A Journey of Love(Episode 12)


The episode starts with Ishitha drive her two wheeler and think how Raman hold her and she didnt understand what that feeling was?

Radhika sit back and how Arjun hold her hand and how her hand was hurt.She feel that how dare that he hold my hand.Her mind think in one way and her heart feeks in another way….
Kushi feel so sad bcoz of Arnavs behaviour.Whats my mistake with him.Why he got angry when he saw me.Oh devimiyaa show solution for my problem.Amaya feels something strange.What happened to me why heart beats so fast when he was near to me……

On other side Raman sit in hall and think that “Is she accept my sorry or not”. Why i say sorry to her. Arjun thinks about Radhika …Is her warden accept her into hostel or not.Where is her hostel?How can i know about her now?…Arjun was angry on Radhika for not stay with them for this night.Arnav feels uncomfortable by remembering Kushis behaviour with him.Why i think about that girl right now?she turn her face by seeing me.She didnt want to see my face naaa.Tomarow onwards i show what i am? Mantu looks at Amaya face from mirror.why is she so tensed? Is kushi and Amaya are sisters?Why i think about her too much?

Mantu drop them infront of their house and return back to his house without a single word.Ishitha drop Radhika infront of hostel.But Radhika ask Ishitha can I join wiyh you for this night.Plz….bcoz my warden is strict.Already it is 9:00pm.Ishitha replied her no problem come with memToday you stay with in my house.

Atlast finally all reached to their destinations.All feel very uncomfortable night .
Nextday morning………

Ishitha drop Radhika infront of her hostel.Her warden ask her to vacate hostel.Radhika try to give an explanation,but she didnt listen it and ask her to vacate immediately.she vacate the room and stand infront of hostel. She didnt know where to go.Again she called Ishitha for help.Ishitha suggest her to stay in our home. Ishitha ask her to catch the auto and go to my home.Bcoz i am in OP. It is not correct time to leave the seat.Radhika nods her head and wait for Auto.
Kushi stands infront of office main gate and pray to lord.Amaya stands beside her and lookat her with smily face.At that time Arnav enter into the building and saw her near the gate.Kushi and Amaya were in lift.In Arnavs cabin he type one letter and look at the letter…
Arnav called her manager and ask him to send kushi to his cabin.

Amaya enters into mantus cabin and give the details and progress of the work assigned by him. He listen it and approve it for further proceedings.When she return back from his cabin,Mantu ask her to sit and he will be busy in his work. Amaya ask him sir can i goto my cabin?Mantu replied her wait.I am busy,i want to discuss with u on some works.Amaya nods her head and take her sit.
Arjun wait for Radhika in his cabin. He already called two times for her to the designung section.He sits very uncomfortable in his chair. minute to minute his anger invreases on Radhika. He dont know how control it and why he feel like that.Already the time is 10:00Am. The office time starts from 9:00Am and he was in his cabin from 8:30Am onwards.

In Arnavs cabin:He is waiting for kushi.Already kushi receives the message that he called for her.But she hesitate to enter into his cabin. He saw the time,It is 10:00Am.At last he come out of his room to call her directly.There he saw kushi standing infront of his cabin with fear and tension.He asks her why are you standing here come to my cabin.He go and sit in his chair. Kushi entered into the room and stand in front of his table.She didnt lift her head. He give a letter to her and ask her to follow according to the instructions. She read the letter and stay like a statue.She will be in shock after complete that letter.The content is: she act as a PA for Arnav,bcoz his PA was on leave.Company paid extra salary for this extra duty.

After 2 mins she said that she didnt do that extra work. Then Arnav ask her to quit the job and left from office.Kushi asked how can you do with me like this?

You show so much of hatered on me and you are not at all intrested to see my face.Then why you assign these jobs to me.Arnav ask her no more discussions on this.This final….Kushi left his room with teary eyes and she rushes into ladies staff waiting room.
In Arjuns cabin:

Radhika enters in to his room and put some papers on his table and try to leave the cabin.He stares angry look at her.
Radhika:good morning sir. What happened to you?R you in tension?
She is very cool and normal.
Arjun:When did you came to the office?
Radhika:It is little bit late sir.Next time onwards i dont repeat it.Oh… For this reason only you are serious.
Radhika try to leave cabin….Arjun hold her hand tight and ask her how dare you are?While i am talking wuth you…You move from my cabin….
Radhika close her eyes and ask him to leave her hand.

Arjun :why should i leave?
Radhika:Bcoz already my hand was hurt and it is paining……
Arjun looks at her hand and shocked seeing finger marks on her hand and suddenly leave her hand….She left the room and rushed into Staff waiting room.

In Mantus cabin:
Amaya ask him can i left from here.I have lot of work.
Mantu:In my presence why you are so tensed?
Amaya didnt reply anything to him.

She said i have work.So plz excuse me……and try to leave cabin. Mantu said to Amaya:This is your second mistake.When i am talking with you,How can you leave from my room.Amaya stops there and look at him.Mantu get up from his chair and walks towards Amaya.Amaya walks from his room and rushes into waiting room.

Credit to: subhadha

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  1. Nice episode dear.

  2. Uhh oh!Looks like all are gonna meet in waiting room.Anyways Subhadha!Great work.

  3. super story yaar. All confused souls in one. it was too gud. Arshi n ardhika too gud.

  4. Oho such mein devil boys

  5. Awesome… Most Awesome..

  6. superb

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s nice yaar…but today have No ISHRA scenes…….

  8. They are so rood the girls are their employees not servent that they can talk like that

  9. thanks for your support and comments. They didnt treat them as servents.Their inner feelings are different and their expressions are different.

  10. Awesome episode, all the pairs thinking about each other. ..so rads will say with ishita…arjun worried for rads…ardhika scene was quite interesting. ..arnav annoyed by khushi..so cute. .amaya n mantu sth is fishy…all girls are in staff room…looks like all the girls share their feelings to each other n will become best friends…keep it up…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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