A Journey of Love(Episode 17)


The episode starts with Amaya pray to god for Mantu.Every body in the office discuss about Mantu. They didnt know about issue.Amaya sit in his cabin…Kushi enter into her section and sit in her cabin.She dont know how to handle this situation.

In hospital Mantu is in consious,But he didnt talk any thing.All three look angry at him. Dr.Rishi and Ishitha enter into Mantus room. Ishitha show the prescription that she gave in morning.He check Mantu and said that he is so week. Morning medication is good and ask them to continue.He guide the nurse give only liquids to him.

Ishitha give a prescription to Ranan and ask him to bring those injections. She observe feelings in Ramans face and feel tense.Why he look stare angry look at me.

Raman bring the injections and medicines and enter into the room. Ishitha ask him to give the medicines .Raman put those things on table and left from there. He avoid the Ishithas presence . Ishitha didnt know why he behave like that but she is little bit upset with his mood.Raman think about Mantu and sit out of the room. Arnav said to Raman you both stay here.I goto office and manage there,Otherwise they go with different gosips.They both nod their heads and sit calm. Arnav leave from there.He enter his cabin and call kushi to his cabin. He dectate one letter and ask her to forward immediately.Arnav inform to manager that Mantu is suffering with fever and yesterday night he go with wrong medicine.So you took care in office. If necessary call me and he left from there.

After office hours Amaya and Kushi goto hospital.Kushi ask Mantu
details and walk towards that room. Ishitha saw them ask why you are here? Kushi replied her one of my cousin admit here so… Ishitha ask them ok carry on.Ishitha show her cabin and ask them to come after their work.They enter into Mantus room and saw that he is sleeping. Kushi stand out of the room and Amaya go near to mantus bed and put tilak on his forehead.She control her tears and look at him. Arnav walked towards the room and saw kushi stand outside the room.Arnav reached there and ask her what are you doing here? kushi is in shock,She dont know what to answer him.Kushi try to answer him.. Raman and Arjun also came there and saw kushi there.Arnav stare angry look at her.Arjun ask him dont discuss anything here. Ishitha came there and ask them took Mantu to home.This is the discharge form.I complete all formalities and ask them to put signature on the form.Raman took that form and enter into room.Ishitha give one tonic and ask Arjun use this tonic to Mantu for 15days. Ishitha leave from there and think why Raman was angry on her.

Amaya try to leave from the room, At that time Mantu hold her hand and ask her why are you crying? Why you are here for me? you told me you have no feelings on me right.Amaya try to leave from that room.Arnav and Arjun enter into that room and saw Mantu holds Amayas hand.Amaya cried like a small child and Mantu control tears in his eyes.
Raman:Leave her Mantu.

Mantu leave her hand.She is crying in that room and stand like a doll.
Amaya look at him and leave from there…Every one look at her with mixed feelings.
The scene shifts to Ramans house. Thoshiji feeds luquid food to Mantu and ask him dont feel nervous and dont leave the courrage.Dadhi ask him dont leave anything in one attempt…Arnav hears that and stare angry look at her.After complete his dinner Thoshiji and dadhi left from there.Mantu calls Arnav and ask him to call Arjun and Raman also.

All four in one room but they did talk with each other.First Mantu break the silence and ask them to excuse him. All hug him and ask him dont use such words. Raman said we four are different in view as persons but our soul is one.Then why cant you share with us.Arjun ask him dont drink again Mantu. Arnav didnt tell him anything but he hug him very tightly. Mantu explain his feelings towards Amaya.He tell each and everything to them.He said i saw same feelings in Amayas eyes.But she reject me. So due to that reason i drunk a lot in yrsterday.This is the last time, next time i dont repeat.Raman said i saw many feelings in her eyes.I think there is some thing from her side.Arnav said if you like her we directly go and talk to her parents and prepare for marriage. Mantu said no Arnav,Def she has feelings on me.And marriage proposal…No no..I go with marriage after yours only… Arjun said then you forget her.We are not intrested in marriage…. Thoshiji and dadhi enter into that room and hear their conversation and ask them how many years you people stay like this? What you people can do without marriage?Every time things are not happened same. Dadhi ask them forget your past and gohead in your future. You dont reflect your past on your futures..They both leave from there with teary eyes….

Mantu ask about kids.They said that they stay in Ishithas house.

In Ishithas house all kids enjoy with Radhika and Ishitha. Radhika play hide and seek with kids in garden. Radhika close her eyes and play with kids.Madhu give fruit juice to the kids and talk to Mr.Iyer about Ishithas marriage.He ask her dont think too much about her.She didnt response for marriage.Her past is like that.It is better to wait for some days.

Next day morning Arnav took juice to Mantus room.Mantu slept in a chair.Arnav ask him get up and drink the juice.Mantu ask about Arjun and Raman.They enter into room and see that Mantu is better then yesterday.
Raman:Is everything ok Mantu?
Mantu:Its ok….
Arjun:Mantu you dont worry.
Raman:I promise that Amaya can express her feelings to you.
Arjun:We can do anything for you.
All four agree for this deal…..

Credit to: subhadha

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  1. Wowww awesome… Eager to see what they are gng to do

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice Friendship & it is Soooo Strong alsoooooooo

  3. superb one. very nice.

  4. Nice bonding

  5. Very emotional and heart melting episode. ..manya cute couple but what is amaya’s past which is stopping her to confess her love for mantu…looks like 4 guys have good deal…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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