A Journey of Love(Episode 15)


The episode starts with kushi covers her face with duppata and ask him….Is this fine for you.
Arnav:Kushi dont do this again. but he look at her very normally. Kushi is in pink and biscut color chuddi with pink duppata.
Kushi:Hello sir……Why you are looking like that?
Arnav:Nothing…..Go do your work.
Kushi:Which work….Lord governer?
designing work or PA work.
Arnav:What lord governer……..
Kushi:…….Ran from there….

Mantu drive his car and ask Amaya to put the seat belt….Amaya didnt hear his words.He stops the car and ask her to put the belt.
Amaya ask him Is this one is also count as a mistake… Mantu look at her and put her seat belt.He didnt talk anything after that. Amaya look at him and feel tense.They reach the place and conduct the placement drive.

Raman sit in his cabin and think about Ishitha.How she took care of children.A small smile appear on his face and disappears. He remember his past and his mood changes.
Ishitha sit in her room and think about her past and tears scroll from her eyes.She think about kids,how they move with her?She think about pinky and call to Ramans landline number. She think this time Raman was not in home.So she called to landline number. Thoshiji lift the call and discuss about pinkys health.

Arnav called kushi and ask her to write a letter for universal model company.She sit infront of him and write the letter discussed by him.
They both are very bussy in their works.In middle Arnav lift his head and saw her face.He feel innosence in her face.First time he observe her beauty.Then again he is busy in his work. After completing her

work she getup from there and saw a incompeted dress design on drawing slide.She automatically walk there and bussy in complete the design.After 2mins Arnav saw her infront of that table and got angry on her and walks towards her. There he saw the design almost completed and it was very good.So he didnt disturb her and stand like statue. Kushi completed that design and want to return her room. She identify Arnav stand there.She feel tense and said sorry to him and leave the room. Aranav go near to the design and look at that very deeply.
Radhika enters into Arjuns cabin:

Radhika:May i come in sir.
Arjun: Come in…
Radhika: Sir gudmrg…And sorry form my side.
Arjun:Sorry…… for what radhika?

Radhika:I didnt give any information to you on that evening. Even i dont have your number with me sir. On that day I stay in Dr.Ishithas house.Next day my warden ask me to get out from hostel.So i shift Ishithas house to stay as a paying guest.So yesterday morning i was late due to this reason.First i shift to her house and then i came to office.
Arjun:Stop it Radhika. Cant you tell anything in a single sentence…
Radhika:Sir…..plz excuse me …or atleast give punishment for me…. Can i do 100 situps or else kneeldown…etc. Ok i go with situps…..1…2…3….4…..5…….
Arjun look at her with a simple smile face.Radhika observe that smile and ask him a smile on your face.That means you excused me. Then why i go with sit ups.Radhika leaves his cabin with happy face.

Mantus team completed their work and return back to office.
Mantu ask Amaya wait for 5mins we go togeather.I want to talk with you.Amaya nods her head and stay there.After a few mins they sit in the car.

Mantu didnt talk a single word to Amaya.After that he reached to a 5 star hotel.He ask her to get down from the car.Mantu walk towards a langue and Amaya follows him. They reached to a special room and it is decorated with red color rose flowers and petals ,with candles. In center of room a table is there with red color cloth. Mantu with black color suit and Amaya with Red color chuddi enter into that room.When they enter into the room ,lights are on. Amaya stops at the entrence of the door.Mantu saw that and ask her to come. She walk insde the room,Her mind give some hints to her.But she feel so tense and nervous.Mantu ask her to sit in the chair. She just act what he can tell to her. Mantu sit infront of her……….

Credit to: subhadha

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