A Journey of Love(Episode 14)

Hi guys first of all sorry for late updates.I am bussy in college works. Bcoz, I am working as Asst.Professor in PG college. So plz frnds sorry for late updates. Excuse my gramatical mistskes also.
The episode starts with Thoshiji and Dadhiji sat on temple steps. They wait for sombody with tension and chit chat with one another. After few minutes mantu reached there.He also sat on steps with looked with tension face.
Dadhiji ask him what happened beta, why are you so dull and feel so tense?Thoshiji look at him with question mark face.
Mantu express multiple feelings in his face and finally he reveals that he loves Amaya.I want to propose her.I dont how she reacts.You two are only elders for me.With your blessings i want to propose her. They both look at mantu with happy face.They both bless him and put tilak on his forehead.
In Ramans home Ishitha teaches to Ruhi and Chotu.She think about Ramans health.She asks Rushi go and see what your Raman bhayya can do in his room.Ruhi runs towards Ramans room and ask him how are you?Raman looks at her and ask why are asking like that? Ruhi answer him that my teacher ask me. Raman get up from his place and came down with Ruhi to study room.Ishitha feeds to pinky and chit chat with chotu. Raman stand infront of that room and Ruhi run towards Ishitha and hugs her.Raman still stand at door and look at her. she play with kids and run in that room.Raman walks towards pinky And Ishitha ran fastly and fell down.Raman came near Ishitha and give his hand for support.Ishitha give her hand and try to get up from that place.At that time chotu and Ruhi run fastly ….. Then the next scene is Ishitha fell on Raman and Raman fold his hands around her.They have an eyelock. Raman didnt try to unfold his hands.
Chotu:Raman bhayya leave Ishitha dhi.
Raman come into scences and unfold his hands.Ishitha get up and walk towards Pinky. This complete scene was observed by Thoshiji and Mr.Bhalla.
Raman called chotu and tell him that your Ishitha teacher is not dhi for you.Dont call her dhi again…..
Thoshiji hear this conversation and smile for him.
kushi aks amaya,What are you thinking honey?
Amaya:nothing kushi.I think about offer to attend for placements.
Kushi:How much time you think about that to take a decesion on it.
Amaya:i am tensed and nervous….
Kushi:Buaji gave permission to you.So you go for that work.
Amaya nods her head and feel something happen around her. I have any feelings on mantu sir….
She slept on bed.
Kushi think about Arnav,how he hold her and how he remove her mask…..A small smile appear on her face.
Radhika sits in Ishithas room and waiting for Ishitha.Radhika think about Arjuns behaviour and caring on her. Why he was worried about me.she saw her hand and marks on her hand.She forget her pain and smile seeing the marks .
Madhu(Ishithas mother) bring juice to Radhika and ask her dont feel like guest.This is your house.You are my younger daughter.Today onwards i have two daughters…. Radhika hugs madhu and feels happy for it.
The scene shift to Radhika and Ishitha sit in a hall and reading news paper by drinking coffee. Ishitha asks Radhika how was your night?R u feel comfortable…
Radhika nods her head and smiles.

Amaya stands infront of Mantu and tell him that she is ready for the job assigned by you. Mantu look at her and ask her to join with remaining staff who went on that job.She said ok for it and ask about the remaing staff. The clerk said that they sit in our campany vehicle. At the time she reached there the vehicle went on.She dont know what to do now.She reliase that some vechicle stops beside her. It is mantus car and he offer lift to her.She try to sit in back side, Then mantu said that”I am not your driver”.She close the back door and sit in front seat. They start to reach the Institute.

Radhika enters into Arjuns cabin. he looks very normal.But there is no smile in his face.
Radhika:Gudmrg sir.
Arjun:Same to u.
Radhika:Still you are angry on me.
Arjun:Who am i to show angry on you.
Radhika:You are my khadoos boss.
Arjun:Khadoos….? How dare you are?
Rhadhika hide his face and try to leave from the cabin. Arjun called her and ask her to show the designes and select the interior designs for this rooms,and put some photographs in front of her…
Kushi enters into Arnavs cabin:
kushi knocks the door of Arnavs cabin.
Arnav:yes,come in.
Kushi:Any new work to me.
Arnav:Nothing. You can do one work… remove your mask from your face.
Kushi:I dont have any maskii on my face.
Arnav:You said yesterday you came with your rabbit mask.
Kushi:no no…. no mask today.
Arnav:looks at her and surprise that she covers her face with dupatta…..

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