A Journey of Love(Episode 10)


The episode starts with Ishitha and Raman looking at each other. Raman stares angry look at her but Ishitha ask him plz excuse me Sir. I am not aware that you are the director to this institute. I am so sorry for my words plz dont put it in your mind next time i didnt repeat it to you.
Principal ask her to go her cabin and start her job.
Principal:Raman next month we expect comitte. So we want to complete all reports related to medical college.
Raman:Ok uncle. you need any help from my side.
Principal:No need beta. I can manage everything here.
Raman:ok uncle.I can leave….
Raman walks towards parking place and someone talk about the pediatric department.
The new doctor is very friendly with children.She can handle very smoothly.I hope she will continue here……..

Mantu called to Raman and ask him to come to their new construction site.
At the time he reached there already Arnav,Mantu and Arjun waiting for Raman.Looking at Ramans face Arjun asks him What happened to you Raman?Are you okay?
Raman said i am okay yaar.
They completed their work and leave to their homes expect Arjun.
Arjun:I have an important work so i goto office and then i return back.
Arnav:Carry on. When you reached home just put a msg for us.
In Ramans house:When Raman entered into hall…
Thoshiji:Raman you need coffee or tea.
Raman:Where are kids.Today they didnt do any noise.
Thoshiji:They are in study room.
Their new tutor is teaching to them.

Raman:ok.I dont need any thing. I want to take rest.
Thoshiji: ok puttar.Go and take rest.I send juice to you with neelu.
Raman passes to his room infront of kids room. He stops there and looks at them happy. Ishitha teaches to Ruhi and chotu with happy face. They move very friendly with Ishitha.Ramans sister pinky study very seriously…..
Still now he didnt see her sister like that.She always try to escape from books.Ishitha is in yellow color chuddhi and looks very beautiful.
He try to divert her looks from ishitha.
Neelu:Bhayya juice..
Pinky ,Ruhi and Chotu leave their books and ran very happy towards raman and hugs him.
They said thanks to Raman for their new tutor.
Chotu:we invite our friends here for cake cutting on behalf of Ruhis birthday bhayya.
Pinky:You can manage it bhayya plz…..You only told to Arnav bhai also…….
Raman:I will plan it. You people dont worry about it.

Ishitha sits very noramally in study room and listen their conversation.
After that she is ready to leave….
Thoshiji:Ishitha you also stay for Ruhis birthday party.
Ishitha:No aunty ji.I stay means it will be late for me.
Pinky,Ruhi and chotu convence ishitha to stay for birthday party.
Raman make food catering arrangements on phone only.He ask catering person for live jilebi…..
The catering service man gave another number to Raman for arranging live jilebi… He called to that number and request them to arrange live jilebi…..
Kids make decoration in their study room for bday party.Ishitha help them in decoration.
Raman try to convay sorry msg to Ishitha.She didnt give that chance to him and escape from his eyesight……
Raman to himself think that…. whats her problem? Morning she only begans shouting on me after that she said sorry to me and leave the room.Now she behaves that i am unknown to him.Atleast she didnt give chance to me for saying sorry to her….

Ishitha stands on a stool to tie the ballons to the top.She lost her balance and ready to fell down….
At that time raman saw her and hold her in his arams.They have an eyelock. First Ishitha relaise this and try to get down from Raman arms.Raman said sorry to her and put her down and leave from there.
In kushis house…
Buaji:Hey matarani…..We got a big order.But i am unable to move.
Kushi: Buaji…Dont worry.I am here to solve your problem.
Amaya: Kushi and me go and complete that order.
Buaji:Your babuji is not here in city. If he is in city i didnt send you there.
Kushi: Its ok.you dont worry.Give that address for me.Amamaya and me manage……
Kushi and Amaya look at each other and leave the house in Auto…
Ramans house(time 6:00 pm)
Raman call to Arnav and ask him to come to his home with in 20 mins.
Arana:What happened?
Raman:No more discussions.I am waiting for you.Come fast.
Raman call to Mantu and inform about party and ask him to come fast.And inform him pick Anjali dhi also.

At that time Arjun will be in office.
He is busy in to draft a quatation for a government sector project.
Raman called to Arjun mobile and inform him about bday party.
Arjun replied him i wii be there with in 30 mins.
Arjun completes his work and send that quatation to Minsters PA and ready to leave.The he identify that one light is on in drawing room.
He walks towards that room Radhika switch off the light and come out from that room. They both look at each other.
Arjun:What are you doing here till now?
Radhika:Very happily answered that i completed the project work related to four sumilar houses.
Still i want to design come internal modifications sir.Can you see it now?
Arjun:No it is not time for work.You know one of our principle is after 5pm nobody work here.You just follow it.

Radhika:Oh…..ok. Sir why are you here till now?
Arjun:I have an important work.So i am here to complete it.
Radhika:Oh…..You have an important work……
Arjun identify a small smile on her lips and realise what he tell before about time to leave from office.
Arjun:ok leve from here.It is already 6:15 pm.

They go and stand infront of lift and waitung for it.Already employees lift was locked. So Arjun called her into his lift.They both get down from the lift and go towards their vehicles. Due to winter already it is dark and weather is so cool.Radhika try to start her two wheeler,but it didnt start.Arjun identify it and give lift to her.Radhika try to reject it but sit in the car bcoz he stare an angry look at her.Ater 5min he saw her that she was in sleep with cute smile face.Arjun try to ask the address but he didnt do that and directly go to Ramans house.
In Ramans house,Arjun was in Ramans room.Raman ask him no more duscussion Arjun.This is my wish to do bday party. So plz be normal for my sake.Arjun nods his head and leave the room.When Arjun sits in the garden kushi and Amaya get down from auto. He saw her and think why this girl appear here.Kushi observe the outlook of the house and think it is very good that we have an order from such a big families.But i feel nervous honey.Amaya:Ya kushi.But we can manage..Come lets go.
Kushi and Amaya lift the articles and enter into Ramans house.At the same time Arnavs dadhi (character from IPKND nani of Arjun who played positive role.In IPKND her name us devayani here we go with Vasundhara devi) get down from car and saw kushi and Amaya.She just saw them and ask them you people arw from Lucknow.

Kushi:Ha dadhiji….Hiw can you know?
Dadhi:Bcoz i am from lucknow beta.
They enter into house.Thoshiji hugs dadhi and ask her to sit in living room.Thoshiji ask kushi and Amaya….Who are you puttar?
Kushi said we receive an order for live jelebi for function. Thoshiji show them the way to kitchen. Already Ishitha is in Kitchen busy in preparing juice for children.Kushi wish her and arrange to prepare jelebi.

Raman call to Arjun and ask him where are you?Arjun answer him with in five mins i will be there.
At that time Mantu get down from his car with a cake.All elders and kids gather into study room where ishitha and kids decorate the room with ballons and flowers.
15 members are the kids are there including pinky,chotu and Ruhi.Arnav stands in the corner of the room and remaining alk form a circle around the table.Mantu goes to kitchen to bring matchbox to light the candles.There he identify Kushi and Amaya.They are bysy in preparing jelebi.He asks matchbox Amaya give it to him and saw him.She shocked seeing Mantu there… and ask him.. Sir you are here….Mantu replies her yah.Its my sisters bday oart only…..Kushi laughs at him and busy in her work.
Amaya looks at Mantu ….

Credit to: subhadha

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  1. I like it ya Different thought&managed four couple super ya I want more aradhika scene &love ur writting &u……

  2. I likd it….plz include mre ardhika scenes…..1 doubt: did Arjun reach te house ??????bt rads s also tere with hm na???soo wat ll he do??include hr also in te party????
    I lvd te ardhika convo n wow Arjun gave rads lift…..
    is Amaya n mantu already in lve????

  3. hey guys go with latest update of 10th episode.In already posted episode there are some mistakes.plz go with new one.

  4. Reshma Pradeep


  5. Awesome episode, all gathered at the party…wowww. ..but what about rads, she is still sleeping in arjun’s car…will she join too? It’ll be fun…all four pairs under one roof…very interesting. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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