A Journey of Love(Episode 13)


The episode starts in waiting hall. All three met there and look each other faces.Kushi asks Amaya what happened to you?Why you enter so fast into this room.Amaya says nothing. I feel tensed with work. So i need some time to forgot my tension. Radhika looks at them and said hello to them. They both smile seeing Radhika.The trio introduce themselves. They maintain their tension and emotions internal and put a simple smile on their faces. Radhika asks them shell we move for a coeffee.They three enter into cafeteria and order for coeffee.Radhika also mingled with them very soon.Bocz their veiws,emotions and way of thinking is same.Radhika become good friend for kushi and amaya.
Arjun thinks about Radhika.Why was her hand hurt like that. I hold her hand that much of hard. What happened to me. I hate love, marriage and such type of relations. Then why i think about that girl. No no it is not love…..Then what the name for this feeling. He just close his eyes and think about her.

The scene shift to Ramans cabin:
Thoshiji called to Raman….
Thoshiji:Pinky is not feeling well. Her school principal called and inform it to me.Your papaji didnt receive my call.i am so worried beta…..
Raman:ok,first calm down.I go and pick her….
Raman put msg to his three friends and leave from office.
Raman pick pinky from school.Ruhi and chotu also leave their classes and come with Raman. Pinky is suffering with fever.
Raman wait outside of Ishithas room.She check one kid in her room.Suddenly she saw raman outside of her room from window.She send that kid and came outside of her room.There she saw Raman and three kids.When she look at kids she identify that pinky is not feeling weel.She rush near pinky and hold her. She reliase that she suufer with viral fever. She hold pinky and ask raman to shift pinky to her room.Raman can do this and sit in another room in tension. After 5 min Ishitha enter into that room and ask him relax, nothing will happened to her.It is viral fever.You go and drink coeffe or tea.Take Ruhi and Chotu with you.Raman nods his head and took them to the canteen. When Raman return back from canteen there is another doctor in that room. He ask her about Ishitha.
Doctor:Gudmrg sir.It is my shift time. May be she is bussy in classwork.
Raman:Ok, Thank you.

Raman enter into pinkys room,There he saw Ishitha standing there and take care of Pinky. He feels happy that Pinky is with relaxed face.Ruhi and Chotu run towards pinky and hug her with smily faces and they both kiss Ishitha on her cheeks.
Ishitha ask Raman take pinky to home and give some medicines along with prescription.Raman thank her and leave with kids.
The scene shifts to Arnavs cabin:
Kushi enter into Arnavs cabin and ask him “Sir coeffee”. Manager told to me this is your coeffee time. So have it sir.Arnav took cup from her hand and lift his face from file. There he saw Kushi stand infront of table with mask(Lion face mask).Arnav asks ‘What is this kushi’? Kushi replied him it is coeffe.
Arnav:I didnt talk about coeffee….
Kushi:Then about what ……
Arnav:About the mask on your face.
Kushi:Yah it is lion mask.It is nice na… Dont look like that sir.You said that your fate is written like that to saw my face. So as a PA,I want to know about your likes and disikes. You dislke to saw my face.So, I planned like this.The idea is too good naaa……
Aranv hold her hand and ask her dont joke infront of me.She try to leave from there.He hold her hand very hard and get from his chair and put another hand back side of her and pulled near him.By using another hand he remove the mask and adjust her hair in proper way.They have an eyelock with bacground song Rabave music. Kushi ask him plz leave me….Arnav dont do this tricks infront of me. Kushi said ok.. if you dont like it i cant…. Tomarrow i go with rabbit mask…. She said like that and rush from that room.

The office staff leave one by one from their rooms.Arjun send a msg to radhika by a clerk to meet him in his cabin with new designs.
Radhika is ready to go and think to meet him or not.Atlast Radhika decide to go and meet him.While she enter into Arjuns cabin he is busy in drawing.
After a few secs Radhika try to call him.Arjun turn back and saw Radhika.He walk towards Radhika and she walk backwards in the cabin.She reached to the corner of cabin.Arjun reached there and lift her head with his fingers.He said that i am angry on you.So,I behave like that in morning.Actually i worried for you.You said that your hostel warden is strict,and you in stay for bday party bcoz of me.I dont know your number to call.I am hear in office at 8:30Am onwards for you.You came late to office and very normally you gave answer to me for you late.I dont know how to control my anger. so i react like that…..(he didnt tell any sorry or excuse)..After that Arjun show way to go from there.Then Radhika saw his face with multiple expressions.i.e she saw anger in her face and care in his eyes.She dont know how to react and leave from there…
Amaya enter into Mantus cabin and give the file to him related to placements and about that institution. He saw details in the file and ask her “Are you join with me for the campus drive in this insyotution”.If you are intrested, you will be here sharp 8:30Am.Now you can leave my cabin.He didnt expect any answer from her. Amaya didnt give any reply to him and leave from the cabin.Mantu looked at her out of his eyesight.

The scene shift to Ramanas house:
Raman sitting in his bedroom infront of laptop and do his work. Somebody ring the calling bell for long time.Nobody didnt open it. Atlast he came out from his room and saw kids open the door.Idhitha enter into house and hug both Ruhi and Chotu. Ishitha ask about pinky…and enter into pinkys room with them.Raman also reached there and saw how she pamper pinky.She ask pinky to take rest and ask remaing two sit infront of books.
Ruhi:We didnt eat anything.Thoshi aunty goto temple.
Ishitha:Ok,I will prepare soup for you people.
Ishitha enter into kitchen and prepare soup for kids.Raman stand infront of kitchen and knick the door.Ishitha saw Ranan there and look at him. He ask her one cup soup for me also,Actually i am feel hungry and headache also.Plz maa is not here.so……
Ishitha prepare four cups soup and give three cups to kids and one to Raman.When she enter into Raman room he again sit infront of Laptop and fo his work. She put soup and tablet there and return back to leave. Raman called her and said thanks to her.She said not mentioned….and leave from there.Raman looks at her…..

Credit to: subhadha

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  1. so all girls r friends now. Khushi was too gud. she will bring rabbit mask tmrw. lol. all the scenes were super.

  2. No words there to express subhadha

    1. u didnt like it naaa

      1. Hey its sooooo nice yar.. Tats y I m searching for words

  3. Nice episode yaar.

  4. Wowwww all couples r awesome dr

  5. These boys na why all mens r so arrogant i dont understand

  6. Awesome episode, all 3 girls are friends now but nobody spoke their heart out…arshi were so cute, khushi with lion mask tmr rabbit mask…lol….ardhika scene was quite interesting…anger n care both together…lovely scene…manya scene was short one…ishra no fight?… interesting. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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