the kids.Raman and Arjun get down from the car.Automatically Anjali also get down and stand by hold Ramans hand.They cross the gate and Arjun saw the kids in garden playing with Radhika.Arjun walk towards kids,without knowledge Radhika pour water on Arjun. she suddenly drop water pipe down and scared….Arjun look angry at her…

kids runs towards Arjun and hug him.Raman dont know how to face Ishitha.I show anger on her and she show love on my brother and sisters. How can i face her?Ishitha look at him and think about his yesterdays attitude.Anjali walk in garden and pluck the flowers. At that time rose throns hurt her hand.Radhika ran towards Anjali and ask Ishitha to bring first aid box.Ishitha ask them to come inside. Anajali walks by holding Radhikas hand by cute smile.Raman and Arjun notice that after three years Anjali try to mingle with new persons.Radhika took Anjali to their room and do first aid to Anjalis hand and continue her chat without gap.Ishitha introduce her parents to Raman and Arjun.Mr.Iyer ask them to sit and Madhu went into kitchen to bring snacks to them. Ishitha bring juice to them and saw that Ramans hand was hurt. She took his hand into her hands and ask him what happened to you Raman?Raman and Arjun look at her.After a few sceonds she realise that she called him Raman without any respect. Then she look at him and tell sorry to him. She ask him to come with me sir.First aid and TT is necessary for this.He followed her and sit in her room.Arjun also followed with them.

There Radhika complete her first aid and tell jokes to Anjali. Radhika ask kids go and change your dresses already they are wet. Arjun stand at the door and look at Anjali.Chotu ask Arjun to come in bhayya.Anjali look at him and said come in Arjun why you stand there only?Raman and Arnav are in shock. After three years this is first time Anjali open her mouth and speak.Arjun didnt control his tears and hug her. Radhika and Ishitha didnt understood anything. Ruhi said yah……Anjali dhi …..We are very happy that we listen your voice… Ishitha ask Ruhi you took Anjali dhi with you and show our toys and drawings…All three kids took Anjali with them into reading room.Radhika give towel to him and ask him to dry his hair.Arjun look at her and took the towel from her hand.Radhika ask him with very low voice,Sir dont be angry on me.I didnt do intensionally sir.It happenes…like that.Plz……and hold her ears. Madhu ask Arjun and fresh in the room and ask Radhika to show the guest room.Arjun follows Radhika and enter into guest room.Radhika enter into kitchen to help madhu.Anjali and kids were in reading room.
Ishitha is doing first aid to Raman and ask him how it happened? He didnt answer for that question. After five seconds he said “I am sorry Ishitha”.Ishitha look at him and ask for What Ramannn Sir….

He laugh a little bit and said her if you are convinent to call Raman means you call like that only….
No no “I am really sorry”. Ishitha complete dressing to his hand and said it is time for Injection.

Raman shout INJECTION……no no. First aid and dressing us ok. Ishitha said no TT is necessary.Ishitha ask him to sit calm and look into her eyes.He sit and look into her eyes,she finish the work and said it is ok.Raman ask her you do injection to me? Yah ,I done it…He laugh and said sorry for my yesterdays behaviour with you….Ishitha look at him and said Not mentioned sir…. Madhu ask Radhika to serve snacks to Arjun.I give it to Raman..
Radhika took the snacks plate and enter into guest room.Arjun look outside from window.Radhika called him and ask him have the snacks. He turn towards her and look at her. She feel that he is still angry on me…and start her lecture.

Radhika:My dadhaji told me,If any body reliase their mistake and said sorry to you then you excuse them. Otherwise we have no friends in our life.Arjun put his hand on her mouth and ask her cant you be calm for 5 mins….She feel some thing new when he touch her lips.She just look into his eyes and they both have a eye lock…

Precap:Arnavs possasiveness towards kushi and Mantus ignorance towards Amaya……

Credit to: subhadha

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  7. Awesome, wowwww, so so soooooo lovely episode. …I’m loving it sooo much. .anjali di smiled n talked after years…so sweet…ishra convo was really awesome. ..n ardhika scenes were outstanding, mind blowing. ..such a sweeeeeet story. …precap very interesting. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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