A Journey of Love(Episode 11)

The episode starts with Arjun stop his car with sudden break.Radhika come out from her sleep and ask him we reached to hostel.How can you know my hostel?Arjun ask her to get down from car.It is not your hostel,You slept in the car and i dont know where you want to go, So i bring you to my cousins house bcoz already i am late for bday party. so…
Radhika:So you bring me here…. You know our warden is very strict.Def she kick me out from hostel….If she kick me out where can i stay?….How can i search new hostel in this night?
Arjun:Dont pose these many questions to me.There are no answers for me.Already i am late for party.First you attend party then i only leave you in hostel.come lets go……Arjun holds Radhikas hand very tight and walked into Ramans house.
When they reached into the hall automatically he leave her hand and go towards Anjali dhi. Radhika saw her hand and it was hurt with red color finger marks…..
Then Ruhi come out from Room and ask Thoshiji to tight her hair.She said i am bussy beta you just leave your hair.It is very good for you.
Then Radhika called her and ask her name.

Ruhi: I am Ruhi.Who are you ?
Radhika:I am Radhika.can i put a hair style for you.
Ruhi: Nods her head and enters into pinky room.
Radhika entered into that room and make a new hair style to Pinky and Ruhi.At same time Kushi enters into that room to give Hot jelebi to Kids.She saw Ruhi and there is some damage in her dress.She just cover it and make it as a new model.Ishitha and Amaya also came into that room,Ishitha ask kids to go into study room bocoz all are waiting for you people.
Radhika saw the cake on the table and adjust it properly and made some decorations around the cake table, Amaya pick the matchbox from the table and light the candles. kushi brings Ruhi towards the table and ask her to blow the candles.At the time Ruhi ready to blow candles Ishitha, Radhika, Amaya and Kushi throw flower petals and fog spray on them.After cake cutting Ishitha servers starter drink to all the kids and elders.All like it very much. Then Radhika serve cake piece to kids and try to cheer up the kids.Kushi serves live hot jelebi to kids.They four move very energitic and do all works.

All the four men identify them how they behave very cool with kids. Kushi didnt saw Arnav still now. One of the kid ask hot jelebi. kushi go to kitchen and bring hot jelebi in plate then thoshiji calls kushi and ask her to bring that plate for my sons. Kushi turns her face and saw Arnav there.She thought he was already angry on me and he dislike to see my face.How can i go there? Thoshiji called her again “kushi beta bring jelebi here”.kushi feels inconvienent and try to escape from there.Then dadhi call her ask her bring here feel free beti. Then Arnav lift his head and saw kushi there.Kushi handover the plate to Amaya and leaves into kitchen. Amaya serve jelebi to them.Mantu ask her to serve for kids also. Then dadhi ask him who are they Mantu. All four are very beautiful and move very close to kids. Mantu replied her they are our new staff dadhi.

Thoshiji and dadhi think in different ways in their minds. Amaya conduct games to kids and entertain kids.Chotu play with her.Chotu hide and Amaya try to identify him.Radhika feeds to Anjali dhi and try to cheer up her. Ishitha clean pinky lips with hanky and tlak with her.Arnav want to take water.So he move towatds kitchen.When he goto kitchen there kushi clean ruhis hands and ask her dont eat more sweets.If you eat more sweats jems enter into your mouth.So eat less sweats.Aranv stands there and listen their conversation.After that Ruhi kiss to kushi and leave from that place.Kushi saw Arnav stands there and hide her face by plate.Arnav remembers their conversation happen in his cabin and feels that she doest want to see his face.So he got angry and leaves from there by throw the glass in sink. Kushi feels that he is angry bcoz he didnt want to see my face….So she hide her face from Arnavs eyesight and sit with kids.After 7:00pm They serve food to kids.

Dadhi ask them to come to their houses on weekends.
It is almost 8:30pm to close the bday party. Arjun asks Radhika stay here for this night. She refuse to stay and want to go with Ishitha on her two wheeler.Radhika ask Ishitha to drop me in hostel. Ishitha said ok for it. They two left on ishithas two wheeler.Kushi and Amaya ready to leave,Then dadhi ask Arnav drop kushi and Amaya to their house.Kushi said no dadhiji we leave in auto.Then Raman ask Mantu to drop them in their house. Mantu bring his car and stop infront of them.They both sit in back seat of the car and chotu sit in front seat.Mantu start the car leave from that place. Aranv leaves in his car with Dadhi, Ruhi and Ramu.Arjun leaves in his car with Anjali,leela and Ramesh. All left from there.

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  1. Wowew its soooo coooll… I like Mantu Amaya…

  2. I lvd it dear……shall I cal u adhi????????I ve a doubt:does Arjun ve only Anjali di as hs family member??????y s di sooo sad??????……..actu I wanna cmmnt mre bt if I do it’ll mke no sense as I’m soo sleepy ?…….?…..?

    1. ha mail me for the mail id dhatri27[email protected]

  3. Nice dr arjun ka gussa god

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s Superb……..

  5. it was superb. kya birthday party thi. super cool. so all girls will be now friends. plzz make them friends. Ardhika scene too gud.

  6. Wonderful episode.

  7. Superb update dear. All pairs r really amazing.will be waiting for next update. Love u ???….take care….

  8. super cool epi its just awesome waiting for nxt epi

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  10. Awesome episode, very interesting story, cute scenes between the pairs…dadi n Toshiji getting some clues…all girls mixed up in the party n the families…ardhika n arshi scenes were very cute. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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