A Journey of Love(Episode 16)


The episode starts with Mantu and Amaya sit in a room which was decorated by rose flowers and candles.They sit in that room very calm.They didnt talk with each other.First Mantu starts his conversation…

Mantu:Amaya look at me plz….
Amaya lift her head and look at him.
Mantu:I want to express my feelings to you. At that time i want to see in your eyes only. So you just look at me.
Two years back when i came to Lucknow ,First time i saw you in a temple with pink color chudidhar. At that time only i left my heart with you.At that time you are in MBA first year.When you are in second year i came to that place for you on the same date that i saw you at first time.i.e on june 7th. My fate support me on second time also i saw you in same temple.Third time i saw you in mumbai on your interview date in my company.But it is coincidence.I dont know what things going on….Your are in Mumbai.At that time i fix in my mind you are soulmate for me. Fourth time you will be in my cabin and you are very near to me. Amaya this is not coincidence.I know your are my life and my fate. I hope you are for me. Amaya”Will you stay in my life for ever and ever”,I LOVE YOU SO MUCH…..

Amaya looked at him and didnt respond.Her eyes are filled with tears.She said that sir “I am not your soulmate”.You need better soulmate than me.She said that answer and try to leave from there.Mantu hold Amayas hand and look deep in her eyes.He saw many feelings in her eyes.He ask her, What happened to you Amaya.. My feelings on you are not only from these four days.My feelings on you are from past two years onwards. Belive me Amaya,My feelings are not from recent days. Two years back i came to Lucknow on company work.That work is releated with Lucknow University. When i saw first time in temple on the same day i saw you in university. At that time i stay two months in Lucknow. I felt it is infactuation.So,After completion of my work i left Lucknow.Even though every day i saw you in my dreams.Exactly after one year on same date i reach lucknow to check my fate in the same temple.I want to wait for another 6months.Bcoz i want to tell this matter to my frnds.In this gap i saw you in mumbai and you are working with me.I feel that “I am the happiest person in the world”.Plz Amaya “Stay with me”.

Amaya:I am not suitable person to you.Plz stop it.I want to go from here and run towards car .
After few minutes Mantu came near the car and open the front door.Amaya opened the back door and sit in the back seat.He close the door and sit driving seat. He drive very fast and drop her infront of her house.Kushi sit in front balcony and waiting for Amaya. Amaya get down from car and try to speak with Mantu.He didnt look at her and left from there very serious.Kushi observes this and run towards Amaya. Kushi run towards amaya and see her condition.Kushi hugs Amaya and ask her “is everything ok”.

Amaya answer her and tell her everything how mantu proposed to her and how she reject it. Kushi ask her forget all these things and took her to their room.Kushi gave one tablet and water to her.After that Amaya goes to deep sleep. But kushi sit at window and think about Amayas future. Really Mantu sir loves Amaya.Is that is true love?If he know about Amayas
past also he can continue his love or leave her alone?..
Next day morning Radhika and Ishitha are came to walking for the same park the four friends RAAM came every day.They both chit chat with each other and continue their jocking…Some guys followed them and pose comments on them. Raman observe this and try to protect them.But Radhika call bhayya you dont do like this.This is not good manners and my dhadaji told me if you comment anbody some pose comments to your loved ones.So you dont do this.From today onwards you ate all friends to me….and continue ger chat with them.Raman laughs for her behaviour and her intelligence. On other side this scene was observed by Arnav and Arjun also.Arnav told to Arjun:This girl was slected by our company.If i am correct she is under you only naaa…Arjun nods his head and jock towards Raman.

They three wait for Mantu sitting on the bench.Arjun saw that Radhika still continue chit chat with those guys and he control his anger by folding his fingers tight.Ishitha walks slowly in park and she identify these three frnds sitting on bench. Raman also see her and try to wish her. she came near to those people and wish them. At that time Raman received a call from chotu.Raman ask chotu you dont worry we will be there in 10 mins.After disconnect the phone he infrom that Mantu is not feeling well and chotu is in fear. He ask Ishitha come with him and medicate Mantu….Plz…It is my personal request.Arnav ask them you people go there and i will pickup Aunty and Dhadhi….Raman and Ishitha left in Ramans car and Arnav left from there in Arjuns car.Today morning Arjun pickup Arnav and came to park in Arjuns car.Ishitha asks Arjun inform to Radhika that i left with Raman and ask her to go on my two wheeler and give this keys to her.
Arjun went near Radhika..Still she gave class to those guys.From backside of Radhika he close his mouth and ask them to leave…. They feel that Arjun is god and save them from Radhika and they ran away in fraction of seconds.

Arjun asked her cant you shut your mouth for one minute.
Radhika look at him and ask him why should i shut my mouth?They do misbehave with us…. and she look for Ishitha. He gave two wheeker keys to her and explain the situation. Arjun ask her can we move from this place.Radhika ask him you come with me now…Arjun stare angry look at her and she followed him. Radhika bring two wheeler and stop infront of him. Arjun has no option to reject her lift so he sit back side of Radhika on two wheeler.Radhia ask him to guide Mantu sir house.When she drive the vehicle her hair wave of and touches to Arjuns face.

Ishitha check Mantus state and give medicines to him.Still he is unconsious state.Ishitha ask Raman that he has habit of drinking. Raman said no he didnt drink. Even we three formally or ocassionally go with one glass…but he didnt…..

Ishitha said that he dran lot yestetday night and now he is suffering with fever also.Nothing to worry but take care.If possible admit him in our hospital.He need some medication also.I just go with first aid only.Then Arjun enter into house with thoshiji and dadhiji. Chotu ran towards dadhi and star crying.Ishitha ask Raman can i took kids with me to my house?These two days are holidays and these things are effected on kids. you identify the problem and solve it.
Thoshiji:Ishitha you are correct.You pick Pinky and Ruhi also.Here we can manage. At same time Radhika and Arjun enter into house.Arjun is shocked that Mantu was drunk a lot…

Before leaving Arjun said to Radhika you took leave for today.
Raman:Yah you took leave today. He ask Ishitha you also come to hospital after 9:00 with us.Plz…
Ishitha nods her head and they leave from there with chotu. Arnav ask driver to drop them in their house and come fast.

Raman,Arjun and Arnav sit in a hall and discuss about Mantu. What is his problem?Why he didnt discuss with us?…..Thoshiji and Dadhi sit there and look each other. Raman observe this and ask his mother you know the reason,Am i right? they both nod their heads and explain them about his love towards Amaya. Yesterday he said that he want to propose her.After that we dont know anything.. Arjun always this love gives pain only,Even though we run towards that love.
Arnav:That is not love,It shows path to hell..

Kushi and Amaya ready to office. They both start on their two wheeler. Ishitha is ready to go hospital. Radhika play with kids. Madhu prepare different variates of food items…..Ishithas father bring different puzzel games. kids are enjoying..

Kushi and Amaya came to office and listen that Mantu admitted in hospital.They both look their faces.Amayas eyes are filled with tears. She pray to god nothing will happen to him….

Credit to: subhadha

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